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Against the Fate – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Mountaineering

After driving for a few minutes in silence, North Luna said, “First learn Envelop.”

“How do I do that?” That wasn’t even a proper sentence. Boss, can you explain the process, rather than the result?

“Quiet, thoughtless, insight. Unlike ordinary people, a cultivator in the clear mind state can feel the existence of the Aura. Some parents who also be cultivator want their children to cultivate, they forcefully transfer a little of their Aura to the child’s body. This method was called Planting; however, there are hidden side effects. Even twins differ from each other, not to mention parents and their children. Although Planting can strengthens the child, it is also destroy the child’s potential.”

“That feeling when I was in a silly daze was the flow?”

North Luna was quite surprised, “Yes, how did you know? Have you received training in Envelop before?”

“No, but I felt that sensation often while in prison.”

“And then?”

“I thought it was the bad quality of the prison food, and the lack of sunlight leading to malnutrition.”

“It is fortunate that you did not ponder. When Two Per Millioner feel that fluctuations of the Aura, their curiosity leads them to try to direct the flow, but the lack of formal instruction, is a recipe for disaster. If you can already feel it, then rest is elementary. You can master the Envelop within four days if you train.”

“Envelop sounds simple, how can it lead to disaster?” Cui Ming asked.

“In formal training, before you master the Envelop, you must not be disturbed or distracted,” Envelop was the first and most important step. Without formal training, many people in the process of learning the Envelop try to use their Aura in order to see what Release they were capable of. By skipping the steps in between, such as enhancing the body through Refine,

the Aura would consume the body and gradually cause irreversible damage. The first thing that was damaged was the most vulnerable organ – the brain. So madness and insanity were the standard features of the savages.

North Luna parked the car in front of a restaurant: “Eat as much as you can.”

“Of course.”

Cui Ming did not expect North Luna’s words to have another meaning, “In the process of learning Envelop, you must keep your mind in a blank slate, you’ll forget everything including eating. In general, a cultivator must comprehend the Envelop within seven days. For the human body, three days without food or water was deadly. But while in the Meditate state, the human body’s energy consumption would be reduced.

Normally, the time a cultivator need to learn Envelop was about five days. Any more would certainly lead to serious illness, the time available for the second stage – Refine – would be longer. The maximum was that could be spent on learning Envelop was seven days, beyond that and death was a certainty.

While in the clear mind state, a person could not feel the passage of time. Thus the tutor would be faced with two options, let the quasi-cultivator starve to death, or wake him up. Prematurely waking the cultivator will lead to them becoming a savage. So the tutor usually chose the former option, death or life, it was all up to fate.”

“Death?” this was the problem Cui Ming was concerned about the most.

“The beginning is the most dangerous, it is the biggest hurdle stopping ordinary people from becoming cultivators. Because ordinary people can not comprehend the Envelop within ten days, but records about quasi-cultivator using more than seven days are a rarity. The average is between three to five days.”

Cui Ming curiously asked, “How many days did you need?”

“70 hours.” North answered as she parked the car, “Get off.”

“Get off?” Cui Ming got off to the sight of barren hills, there was no light except the light from the car. He thought that the behavior of North Luna to “act before explaining” was quite unfriendly.

North Luna pointed towards the distance, “See?”

“What?” Cui Ming tried to look by using the little light from stars, “Is that a mountain?”

“That is Zenith Mountain.”

“Ah?” Cui Minh felt an unknown premonition.

“You need a completely undisturbed environment. Except for cultivators, few have a reason to come here.”


Cui Ming said, “Don’t lie to me, a lot of old men and old women climb Zenith Mountain for their morning exercises.”

“I’m talking about Zenith Mountain’s peak.”

“Zenith Mountain’s peak?” Cui Ming knew that the peak was actually a big rock located in the highest point of the mountain. It was 120 meters taller than the rest of highest point and surrounded by cliffs. “it’s true that nobody can get up there, so do I.”

“Let’s go,” North Luna picked up her bag, which contained packaged food and water.

Cui Ming asked, “Why don’t we go during daytime?”

“There are people climbing the mountain in the morning, I have to bring you to the peak before then” she had already started to climb.

Cui Ming helplessly followed her, “I heard on the radio that there will be thunderstorm soon, what if lightning strikes me?”

“Luck is a kind of strength,” North Luna looked back at Cui Ming as she led the way.

Cui Ming was speechless, he could only follow North Luna in silence. When they reached the mountain road, Cui Ming tripped over a rock and fell. North Luna did not help him, so he had to get back up himself and continue to move forward.

“After cultivating Aura, you can use the technique gather Aura at the Eyes, otherwise known as Focus. Not only can it be used to identify other cultivators, it also give you enhanced vision…” North Luna explained as they climbed.

“F*..” Cui Ming stumbled again, his body fell out toward the mountain side.

North Luna’s left leg flexed, her body dashed towards the ground before grabbing Cui Ming, “This is Refine. If I had been an ordinary girl, my hand would not have been able to grasp you … ‘

“Also the result of cultivating, I know,” she was probably the worst teacher in the world.

Cui Ming asked, “Boss, have you ever wondered why it is that I’ve barely climbed a hundred meters and yet already two times I’ve nearly die prematurely?”

North Luna thought for a while, her right hand seized Cui Ming’s by the wrist, “Go.”

“This is much better, but it doesn’t ensure that I don’t fall, it only guarantees that a fall isn’t fatal. In fact, you should consider buying a flashlight …” However, Cui Ming left out a small detail. Being in such close contact with North Luna excited him.

Do not misunderstand, Cui Ming was not thinking about the beauty of the North, but rather that North Luna had finally begun to speak with him normally. It was necessary step to finding the secret of the crystal.

But how should he start? ‘Boss, your chest is beautiful, is there something hidden in it? Can I touch them?’ would certainly lead to North Luna directly throwing him down to the mountain’s foot.

“You said that this weapon was created by your father, he must have also been a cultivator. Where is he now?” Cui Ming decided to start with that.

“Don’t know” North Luna answered.

“Your father must be very strong.”

“I don’t want to discuss that.”

How to talk? How to lead the subject to the crystal? Cui Ming continued, “You have a lot of friends, right?”

“I don’t want to discuss that.”

F*ck! Cui Ming tried again, “What can we discuss?”

North Luna seemed to ponder for a while: “Why did you follow the expedition to the desert?”

“I don’t want to discuss this issue.” Cui Ming was helplessly silent.

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