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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World – Ch 8

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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World

Chapter 8 – Spit Out What You’ve Ate That’s Mine

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In front of An Palace, there was a wide street. Liu Xinmei stood there with her head down, looking just like a bullied little wife.

    As soon as Chaofan looked up, he saw the smile on the corner of his mother’s eyes, and immediately remembered the words she had told him.

    Without hesitation, “Pu Tong”, he knelt down and suddenly burst into tears, snot running down his face: “Everyone please take some pity on me. I am An Palace’s little Shizi, but our palace’s current manager, Wen Ze Fei, said that the expenses of the residence are too great, so she could only be frugal on us mother and son. That’s why I’ve always been living days where there’s not enough food to eat or clothing to wear. You can all see me, a dignified Shizi, yet dressed even worse than a farmer, everyone please take pity on me and give me some silver.”

    With him making such a fuss, a large group of people naturally crowded around the front of the Palace, stirring up a lot of controversy. “What? This child is really the Palace’s little Shizi? This attire is even worse than us ordinary folks.”

    “Exactly, it turns out that the palace was actually being managed by the Ze Fei, did the proper Fei make some mistake?”

    “No way, such a big palace, how much could just a Wang Fei and a Shizi save?”

    “If this Ze Fei was just cruel then so be it, since competing for favor within a household is nothing new, but this An Wang is also cold and ruthless. This is, afterall, his own flesh and blood, how was he willing to do such a thing?” Someone said indignantly.

    “Fellow uncles and aunts, please take pity on me. I haven’t known the taste of meat for a few months already. Please give me some money. It would be very impressive if it was spoken out, even the majestic An Palace needed your charity. You must be passing your days in luxury” Chaofan took the chance and said.

    “Child, come. Hold on to this.” An old woman wiped her eyes and put a dozen or so large coins into his palm.

    “Grandma, you will definitely live to a ripe old age.” His little mouth spoke  sweetly.

    “Everyone, let’s all help this poor child out,” someone suggested.

    “Yeah, although my family is not particularly wealthy, it is an honour to be able to help the An Palace out.” Someone with a big belly squeezed in and gave him a generous silver ingot.

    “What a sin.” Some people sighed and also gave their love.

    Copper coins, silver ingots, and banknotes were strewn everywhere. Chaofan’s two hands could no longer hold all of it. Liu Xinmei was tremendously happy. En, these should be enough for them to last a few days. It’s just a pity for this child to be used as a living prop for her. No worries, she didn’t know how long she would stay here, but she’ll greatly compensate him later.

    The guards at the gate saw the commotion here, and came over to chase people away, not allowing for any explanations. If they continued to let him cry, the reputation of the lord would be ruined.

    “What, forget how Ze Fei Niang Niang bullies us mother and son, even you all want to ride on top of our heads too? The Shizi came out to beg for a bit to eat, was it even too much to just want to survive? It’s all because of me, this incompetent mother, who can’t even protect her own son, just let me die!” Liu Xinmei cried out sadly in distress, her movements aiming to smash herself onto the stone lion by the gates.

    “Wang Fei Niang Niang, you can’t be this short-sighted, how would you let this servant explain this to Hou Ye?” Liu Ye Er was terrified and quickly stopped her with her body.

    “If mother is not alive, then I don’t want to live anymore either.” The little doll also ran over with his stubby legs, and pitifully pulled on the corner of Liu Xinmei’s clothes. The master and servant both cried into a mess.

    “Hurry on inside and report this to Wen Fei Niang Niang.” A guard quickly sent someone to the inner courtyards to deliver the message. Although it was known that these people were not favored by the lord, if this mess caused someone’s life to be taken, they would also be punished. What’s more, that maid was right. There was the Hou Residence behind this Wang Fei. The lord and the Liu family has yet to burn all bridges.

    “Wang Fei Niang Niang, terrible news. The little Shizi kneeled on the street, crying that he and the Wang Fei were abused in the residence. They didn’t have enough to eat or wear, and are begging in front of the gates.” As soon as the words of the guard were heard by Wen Ruoruo’s personal maid, she hurriedly reported to her master.

    “What?!” Wen Ruoruo’s face paled. She actually had the gall to do such a thing. They might be shameless, but she, Wen Ruoruo still cared. If it got known that she bullied the legal wife and the Di child, these many years of her effort would go down the drain.

    “Have all the guards died? Bring them back in immediately.” She said impatiently, her tone malevolent.

    “Wang Fei Niang Niang please do not be angered. The guards dare not stop them because Liu Wang Fei and the Shizi said that if they dared to stop them, they would die in front of the Palace gates.” Xiaomei stuttered out.

    Guh, Wen Ruoruo felt a bit of a headache. In the end, it wasn’t good if a conflict surfaced under the watchful eyes of everyone.

    “Wasn’t Liu Hou Ye currently stationed at the border? How could An Wang Ye treat the hero’s descendents like this?” Someone murmured in dissatisfaction.

    “This Miss Liu is also pitiful. The stepmother managed affairs in her maiden family, married into the palace, but was suppressed by the Ze Fei, unable to stand out.” Some people sighed.

    Liu Xinmei wiped her tears, a face like a pear flower after the rain, soft and gentle as it could be. She gave a deep salute to the onlookers: “Thank you all. It’s just that my stepmother treated me very well. The lord and this residence’s Ze Fei Niang Niang also treated me very well. It’s just that this child doesn’t yet understand things and couldn’t bear the suffering thus provoking this giant joke. I thank you all for your kindness, but please don’t blame my loved ones anymore.”

    Since they were so good to her, then how could they be living under such hard conditions? No one was a fool. All had a little more sympathy for this fallen Wang Fei. Maybe she had some unspeakable pains.

    “Wang Fei, don’t blame this old lady for saying too much. When you got married, the dowry should’ve been very generous. Which one of our noble ladies in Xichu doesn’t have their own shop? Just based on this, you shouldn’t have to worry about food and clothing. How could it be exhausted to this point?” An elderly woman said to her kindly.

    Nima, were all the people in An Wang Mansion poisonous scorpions? Listening to the old lady’s words, her maternal family’s dowry should’ve given her more than enough to feed her family, but how could they have the nerve to still treat her so harshly? Well, since you are going to be ruthless, then don’t blame me for not being righteous. Whatever you took from me, you better return it. Whatever you ate that’s mine, you better spit it out. There were lots of accounts to be settled between them.

    She slightly frowned: “The dowry is naturally there. It’s just that after entering the palace, they were all entered into the public fund. I had no right to allocate it.”

No way. Everyone’s eyes were about to bulge out. Even the majestic An Palace, even schemed after the Wang Fei’s dowry. Looking at the white jade steps and the carved beams of the courtyard, everyone’s eyes grew a little more disdainful.

    It’s all over, the image of the palace and the reputation of the lord would all fall sharply after this incident. The guards at the gates covered their faces one after another. Why hasn’t Wen Fei Niang Niang come out yet to clean up this mess? They would be too ashamed to say that they were people from the An Palace in the future.

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