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Against the Fate – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Closed Door Cultivating

After experiencing an hour of silence in the car, Cui Ming could easily withstand the awkwardness from the next three hours of climbing in silence. The only thing he couldn’t withstand was the fatigue. Mountaineering, whether it was day or night, or even with a beautiful girl, was always very tiring.


Half an hour later, Cui Ming was breathing like a ragged dog. His stamina was completely depleted. In two and half a hour later, North Luna basically dragged Cui Ming, just like a ragged dog.


When they finally reached Zenith Mountain’s peak, Cui Ming was lying on the ground motionless;Sis, I am an ordinary person. Well, even if I am a quasi-cultivator, I am still just a Strategy Type. You are a Strengthen Type, an engine that never tires. I can’t compare to you.

North Luna ignored his expression, grabbed Cui Ming’s collar to pick him up and throw him on her back: “Hold on tight.”


North Luna’s actions were seriously insulting to Cui Ming’s self-esteem as a man, but as a man, accepting the skinship with a girl was a must. Not only could he come in close contact with the beauty, but not doing this may result in his premature death. North Luna flung her four blades into the rock and then jumped straight up, landing on the first sword before jumping up once again. After she landed on the second sword, the first sword ripped out of the rock before flying out and stabbing into another rock above, glowing under her control.

One hundred meters was far, especially with someone on her back, but when he looked at North Luna after they reached peak, Cui Ming didn’t see any sign of tiredness at all. Sure enough, she was the typical Strengthen Type cultivator. Cui Ming suddenly thought: If the horse can cultivate Strengthen Type, do we even need locomotives anymore?


The Horse: If I can cultivate, why do I even need to pull the cart for you stupid human?


North Luna took back her blades, put down a packed lunch in front of Cui Ming, and said: “Eat and drink as much as possible.”


After Cui Ming finished eating, North Luna let him choose a comfortable way to sit. From here, it would be all up to him. North Luna stood behind Cui Ming, who was obviously restless since his hands were still twitching after more than ten minutes, but he soon became motionless. Once he settled, North Luna looked at her watch, quite shocked. She had spent an hour entering the Envelop state, but Cui Ming had only spent ten minutes. Is he really a genius that only appears once in a millennium? She thought to herself.

Cui Ming fell to the ground, quickly got up, and immediately sat back down, secretly moving his eyes towards North Luna. Her face was expressionless.


Cui Ming busily explained: “I never thought I could enter the Envelop state that fast, I better lean on a boulder to stay upright.”


North Luna said in murderous tone: “You’ll only fall if you fall asleep. In the Envelop state, you will not fall. You had better not waste my time. I have already wasted enough time on you. I must remind you that you get life-long benefits while I only get a five-year contract to find a companion that will participate in the Aura Alliance’s examination with me.”


Cui Ming stood up, nodded his head and bowed. “Thank you, boss.”

North Luna did not expect Cui Ming would be this serious. She was stunned and didn’t know how to answer. Just now, she was truly angry. If Cui Ming sat cross-legged and began to feel the Aura, it was impossible to fall asleep. But he had fallen asleep, and there was only one possibility: he simply didn’t come contact with the Aura. Now, she looked at Cui Ming and thought of him in a different light. She realized that it would be impossible for an ordinary person not to be tired if they had eaten too much, climbed for three hours, and then eaten past full again.


North Luna had decided to forgive Cui Ming even if he fell again, but she had guessed wrong once more. Cui Ming sat motionless, his mind was submerged in the world of Aura, while North Luna used Focus to clearly see his Aura fluctuations. Cui Ming’s body had a layer of light that was as red as flames, this was his Aura. Now, Cui Ming was still getting the feel of the Aura, and it had been leaking out in the process. After that, the light no longer expanded outwards, but wrapped around the whole body seamlessly, indicating he was successful in practicing Envelop. This level of cohesive Aura was the maximum amount the body could bear. The next step was to practice Refine to strengthen the body, then practice Temper to increase Aura capacity, and after training for a long time, the Aura could reach the upper limit that a human body could withstand.


This was a relatively slow and long process that could not be forced if he didn’t want the Aura to damage his body. Every two days, an hour of Refining and an hour of Envelop was enough. After practicing for a while,the growth from practicing Refining would become slower.


Although the Aura capacity can vary from person to person because of their constitution, the difference in Aura capacity between each human was limited. Unless they were fifty or sixty years old, in which case, their perennial accumulation of training would make their Aura capacity several times larger than the typical twenty-year-old cultivators. If they were Strengthen Type, it may be ten times higher than non-Strengthen Type cultivators.


The Aura felt like a warm atmosphere to Cui Ming. It was like bathing in a hot spring, or soaking in warm water. That layer of warm water wrapped around his body, and caused each of his pores to emit a breath. Cui Ming wanted to feel the Aura, feel familiarity with the Aura, and finally, to control the Aura freely. But, in the Envelop state, a cultivator could not control the Aura, as the Aura would freely flow through their body. Cultivators must practice all six Principles to achieve complete control of the Aura so that they could integrate the Aura into an instinct.


Early in the morning, North Luna left the mountain as a climber, walked back to the foot of the mountain, and then drove to her office. Ding Ze was already there when she arrived, with his feet propped up on the desk, his eyes closed, and with a cigarette in his mouth while he slept. Thinking he heard the janitor, he opened his eyes only to see North Luna. Then, he stood up and asked: “How is that Cui kid doing??”


“He’s practicing Envelop.” North Luna said. “Have you found anything in Lincoln Manor?”


Ding Ze shook his head: “Last night, Evelyn also went to the manor. We stayed there the entire night, but didn’t discover anything.”




“No,” Ding Ze replied. North Luna rarely cared about people, so her concern caused Ding Ze to feel a sense of warmth.


“Then go to the Zenith Mountain’s peak, I am going to the Classical Exploration Company to get what we deserve.”


“Zenith Mountain’s peak” Ding Ze felt his legs go numb, and could only helplessly smile. He wasn’t a Strengthen Type. Even with his refined body, climbing a mountain is always an extremely tiring task. Still, Ding Ze did not refuse and asked: “The ‘what we deserve’ that you mentioned is not purely a reward, is it?”


North Luna nodded: “They concealed the information, resulting in the death of fourteen prisoners and six security guards. Twenty lives deserve justice.”


Ding Ze said: “Luna, I suggest you don’t go. The Classical Exploration Company didn’t break any laws. If you make a fuss there, they will call the police. Evelyn will be forced to stand on their side.”


“The law only protects the interests of the upper class, strictly speaking. Those that protect the law, like Evelyn, aren’t good people.”


Ding Ze thought for a while and asked: “Can I refuse?”


North Luna changed shoes, tied her shoelaces, and said: “I won’t go make trouble for them, I only ask them to pay ten times compensation, and their behavior will be notified to the three old cultivation masters. They tricked me into helping them, and that make me uncomfortable.” She picked up the clothes and left.


Ding Ze helplessly said to himself: “You definitely know that the owner of the Classical Exploration Company is the only child of one of these old cultivation masters, so why do you have to keep your principles and provoke that old monster?”

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