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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World – Ch 7

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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World

Chapter 7 – Leaving the Residence

Liu Ye Er went in and whispered Lian Xing’s purpose for coming to Liu Xinmei. Lian Fei Niang Niang was not satisfied that they disturbed her. Liu Xinmei’s eyes flashed. Hehe, just after eating a peaceful meal, there were already some people who thought she was an eyesore. This was seeing how she was too easily bullied in the past, if the tiger doesn’t roar, you really thought I was a sick cat.¹ Today I will let you experience the means of this old lady.²

¹TN: If I don’t show my true power, you’d think I’m weak

²TN: Not an actual old lady, but an arrogant way women referred to themselves to emphasize their power and dominance. 

    “Mother…” Chaofan’s voice immediately lowered, shifted his body closer, and writhed about, unsettled.

    It was just chit chat and this child was already scared like this. Just how timid was he. Liu Xingmei shook her head helplessly. Shouldn’t try to run before you can walk. She had just arrived here, there was plenty of time and means to plan out her life. There was no need to rush the moment.

    Seeing how Liu Ye Er had not come back out after a long period of time, Lian Xing was furious and thought about breaking in to have a nice discussion with her. Just as she took a few steps, her face started to protest in pain. Her heart grew nervous and found an excuse as a way out. Humph, our family’s Lian Fei Niang Niang had the lord backing her up. Naturally, she was not someone you can afford to offend. She was just conveying a message yet didn’t the Cold Courtyard stop entirely?

    Seeing Lian Xing come back with a smile on her face, Lian Ying’er also became delighted. In the back courtyards, status was quite important, imperial favor was king. You, Liu Xinmei, held an empty Wang Fei’s name and lived the life of an abandoned wife. How would the lord possibly remember you be it tall, short, fat, or skinny? Who are you trying to show by being tyrannical now?

    Lian Ying’er’s powder face held the Spring within, her eyes like silk. Even Murong Yifei’s sight became somewhat misty. Lian Xing tactfully retreated and closed the door. Playful laughter and soft panting flew out from time to time, causing the people, who heard it, to couldn’t help but fervently blush…

    The people in the kitchen no longer dared to neglect the Cold Courtyard. It wasn’t any exotic delicacy and everyone just sought for peace. Liu Xinmei couldn’t help but smile whenever she saw the greasy stains all around the mouth of the little radish radish head as he stroked his round belly with satisfaction. Their courtyard was very easy to please.

    “Liu Ye Er, these shirts need to be changed, and the house also requires renovation. Go and notify Lian Ying’er.” Liu Xinmei lazily commanded under the warm sun.

    Liu Ye Er’s heart jumped. They just had a few days of not worrying about eating or drinking, what kind of trouble did the miss want to make now? She stammered: “Wang Fei, Lian Wang Fei is only in charge of the kitchen. All other matters are handled by Wen Wang Fei.”

    The division of labor was pretty clear. “Then go talk to Wen Wang Fei.”

    Feeling troubled for a long while, Liu Ye Er still went.

    Having long heard people talk about Liu Xinmei’s big fuss in the kitchen, when Wen Ruoruo saw that she had pointed the spear at her, she couldn’t help but sneer. Insatiable desire, a human’s heart was the most difficult to satisfy. She was not some Lian Ying’er, holding only a charming face with no brains.

    She looked at Liu Ye with an appearance of a smile, and gently said: “Ordinarily, this request made by Older Sister Wang Fei is not considered excessive, just that, with such a big family of people everywhere in this palace, how could everyone possibly be looked after? It’ll have to really trouble her. This Wang Fei has noted what you have said. When there’s spare money, this will be immediately done for sister.”

    The words were beautifully said. Liu Ye Er thanked her, and reported back to Liu Xinmei.

    What, playing Tai Chi with me huh? Giving a promise that had no deadlines, am I supposed to be grateful? Carrying over the little radish head along the way, she asked softly, “Are you willing to help mother with a favor?”

    “Yes.” The little guy nodded without surprise.

    “Aren’t you afraid?” She scratched his chin.

    “Mother is here so I’m not afraid.” He looked up. His mother was very powerful. Now she needed his help so doesn’t that mean he was also very powerful?

    “So good.” Her warm lips pressed onto his face, both smiles equally as bright.

    “Go and help him change his clothes.” Liu Xinmei turned her head and said to Liu Ye Er.

    “Wang Fei, this is already the best clothes the Shizi has.” Liu Yeer murmured, her heart filled with sorrow.

    “Then change it to the most tattered one.” Enacting a play, naturally it needed to be more realistic.

    Liu Ye Er found that she understood the miss less and less. Might as well just not even think about it and just do as she was told.

    Liu Xinmei beckoned towards Chaofan with her finger, leaned over, and whispered something by his ear. The little guy blinked and continuously nodded, then pitifully looked at her: “Mother, I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to speak well.”

    Liu Xinmei patted his head, “Relax, with Mother beside you, nobody would dare to bully you.”

    With this assurance, the little guy immediately felt at ease and obediently followed Liu Ye Er to change his clothes.

    These few people walked out of the gates of the palace. The other family members stayed hidden far away. With such a master, their face would be damaged. Liu Xinmei didn’t pay attention to the other people’s complexions, and gave a meaningful glance towards Chaofan. He very cooperatively started to cry.

    A child dressed in tatters crying in front of the palace, naturally would attract the attention of many people to watch.

    “Child, what’s wrong? Were you separated from your family?” An old woman kindly asked.

    “No, this is my home.” The child pointed to the palace behind him.

    Everyone’s sight followed the direction of his fingers, and all smiled sarcastically one after the other.

    “Is the adult working here, and you snuck out yourself” must be a servant who did manual labor and had time to take care of their child. Everyone guessed.

    “I am An Palace’s Shizi.” The child said weakly.

    “Haha, this child must’ve gone mad to dare to impersonate An Palace’s Shizi. Look at your clothes, even our family’s children are dressed better than you.” A passer-by laughed.

    “Such a young child yet already learned to lie and trick people.”

    “Don’t know how the adults taught him.”

    The onlookers remarked lively.

    “I’m not tricking anyone. I am An Palace’s Shizi. If you don’t believe it, you can just ask the guard here.” Chaofan flatten his mouth as his tears fell with a ‘pitter-patter’.

    Who would dare ask the Palace’s guards, but the people who watched over the gates suddenly lowered their heads quietly. The people started to whisper to each other questioning: “This child is crying and making a fuss in front of the Palace gates yet the guards are not coming to stop it. Perhaps he is telling the truth.”

    “How could it be that such a dignified son will fall into such a situation? Don’t you don’t know, this An Wang, he has already raised several rooms of just concubines”

    The passers-bys’ comments passed into the guard’s ears. Currently, they all regretted letting these few people out. Now no one could bring the child back, so they could only watch on as he cried there.

    “Child, does the Wang Fei of An Palace not care about you?” Someone angrily asked.

    “Wah…” Chao Wan cried even more sadly, chokingly said: “My mother wants to look after me, but she…she is also bullied and isn’t allowed to make decisions.”

    What? There was such a thing?

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