Absolute Fave 28


Arc 2: The Junior High Arc

Chapter 28 : I’m So Happy, My Absolute Fave Waited for Me in the Hallway!

Translated by: chocolala
Proofread by: voeaki

Upon knocking on the heavy door, a reply came from inside. I gently opened the door and bowed before entering. I had little knowledge about etiquette in these situations, so it was better to act solemn anyway. 

In the chancellor’s office, there was an elderly man with a beard and a very austere dandy look, and also the school nurse—the one who was supposed to be a capture target. The school nurse’s name was said to be Mr. Ricole1.

Right! Come to think of it, I think that’s what his name was in the game. I was too accustomed to calling him ‘the school nurse’ that I never bothered to remember his name. Well, he almost had no interaction with my absolute fave. At most, it was during an event where students were rescued by my absolute fave and the school nurse was present to receive them.

I was a little nervous, wondering what was going on, and the chancellor promptly offered me a seat on a sofa. There, Mr. Ricole poured me a cup of tea. I could smell the faint scent of medicinal herbs in the air, so maybe he had brewed me a cup of tea to make me feel better. 

“I apologise for calling you out of the blue on this occasion. Thank you for coming here.”

Despite his neat appearance, the chancellor’s voice was very soft.

The chancellor got up from his table and sat down on the sofa in front of me. Mr Ricole followed to sit down next to him. And the conversation that started off rather suddenly was about the results of this examination. 

“Your exam results for theoretical classes are truly excellent. You could be in the top five if we only considered those. However, your result dropped a little after including the practical exam for swordsmanship. Launen’s disease is an illness that has never been completely cured, and it is a miracle that you are still alive at this age. If you don’t mind, I’ve been discussing with the school nurse here the possibility of exempting you from the practical swordsmanship exam just as you are exempted from the practical magic exam.” 

Somehow, it seemed that it was my crappy swordsmanship that had lowered my average score2. This meant that if you added the zero points for practical magic to the mix, I was pretty low down the scale.

In other words, if I accepted this proposal, my name would be further up in the ranking. For now, the exam was like a review of what I had studied at home, so I could still manage. But further on, even if I got exempted from the swordsmanship, I couldn’t guarantee that I could get into the top ranks.

Or should I say that was completely impossible?

However, despite my ineptitude and my lack of agility, I still enjoyed swordsmanship, and if I were to be exempted there would be a possibility that I wouldn’t even be able to attend the lessons either. I wondered if I could refuse this proposal.

“May I ask you one thing? If another sickly person were to take the swordsmanship test, would you propose something like this?”

I stared at the Chancellor, then he vaguely nodded with a benevolent smile.

“It depends on the student’s condition. If they are so weak that they cannot move, they are exempted. Otherwise, the marks will still be added to the total score.”

“I can run and I can walk. I’m not very good at it, but now I can wield a sword. As that is the case, then I don’t think I should be exempted.”

At my words, Mr Ricole’s eyes widened in surprise.

“First of all, Launen’s disease is not that simple. Alba, you may be fine now, but Launen’s disease is such that one seizure can easily shatter your health. It is a miracle that you are alive right now. You know that firsthand. Your life is precious, so please take care of yourself. Otherwise you wouldn’t be able to attend school.” With a jerk, Mr. Ricole leaned forward from the table and moved his face closer to mine. 

Should I say, just as expected of a capture target? He had a very well-defined face with a gentlemanly appearance. And he looked quite young for a school nurse. I didn’t know how old Mr. Ricole was at the time of the game, but surely he must have developed the gentle qualities of an adult. On the contrary, the Mr. Ricolein front of me seemed kind of hot-blooded.

“Ricole,” the chancellor rebuked, and Mr. Ricole pulled himself back with a start. 

His face flushed a little bit, probably embarrassed by his behaviour.

“Sor-sorry. I heard that a child with Launen’s disease would be enrolled in the school and I really wanted to offer my support… I really wanted Alba-kun, who has proven with his own life that Launen’s disease no longer has to be deadly, to do his best.”

“He too is someone who has lost a family member to the same illness as you. When he heard that Alba, a Launen’s disease patient, would be entering this school this year, he even went out of his way to request a transfer from the senior high. I was overwhelmed by his enthusiasm and gave him permission. If you have any problems, please consult Ricole, okay?”

“I see… When that time comes, please take care of me.”

When I bowed my head, shocked that he had such a past, the chancellor returned to the subject.

“If you find it too hard, Alba, I would also like to exempt you from swordsmanship.”

“No. Please let me do it.”

When I answered firmly, they looked surprised, then their eyes narrowed.

My grades weren’t my priority, so it didn’t matter if I got a lower average score due to swordsmanship. Moreover, my brother said he would tutor me in the areas where I had made mistakes in the test. I believed that taking the test at my true ability was the best way to see how good I really was.

With this in mind, I bowed my head and asked them to take the same approach as this time from hereon, and they both gestured their heads, thinking, before nodding. What a relief. 

I bowed to them and left the chancellor’s office, and found my brother waiting for me in the hallway.

“Good work, Alba.”


The unexpected appearance made me run up and hug him, and then I looked around and heard a giggle overhead.

“Don’t worry, other students don’t wander carelessly around here.”

“Brother, you are so kind!”

“I just want to hug Alba.”

Ah, I love him. This kindness is priceless. My heart was beating erratically. Even more so after being so nervous by being around high-ranked people.

Brother took me by the hand and led me to our carriage. I then told him about what had happened in the chairman’s office after he asked me about it, and then we arrived home.

I ate dinner with Brother and we both played with Luna, something that Brother rarely did with us. And then I left for the dream world while feeling relieved that I hadn’t done anything wrong at school—completely unaware that my brother spoke to Father about everything I had said.

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  1. I’m divided on whether to call him Mr. or Dr., it’s not stated whether he’s a doctor
  2. Or GPA if you prefer that