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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World – Ch 6

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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World

Chapter 6 – Untimely Sound of Singing

Eat chicken…Lian Ying’er even had the mind to go eat people. In the end, what exactly happened in that incident where she didn’t fall to her death, but let her become so arrogant. Where was the justice in this?

    The coming days are long, she’ll just temporarily endure all this for now. Fighting with a madman, if this got out, the humiliation would ruin her status.

    “Thank you for sister’s great kindness. I think such a delicious meal is hard to come by here even once. Little sister will no longer bother you.” She lifted her lips. Humph, a di miss from the marqui’s residence, was actually so ignorant. It was but a chicken. The rewards she gave out to her maids were better than this.

    “The Tao Priest had also said, my courtyard is not very clean, so I won’t keep sister here any longer. I’ll have to trouble sister to invite a more skilled priest another day and see if they would be able to have me yield,” Liu Xinmei smiled like the warm gentle breeze of Spring.

    Just love that appearance of how you are unable to bear the sight of me, yet are unable to beat me. Liu Xinmei saw that her mouth was crooked in rage, her heart was greatly refreshed. It was more comfortable than eating a sundae on the dog days¹ of summer.

¹TN: This is an English phrase that just means the hottest days of summer.

    Lian Ying’er gave Liu Xinmei a fierce glare and bitterly walked out of the Cold Courtyard with her maids and servants. Today, this enmity could be considered to be solidified. 

    After turning around the corridor, a tall figure was seen in the distance. Lian Ying’er felt a bout of joy and immediately had an idea.

    “My lord, you came back, Qie Fei greets the lord.” She delicately bent down into a bow, and everyone behind followed suit with the greeting.

    “Ying’er” The man reached out and helped her up with a face full of smiles.

    While lowering her head, she forced a few tears to shed. At this time, she hurriedly wiped her face in a panic, barely pulling a decent smile.

    Murong Yifei’s eyebrows slightly scrunched. Ying’er smiled brilliantly every time she saw him, what was wrong today?

    Lian Ying’er deliberately avoided Murong Yifei’s gaze and slightly lowered her head.

    Behind her, Lian Xing looked up. Clear finger marks were still imprinted on her swollen cheeks.

    This personal maid was beaten into a pig’s head. This has never happened before. Hasn’t the back courtyards of the An Palace always lived in harmony?

    “What is going on here?” There was a hint of displeasure in his tone.

    Just as Lian Xing wanted to speak, she saw Lian Ying’er quickly raise her head and sweep her a gaze.

    Lian Xing looked at Murong Yifei timidly, not daring to speak.

    “Say it,” Murong Yifei said in an authoritative tone, not allowing for refusal.

    “My lord, the courtyard’s Wang Fei Niang Niang woke up.” Lian Xing stammered out.

    Oh, it was that woman. It took him a long time before he realized who Lian Xing was talking about, but what does this have to do with her? Murong Yifei frowned.

    “After the Wang Fei woke up, her temperament drastically changed. First, she went to the kitchen to make a big fuss, and terrified the Momo in charge of affairs there. After Lian Fei Niang Niang knew of this, she quickly went to visit the Wang Fei. She even kindly invited a priest to exorcise all evils. Did expect that Wang Fei, she…” Lian Xing refused to continue on.

    “What did she do?” Murong Yifei asked in a sullen voice. This woman was getting more and more worrisome.

    “She beat away the Taoist Priest, claiming to be the reincarnation of Rakshasa. She even scolded our Lian Fei Niang Niang for no reason. This servant couldn’t bear the sight any longer and said a few words of fairness, not expecting that she would be beaten by the Wang Fei in this appearance.” Lian Xing’s eyes reddened in distress.

    “Really has gone mad.” Murong Yifei said in disgust and then held Lian Yinger’s hand again: “Ying’er, don’t go there in the future. If you were hurt, ben wang’s heart would also hurt.”

    “Puchi”, Lian Ying’er started to laugh, smiling impishly at Murong Yifei. Inwardly smug. Liu Xinmei, the lord does not care about your life or death.

