Against the Fate – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Eleven Types (Part 1)

Cui Ming stood up and nodded to express gratitude to both and then turned to leave. At this time North Luna said: “Wait! If you are already here, then, please, do a complete check first. It is only good for you and gives you no harm. I can recommend you to the police and -at least- against an ordinary criminal, you’ve got an overwhelming advantage. That’s better off, than living on the street.”

“Okay” Cui Ming said and then proceeded to sit down. His character was “fit for any size”, waste not being bad and police work seemingly being fine. His attitude was “it does not matter after all.”

The Professor glared at North Luna. she definitely gave him trouble, but he did not shirk and looked right at Cui Ming saying, “I can only call this as a kind of fate. I first said about Aura; Aura is a human’s inner power. Everyone has a percentage of Aura power, but… But the vast majority of people, because of congenital reasons, cannot feel nor use Aura. Some people say that Aura is the life energy. Some say that Aura is the power of the soul. I do not care what they think or believe. For a simple example, after you eat food, the food gives you heat and energy. This energy is loss even when you don’t do anything, and if the weather is too cold, the body will not consume more calories, right?”

“Yes.” Do not know if it is right or wrong, but from the way you say it is, then it is.

“Note that the Aura is neither energy nor heat; what I said was only a metaphor for the simple minded.” he chuckled lightly and continued, while Cui Ming got a tad pissed and Noth Luna made a hint of a smile. “Ordinary people cannot gather Aura. But why? I, the Professor, do not know. None knows at present. Our ancestors discovered this force, used it and perfect it. This is a thousands-year-old legacy. The question “what is Aura” was similar to “where we came from”. The Church interprets it as the God’s work, and the materialist interprets it as the result of a combination of physical movements. There is no standard answer. No one can prove which is the standard answer. ”

Cui Ming had to think for a moment to understand and to reply, “Then, isn’t that like, we do not know why the train can run, but we do not care why it can run anyway? It is able to run, that’s the only thing that actually matters, no?”

The Professor nodded and replied, “You almost understand the meaning of this. There are six Principles of cultivating Aura. The first is Envelop, to gather the Aura, to make it to not dissipate. The Second is Refine. By refining the body with the Aura, it can make the body to withstand external Aura focused on the body. The third is Meditate, to make the Aura quiet and achieve the purpose of controlling the Aura. The fourth is Temper, to enhance the Aura and to make it grow. And last by not least, is to Null, to dissipate the Aura, so that the other can not detect you are a cultivator.”

“Envelop, Refine, Meditate, Temper, Null.” Cui Ming asked: “Is there one left?”

“Release” Professor said: “The first five Principles are preparation for this. The first five are very simple, there is a system of standardized training methods, but Release is very complex. No one can teach you. You can only figure it out yourself. You can use Aura on a fist to fist fight, you can also be the same as North Luna, enhancing weapons. You can also enhance your own defense to resist damage from other cultivators without any injuries. Although all this only relies on your own understanding, but after years of study you will be able to do it as well. But, I have a set of guidelines. The only problem is that its help is very limited. I can only determine which Type of cultivator you belong to and then you must research yourself. ”

he paused and then, after a brief breath continued, “Traditionally, the cultivators are generally divided into eleven Types. Everyone has their own main Type but also you can cultivate a secondary type. But its effect is far less than your main Type. As for the types now:

Strengthen Type: Train the body to become a weapon, to combine the body and Aura into one, with no weaknesses, indestructible. But the disadvantage is a slightly worse attack power, so Strengthen Types usually choose Enhance Type as their secondary type, to use weapons to enhance their combat effectiveness.

Enhance Type: Increase power of weapons. North Luna is a typical Enhance Type cultivator, with her blades being created by her father with extremely rare materials. Once North Luna and the blade’s soul are connected, it can bring forth an extreme power. Cui Ming, your flying cards also belong to Enhance Type, with the Aura power to strengthen the power of the playing cards. Enhance Type generally needed certain skills, such as, Cui Ming, firstly you need to learn how to make the cards fly; North Luna had to learn how to use the sword. Enhance Type’s shortcoming is defense and dodge ability is relatively poor.

Enhance and Strengthen type cultivations can be said to complement each other, but if cultivate both Types, will inevitably result in a weakened defense of Strengthen and weakened offense of Enhance. Because the structure of the human body basically the same, the amount of Aura that the body could withstand in a short period of time would not differ too much. The biggest drawback of human cultivators was that the Aura capacity is limited.

Energy Type: Converts Aura power into energy. This is a very powerful type. Ding Ze belongs to this cultivation type. Energy Type can also be used on a variety of treasures or runes to enhance their combat effectiveness. Ding Ze has a mysterious amulet, worn on his wrist, which can enhance the power of his energy attacks. In the fight against the giant bugs, Ding Ze caused a very great harm. But Energy Types also have shortcomings, that is, the lack of protective force. Once enhanced or using an enhanced system of attack, they can easily lead their own bodies to be damaged. Aura is not cohesive. Therefore, Energy Type cultivators will first practice their own method of defense. Such as Ding Ze’s Teleport, it needed a certain preparation time to pinpoint the location he wanted to go. In the beginning, the practice will be biased, but with the increase in proficiency, the preparation time will be decreased and the location of teleport will be more accurate.”

Psychic Type: These cultivators use their Aura to contact with people’s mind, and then confuse, crush and deceive their enemies’ minds. Some can let the other side think of them as companions. Some can force the opponents into Null, but not simply hiding it. It will cut the aura off. Some will make opponent go to one direction. The disadvantage of the Psychic types is that if the other party could avoid contact with Aura, Psychic Type will not have much effect, so the majority of Psychic Type cultivators will also cultivate Energy Type, to have some means of escapes and attacks.

Nature Type: Cultivators who belong to this type generally are very familiar with nature, their Null is very good, think of a chameleon hidden in general, a strong line of natural cultivators, and even in the daytime their stealth near other cultivators will not be found. The biggest drawback of Nature Type cultivators though, is that they are fragile, the same as Psychic Types, but they can not cultivate Energy Type, because the two types are incompatible. If they can win by first strike or be found by their opponents, then they will fall into a very dangerous situation. But if they succeed, they will cause no small damage to the opponent, but a fatal blow. That means that when dealing with Nature Types it is very simple what to do. Never go alone. Even if you received a deadly hit, your companions can take revenge for you, because Nature Type is difficult to cultivate any other Type, combined with the fragile body, they can be said to be the most vulnerable.

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