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Foxaholic is a large community of hobbyist translators and authors seeking to share their favorite webnovels and original novels to the world. Foxaholic is comprised of three websites: Foxaholic, Foxaholic 18+, and Foxaholic Global.

These translations are brought to you by non-professional translators and therefore may contain mistranslated phrases or grammatical errors. Please point out these errors through the Foxaholic Discord.

Do not download, repost, or share

We do not give permission to repost translations on any site other than Foxaholic, Foxaholic 18, and Foxaholic Global. That includes “sharing” translations on Wattpad “for offline reading purposes” and downloading translations as offline reading documents such as EPUB, MOBI, PDF, etc. as people have used them to financially profit off of Foxaholic translators’ time and effort.


Please ask for and get permission before retranslating any of these novels into another language. Each translator has their own policies, so please seek permission through the comment section, the Foxaholic Discord, or the contact form.

Should you get permission, make sure to credit the original translator(s) on Foxaholic, and send us the link so we can share it on our site as well!

Don’t post our translations on Wattpad or anywhere else. Thank you!

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