    “She didn’t used to be like this.” Murong Yifei said thoughtfully. That woman was naturally born as a yes-man, maybe she really was possessed.

    “My lord, why don’t you go visit her. Maybe elder sister has a sickness of the heart. Once she sees you, her condition would get better.” Lian Ying’er gently persuaded, appearing reasonable.

    “If you are sick, go invite the doctor. If you are possessed, you should invite a priest. What can Ben Wang do once there?” Murong Yifei’s eyes reflected a deep distaste.

    “Sister she, she might just be too longing.” Lian Yinger whispered, sighing slightly.

    Murong Yifei seemed as though he heard nothing, he feigned ignorance and said to Lian Ying’er, “Go back and prepare some dishes and wine. Tonight ben Wang and you…” The voice lowered, only hearing his ambiguous laugh, Lian Ying’er lowered her head under the sound of the laughter.

    “Go to the account room to get some silver. Cure the wound on your face, so as not to let your master feel distressed.” Murong Yifei said to Lian Xing.

    “Thank you my lord.” Lian Xing was overjoyed. Hmph, so what if you’re the Wang Fei? Even though you’ve gotten so ill, the lord still has yet to visit.

    “Qie Fei will retreat first.” Lian Ying’er went away with a smile.

    Her own room was still the most comfortable. Breathing a breath of air, it was all sweet and fragrant, unlike that Cold Courtyard, full of a moldy smell. Lian Ying’er sat on the chair and waved toward Lian Xing. This girl’s behavior was good today, presumably the lord’s dislike for that one in the back courtyard should’ve risen even more. A jade bracelet was looped onto her wrist unrefuted.

    “Thank you Wang Fei Niang Niang. You really are a bodhisattva, and even plead for her in front of the lord.” Lian Xing smiled flatteringly. A few slaps in exchange for this precious bracelet was also worth it.

    Ha ha, only this type of echoed harmony could make the lord hate that woman even more. In this play, both master and servant cooperate perfectly.

    After instructing the kitchen to carefully prepare the dishes that Murong Yifei liked, Lian Ying’er began to dress herself up.

    Lian Ying’er was really a beauty. White and delicate skin with both cheeks fully colored in pink, just like a peach blossom blooming after the rain. A pair of big watery eyes, with every watery glance seeps a boundless spring. Small nose and thin red lips. Jasper hairpins were inserted into the black hairdo, and earrings of the same color hung on the ears.

    Lian Ying’er looked in the mirror and was quite satisfied with her appearance.

    In the evening, Murong Yifei came as scheduled. Seeing Lian Ying’er looking even more delicate than a flower, the long narrow eyes immediately lit up.

    One filled with tender affection and the other ingratiate and submissive. The eyes of both people gradually grew hazy.

    An obviously sad song sounded out together with laughter.

    “Did a new singer come to the residence again?” Murong Yifei listened for a moment and asked Lian Ying’er.

    The song clearly came from the Cold Courtyard, this mad woman. Exactly what kind of trouble did she want to make? Lian Ying’er became irritated from the bottom of her heart.

    “Go, tell her to stop singing, and disturbing the lord’s good mood.” Lian Ying’er ordered coldly.

    Lian Xing suddenly felt a little timid, touching her cheeks that were just swollen. But seeing how Murong Yifei had no objections, her confidence grew. No matter how big she was, she couldn’t be bigger than the lord, who was the head of the family.

    “Liu Ye Er.” She shouted at the courtyard’s gate.

    Shortly, Liu Ye Er came out, “What’s the matter now,” Liu Ye Er looked at her and asked.

    Rebelling, rebelling, even refusing to address her as “sister”. Lian Xing forcefully suppressed her anger and said, “Tell your Wang Fei to stop singing. The lord is drinking with Lian Fei Niang Niang. Ruining his mood will do you no good.”

    “I’ll go tell the Wang Fei.” Liu Ye Er nodded continuously.

    “Considered as sensible.” Looking at her back, Lian Xing spat out fiercely.

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