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Against the Fate – Chapter 12

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Chapter 12: Eleven Types (Part 2)

Mana Type: In ancient times, the Eternal Planet had a history of the existence of a variety of magic. Some people thought that these magic users were the first cultivators. This Type converts Aura into Mana. Powerful or not, it depends on the user’s mastery with magic and spells. Strictly speaking, any cultivator could choose Mana Type as their main type, but it needs not only a good innate magic talent, but also enough knowledge of magic to evolve and cultivate their own exclusive magic.


Martial Type: This is an unclear classification. For example North Luna has techniques similar to swordmen. Cui Ming’s flying poker could be considered a martial technique. But Martial Type specializes in techniques. Different from Cui Ming, who trains techniques to enhannce Aura, Martial Types use Aura to strengthen the technique. For example, a simple technique like a kick, in Martial Type’s hand it’s as fast as lightning. They could inject Aura into the opponent’s body, causing physical injuries, or disturbance of the Aura. Martial Type cultivators must cultivate Strengthen Type as secondary Type because they need a very powerful body. The difference being that Strengthen Type combined Aura and the integration of the body, Aura will almost never dry up. For Martial Type, due to using Aura in the skills, the consumption is also very fast. Martial Type focused on Envelop.


Shadow Type: At Dawn City’s northeast, there was an island country in which peculiar people live, able to come in, kill you and disappear. This was their specific ability, they could convert Aura to Chakra. In their country they are also called “ninja”. There are many ninja classes, they have plenty of Nature Type assassins, some Energy Type, some Psychic Type. The advantage is that they have a variety of means of escape, the disadvantage is that they are mostly a “jack-of-all-trade” cultivators.


Animus Type: This has nothing to do with human beings, Animus Type are divided into animals and beasts, they can not only practice a variety of lines, but also their own unique ability, such as leopards practice Force, making their running speed be as fast as lightning. Some of the animals can instantly use the Aura and far better and with more intensity than humans. Those bugs Cui Ming met in the desert of the giant insects belong to the Animus Type.


Conjure Type: Conjure Type are very good in the offensive and defensive. Conjure Type can change their own unique weapons, such as bombs. Aura cohesion which, once the explosion will cause great harm practitioners. At the same time most of the Conjure Type cultivators have their own unique ability to defend and escape. Disadvantages are that they are relatively weak and that they relatively slow escape speeds. Once their defenses and escape means are countered by their opponents, they have nothing left.


Professor took a slight pause, breathing calmly, after having spoken for quite a bit of time. And then North Luna asked: ” Can he change to Conjure Type?”

“Conjure poker cards from Aura?” Professor thought for a moment, then shaking his head he said “Yes, he used poker card for a long time, but he will only view poker as a discardable weapon. In this state of mind, the Department of basic changes in the basic success , Even if he succeeds, his fighting power will be very poor.” and then he continued, as his eyesight moved from North Luna to Cui Ming, “Cui Ming, there is a simple way to test your Type: Water Divination. You put your hand in the water, and then release your Aura in the palm of your hand.”

Cui Ming pulled up the sleeve of his right hand and then soaked his palm in the water. At the tip of the index finger and middle finger appeared a touch of red. The water within the basin has had little change, if any at all and then North Luna said: “Use more Aura.”

Cui Ming frowned: “If I use more Aura, I’ll need to go to the bathroom and get a new pant.”

North Luna’s hand touched the water and doubtly asked the Professor “Isn’t the Aura too low? Could it be it can not be measured?”

“That’s strange. Strengthen Type can make the volume of the water changes, Enhance Type can make the water moves, Energy Type can make the color of the water changes…” the Professor said and looked at the basin, thinking for a long time, before continuing, “Maybe you are Strategy Type? If that’s the case. North Luna, you’ll make a fortune!”, he said with a hint of ecstacy only to continue with a hint of deviousness “Or bankruptcy.”

