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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World – Ch 4

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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World

Chapter 4 – Lian Ying’er

The people in the kitchen looked at Liu Xinmei as if they had seen a ghost. All quivered, nodding and agreeing one after another. Wasn’t it just a chicken? There was no need to place their own lives in danger.

“Let’s go back.” With one in each hand, Liu Xinmei pulled Liu Ye Er, as well as Chaofan, and left. She didn’t want to stay in such a dirty place for even a moment more.

“Quickly go and inform Lian Fei Niang Niang. The people in Cold Courtyard must have been possessed. If troubles like this continue to happen, the palace will never have a peaceful day.” Lian Momo’s legs were trembling. Today’s happenings were really weird, whenever did this Liu Xingmei dare to put on a Wang Fei’s air?

Oh, everyone also snapped awake. It must be like that, this neglected Wang Fei, many people have already forgotten her existence. If it wasn’t for that Liu Ye Er, who would occasionally appear and plead for something, who would still remember the few people living in the Cold Courtyard.

Lian Momo was an old person who was part of Lian Fei’s dowry from the maternal family when she was married. She had a certain level of status here. There was a snobbish person who came to help Lian Momo to change her clothes and a swift-footed person who went to report to Lian Fei.

Lian Ying’er was leisurely painting nail polish on her nails in her room. Upon hearing this news, she was stunned. What? Liu Xinmei really had a fortunate life (charmed life) to actually wake up.

“Lian Fei Niang Niang, you didn’t see the scene at that time, it was so scary. That woman was holding a gleaming knife, swinging it all around, frightening even Lian Momo. Also, when she slaughtered that live chicken, she didn’t even blink an eye, saying that if it wasn’t cooked for dinner for her, then you would be killed.”

The person who returned made exaggerated motions as they reported, not even having an address for Liu Xinmei.

Blowing on her nails gently, Lian Ying’er slowly said: “Wang Fei woke up. This is also a happy occasion. Originally, it wasn’t much to eat a chicken, just that going to cause trouble like that, are there no more rules in this palace anymore?”

“Exactly. Say, Lian Fei Niang Niang, that courtyard, could it have possibly attracted something unclean, causing people’s temperaments to drastically change?” That person asked probingly.

“Wang Fei, let’s go and see,” Lian Xing urged. There was no shortage of bullying Liu Ye Er from her. They were all personal dowry maids. Who told her to have such a bad life, to have such an unfavored master.

Idling was also just staying idle, better to just see what was going on. Lian Ying’er stood like a willow swaying in the wind, and Lian Xing hurriedly went over to help her.

Returning back to the little courtyard, nothing seemed to enter Liu Xinmei’s eyes as she looked everywhere. Clothing, food, and living quarters; all required improvement.

“Wang Fei, didn’t things go too far today?” Liu Ye Er became more and more afraid the more she thought back. Lian Fei Niang Niang was not someone they could afford to offend.

“Was it?” Liu Xinmei asked doubtfully. Why, as a Wang Fei, was it considered too much to teach a lesson to those snobby servants?

Liu Ye Er didn’t say anything, her eyes full of worry.

That little radish head however, had bright eyes and was so excited. His mother was so powerful!


A wave of footsteps sounded out. Outside, Liu Xing arrogantly said: “Yoh, Wang Fei Niang Niang, you should slow down. This place can not be compared to our Lanxi Courtyard, the road is very difficult to walk on.”

Liu Ye Er’s body slightly trembled, her right hand unconsciously covered her cheek. She (suffered a lot of slaps from Lian Xing) suffered no small amount of slaps from Lian Xing.

Just a maidservant, yet so arrogant? Liu Xinmei’s face sank. Nice people are bullied just as docile horses are ridden. It’s just that the things in the past had nothing to do with her. Starting today, the people in this courtyard must not be bullied any longer.

“Lian Fei Niang Niang, you have to be careful. It’s been said that something unclean has entered here, that’s why the Wang Fei has gone mad. You are willing to come to see her, naturally because of the sentiments of sisterhood. However, you best not get hurt by those who don’t know any better.” A voice suddenly sounded out flatteringly.

Oh, turns out they thought I had gone mad, Liu Xinmei lightly smiled. Hehe, more madness had yet to come.

“Do not say such nonsense, be careful lest the lord hears of it. Just that the lord hasn’t come by here for two years already.” Lian Yinger deliberately suppressed her laughter, her words taunting and provocative.

A distinct echoing sound came through. Those people had already entered the courtyard.

Liu Ye Er wanted to go raise the curtains but was stopped by Liu Xinmei. She wanted to see if this Liu Ying’er had grown three heads and six arms, to have scared her maid like this by simply hearing her voice.

Seeing how the people in the house did not have any intention to come out to greet them, Lian Xing raised the curtains while in a fit of anger, and invited Lian Fei to enter.

“Greetings Older Sister Wang Fei.”

“Greetings Wang Fei Niang Niang.”

Although they ceremoniously greeted them with their mouths, these few people never even bent their waists.

Liu Xinmei smiled, “Come and sit down”

Seeing how Liu Xinmei didn’t even move, Lian Ying’er slanted her eyes towards Lian Xing.

When Lian Xing entered the door, she had a belly full of flames. Seeing her master’s cue, she pointed at Liu Ye Er and scolded: “Shameless bitch, do you have no master in your eyes? Our Wang Fei came, nevermind you not coming to receive us, but not even knowing to pay your respects? Are you a dead person?”

Liu Ye’s face blanched and wanted to kneel down.

But instead she heard a “PA” sound, Lian Xing’s face got a crisp slap.

“You…you dare to hit me” Lian Xing looked at Liu Xinmei standing in front of her in disbelief.

“PA”, another fierce slap, harshly landed on Lian Xing’s face. Immediately, her left cheek swelled up.

“Who do you think you are to dare to make a big fuss in front of this Wang Fei. You sure have the master in your eyes, addressing yourself as you, me, without any rank. Is this An Palace’s rules or the rules of your Lian family?” Liu Xinmei raised her eyebrows and questioned sternly.

Lian Xing halted and quickly looked to her master secretly. These few words were not light, even the master’s maiden family was implicated.

“Older Sister, what are you doing? Little Sister heard that you woke up and especially came to congratulate you. How did it come to you raising your hand to beat my maid? To beat a dog also depended on who the owner was.¹ Sister, is this purely humiliating me?” Lian Ying’er wanted to give back an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and bestow Liu Ye Er a few slaps, but remained helpless as Liu Xinmei firmly protected her behind her.

¹TN: Before you act, you had to think of the consequences of your actions.

“Oh, so turns out she was sister’s dog.” Liu Xinmei suddenly realized: “No wonder why it barked so loudly as soon as it entered. They all say that the dog that bites does not bark. Looks like it was just all bark and no bite. Since that’s the case, this Wang Fei will be the bigger person and not fuss over this with her.”

Everyone’s face changed, they didn’t even know that this Wang Fei was so eloquent (had the gift of the gab). She used to be servile whenever she met with Lian Fei Niang Niang in the past, where did all this confidence come from now?

“No wonder why all the servants said that older sister had been possessed. Looks like it wasn’t wrong. Lian Xing, go invite a priest over. Also, this courtyard is sealed from today forward. No one is allowed to walk even half a step out of here without my permission.”Lian Ying’er instructed indifferently.

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TN: The chapter’s title means to make an example of something insignificant in front of someone.

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