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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World – Ch 9

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Abandoned Concubine: Kidnapping a Cute Baby to Break Out Into The World

Chapter 9 – First Time Meeting Murong Yi Ning

More and more people gathered to watch, the copper coins rained down on them, occasionally mixed with a few pieces of broken silver. Liu Xinmei poked Chaofan in the shadows, and signaled him with a glance. The child gathered all the money to his side as he thanked those around him, lest it be touched by others in the mess.

    Ha ha, such a well-behaved baby was now her son. This must be the fortune obtained from several lifetimes. She secretly laughed with satisfaction.

    “Chaofan, give all this money back to everyone. Although we are going through hardships, we can still pass our days.” Liu Xinmei walked to Chaofan’s side and spoke softly. Today these things were done by this child, it had nothing to do with her

    “No. I want to eat meat and wear new clothes.” Chaofan tightly guarded the silver and money in his lapel, while staring at those scattered in front of him.

    “Liu Ye Er, quick, hurry and help me pick it up. These should be enough to get new proper clothes for mother and you so you’d be able to appear in front of others.” He twirled his eyes and said loudly to Liu Ye Er.

    “This…” Liu Ye Er looked at Liu Xinmei hesitantly. The Wang Fei didn’t seem to be happy that the little Shizi did this. But didn’t the Wang Fei come up with this idea?

    “Really such a good, filial, and kind child. Even thinking about his mother and maid.” The crowd sounded out with admiration.

    “Mum, look, you haven’t changed into any new clothes in years. I’m not going to eat meat with this money. You can use it all to make some clothes, that way you won’t be laughed at by the more powerful people in the house.” He said sensibly.

    Good son, this is exactly how to act. Liu Xinmei gave him a commending look.

    “Slap”, a glittering ingot of gold fell in front of their sight, blinding the people’s eyes. Liu Xinmei’s eyes immediately lit up.

    “Gold” someone exclaimed.

    Gold lord, Liu Xinmei also looked up.

    The man in front of her definitely had a height of 180cm, with wide shoulders, thin waist, and long legs like those oppas in Korea. Thick dark eyebrows, glittering eyes like the stars, straight pointed nose, and thin lips. The lines on his face were very soft, and there was a seemingly wry smile on his face.

    “This, is this for me?” The little doll asked with a smile on his face. Was this very valuable? Why does everyone have different expressions?

    “Chaofan, you’re not allowed to take it.” Liu Xinmei opened her mouth to stop him. She was poor but didn’t want to give the impression of greediness.

    “Mother, why can’t I have it?” The doll’s clothes were loose, scattering the coins and silver all over the ground.

    This man was very generous, but why would he help her?

    “Greetings Chen Wang, a thousand years to you.” Liu Ye Er hurriedly came over to greet.

    Oh, so this is that scumbag’s younger brother. Did he come here to see her make a joke of herself?

    “Second Imperial Sister, you, this is…” Murong Yining asked, frowning. This Imperial Sister has never been much to his older imperial brother’s liking, but she shouldn’t be reduced to begging along the street.

    “It’s nothing. The child is immature and just fooling around again.” Liu Xinmei’s blush hadn’t faded yet, so she quickly covered up with words. So awkward, no choice but to push out this kid again as the shield.

    “Chaofan, hurry and greet Fourth Imperial Uncle.” The child was raised in that sort of place, he shouldn’t recognize this honorable imperial uncle right?

    “Fourth Uncle, my father and you are both princes, how come our residence is so poor yet fourth uncle can easily take out an ingot of gold” A child’s words speaks of the truth.

    “How can that be, Second Imperial Brother’s salary is even higher than Ben Wang, and there are also some properties under his name, all of which are extremely extravagant.” Murong Yining said.

    “Then why would my mother and I have such hard lives,” he looked up with his small face and asked.

    Eh, Murong’s Yining’s face changed slightly. Second Imperial Brother was a bit too much.

    “Everyone take a walk, just leave the things here to Ben Wang.” Murong Yining waved his hands. The feeling of having so many people watching was really bad, the key thing being that this was nothing glorious.

    “Since Cheng Wang has come forward, the Wang Fei and the Shizi should no longer be in such dire straits.” The onlookers sighed and dispersed.

    “Liu Ye Er, why aren’t you quickly bringing a bag? Look at all this, it wasn’t easy for the Shizi to get all these,” seeing Liu Ye Er still standing there in a daze, Liu Xinmei quickly shouted. Even a grasshopper was still meat¹, couldn’t possibly let others take advantage in vain.

¹TN: Even the smallest, most insignificant bit counted.

    “Ah, yes.” Liu Ye Er responded and ran away quickly. Even her master had laid down her dignity, what kind of face could she still speak of.

    “Second Imperial Sister, are you okay?” Murong Yining asked politely.

    Liu Xinmei’s smile froze on her face. If I was alright, would I still come out to sell pity and obtain sympathy?

    She looked at Murong Yining resentfully, tears flashing through her eyes: “Whether or not I’m doing well, could Chen Wang not see?”

    Guh, it must be bad. Murong Yining’s face grew reddish. What was his imperial brother doing? Such a big palace like this yet can’t afford to keep a few idlers. Born into the royal family, there were also plenty of couples who became estranged from one another, but still maintained each other’s face on the surface. Just based on Liu Hou Ye’s face, she shouldn’t have been pressured into such a hard state. In recent years, he hasn’t seen this imperial sister appear in any of the palace and family banquets. Regardless who asked, Second Imperial Brother would push it off saying that she was in poor health. The people around him were often the two Ze Feis. Over time, everyone had almost forgotten that such a person still existed.

    He has also faintly heard that Liu Xinmei had nothing but beauty, but was just an embroidered pillow with a bright outer appearance. An Palace was managed into a mess under her incompetence and poor scheduling. When she finally gave birth to a child after much difficulty, this child was just as cowardly as his mother. Whenever he saw a stranger, he couldn’t even voice out a complete sentence. Gradually, his imperial brother also grew very disgusted with this son. But for them to have led such a miserable life, was really beyond his expectations.

    Just meeting today, he found that the rumors were not credible. Not only was Liu Wang Fei’s appearance extraordinary, but her responses were all scathing. This was not a straw bag with no talent at all. This child was also very clever and very likeable.

    It’s just that this was someone else’s family affairs, he couldn’t ask about it. Thus, he lightly smiled at Liu Xinmei: “If Second Imperial Sister has any difficulties in the future, you can send someone to pass a message to Chen Palace. This younger brother would certainly do his part.”

    Huh, this scum man’s younger brother was still very kind-hearted. Since it wasn’t easy to meet someone related to him, Liu Xinmei wanted to fiercely spit out (rant out) all her sufferings. She didn’t believe that these words wouldn’t reach his ears. Taking account of his face, Murong Yifei had to give her an explanation.

    “I’ve taken to heart Cheng Wang’s kindness. It’s just there’s no reason in having An Wang’s family become dependent on you and have you pay to raise them. If you can, would Cheng Wang please pass An Wang a message, write me a divorce letter and send me back to the Hou Residence, “Liu Xinmei intentionally said.

    “This…” Murong Yining was troubled. For him to say such words, it didn’t seem that good.

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