“What?” North and Cui Ming were confused, one’s voice being sounded in the outside, while the other’s from within.

Afterwards the voice of logic and knowledge was heard “Luna, you taste the water.” The Professor said and calmly gazed at her, waiting.

North Luna touched the water, then put up her index finger to the mouth and nodded “Sweet.”

“He’s the Strategy Type.” the Professor said and raised his eyebrows “Strategy Type is not easy to predict. It had too few successful examples. However, the strongest cultivator of Aura Alliance is a Strategy Type.”

“Who?” North Luna asked.

“Black Crow.” the Professor paused only to continue “You do not know him. There is no information nor record of him, Black Crow is the nickname I gave him. He only appeared once and then disappeared to never again come forth into the light. For cultivators, the potential of their Type was decided from birth. Only Strategy Type can be acquired through progress. In other words, Strategy Type will become more and more strong, it had no limit. However, the Strategy Type may also be a mediocrity, as there is nothing to take the shot of things. And so, what is your name? ”

“Cui Ming” he said vigilantly

“Look like I belongs to a rare Type. You aren’t trying to make me the test subject, are you? Imprison me, and then each day pumping blood or something.”

“I am really interested in the Strategy Type, everyone can cultivate Strategy Type, but natural-born Strategy Type is very rare and also exclusive. I came in contact with a Strategy Type a decade ago, he was quite powerful. When he knew I was The Professor, he shared his experiences. Cui Ming, do you have any good things? If you only have fly cards, it is useless, thinking has been detained, it is difficult to have any development at all.”

“Yes.” Cui Ming nodded.

Professor overjoyed: “Show me”

“Fortune Teller”Cui Minh said, his the left hand pulled out from the right front. There, he held numerous cards. Cui Ming’s right hand gestured two fingers making a move and with that held a card in hand “This is ‘Shut the Door, Catch the Thief ‘(1), offensive card.”

The Professor, seemingly very interested, stood up and said: “Try it on me.”

Cui Ming threw out of the card. The instant it hit the body of Professor, he was surrounded by a cage. The Professor then hit the cage but the cage could not be moved even an inch. A few seconds later, the cage disappeared. The Professor exclaimed a bit stunned, “Quite powerful.” He had not expected such. Seeing how Cui Ming’s Aura cacpacity was as low as ordinary people, but Cui Ming could bind him for five seconds.

Cui Ming was not moved by the praise: “The probability to draw this card is 1/120.”

The Professor was really surprised for a moment and asked: “You can not choose what kind of card you draw?”


“What cards can you draw?”

“Half of a chance I’ll draw a stratagem card, such as “Breaking Cauldrons, Sinking Boats”(2), a yellow card, which after using my fists’ power will be doubled.”

North nodded and interjerked “No wonder you say you like reading the book of war.”

“The art of war was deceit, I as a … Forget it. Nothing matters now.” He has grown up in a wandering circus, where they used their children to cheat a lot of people. They arranged him to see most of their own tricks book, but he also quite likes these books. Cui Ming must admit that looking at some people he deceived, his heart still holds quite a sense of accomplishment.

The Professor asks, “Other half of the chance?”

“Waste card, a white card, with no effect.”

The Professor stunned for a long time, asked “That all depends on luck?”

“Yes, so this skill is called Fortune Teller. Whatever card I draw, it all depend on fate.”

TN note:

  1. It named after the 22nd of The Thirty-Six Stratagems: “If you have the chance to completely capture the enemy then you should do so, thereby bringing the battle or war to a quick and lasting conclusion.”
  2. An idiom means “the last stand”. It refers to Battle of Julu: Before the battle, Xiang Yu ordered his men to carry only three days worth of supplies and destroy the rest, along with their cauldrons and cooking utensils, and sink the boats they used to cross the river. In doing so, Xiang Yu was sending a clear signal to his troops that they had no chance of survival unless they defeated the enemy and seized their supplies.

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