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Against the Fate – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Being Selected

The prisoner who had already been selected was quite afraid to look at Bald Big Brother, he whispered in the Beauty’s ears, “Prison boss.”

Beauty nodded, then asked “Specialty.”

“Skills with my lower half.” Bald Big Brother reached out to touch the Beauty’s chest while laughing lustfully “Let me give you some heavenly feel …”

The prison guards that were five meters away pretended as if they have not seen anything. When Bald Big Brother’s hand was just about to touch, the Beauty moved her right hand and grabbed the bald brother’s right arm folding it in the opposite direction. Even before the Baldy Big Brother could scream, the Beauty placed her right hand on the table and leaned her body forward while her left hand had seized the collar of Baldy Big Brother; she then pulled him and threw him above her shoulder. Everyone was stunned as the Bald Big Brother who was over ninety kilograms was sent flying in the air and was only stopped after crashing onto the wall behind the Beauty.

“Wow!” Everyone was stunned except the guards behind them, they seem to have expected this outcome, two of them calmly dragged Bald Big Brother away.

Cui Ming had the same expression as everyone, but his eyes were stuck at the Beauty’s chest. When the she was fighting a small hexagon-shaped crystal pendant became visible from its hidden location resting in the Beauty’s bra. The Beauty put the pendant back and pointed her finger towards the next prisoner.

A prisoner next to Cui Ming who was in his fifties whispered “Cultivator.”

Cultivators were a special group of people who looked no different from ordinary people, but had powers beyond what normal humans can have. This was a rumor that most of the people chose not to believe, which was clearly visible from the reactions of the people around Cui Ming. They all chose to believe that the Beauty was born with inhuman strength like the legendary Hercules and has mastered martial arts, they didn’t even think about the fact that the person in front of them could be a cultivator.

Cui Ming stood up from his place, and joined the line to wait quietly. After seeing the strength of beauty in front of them, the auditorium was much quieter. One by one the prisoners who wanted to reduce their sentence by atonement joined the line, even after knowing this was not a regular 9 am – 5 pm job.

The interview speed was quite fast, and soon it was Cui Ming’s turn. Cui Ming sat down while staring at the Beauty’s bra which hid the crystal. The Beauty repeated her same simple question, “Specialty.”

This word brought Cui Ming back to reality, he turned serious and answered the Beauty, “ I have magic.”

“Oh!” The Beauty was a little surprised by Cui Ming’s answer, after looking at Cui Ming, she said, “Show me.”

The two prisoners that were behind the Beauty looked at each other, as this was the first time the Beauty had said something other than the word specialty, and her expressionless face had turned solemn.

Cui Ming closed his eyes while his left hand swept in front of the Beauty and he suddenly opened his eyes said seriously, “I have made you forget that you are a lesbian.”

The beauty raised her eyebrows and replied: “I’m not lesbian.”

“See? You have already forgotten.”

“Scram!” the Beauty clenched her teeth.

Does she have no sense of humor? Cui Ming had to make a move, he had seen the crystal on her chest!

Cui Ming squeezed out two lines of tears and said in a pitiful manner, “Sister, I do not have any speciality; but if I wait for the next time I will be killed, can you save me? My mother only has me in this world and has been waiting for my release, not my dead body’s… sister, I know that you are a good person and taking me would not be a burden for a great woman like you…, please take me…” Cui Ming’s acting was truly heavenly; he looked like a really pitiable person. If not for the first ‘magic’ part, even the two previously selected prisoners would have sympathized with him.

The Beauty lightly leaned on the chair and asked, “Who is he?”

The two prisoners looked at each other for a moment, then shook their heads together, “I do not know.”

“They certainly do not know me, as the first day I came here I was stuffed into the washing machine so that I would die… , you… you can ask this guard, to protect myself from being killed I could only fight with the guards, to go to the confinement room and save myself from being killed.Initially, I was only given a 3 months sentence but now I am still stuck here for specialty years… I… I cannot leave the confinement room, as soon as I go out I would be killed for sure. Today, the warden has made everyone attend the atonement day so, I may not return to the confinement room safely… Sister, I beg you, please save me, I am willing to sell myself as a slave and you can do anything with me…”

The Beauty looked at the prison guards beside her. Cui Ming was popular among the guards so a prison guard approached the Beauty and whispered into her ear. She  nodded, then asked, “Why did you go to jail?”

The prison guard replied for him, “ He not only set up a poker scam in front of the police station but also pulled police officers to bet.”

“It seems that leaving speciality aside you are also dumb.” Does anyone with normal IQ lie like this, magic? Does he think that everyone has an IQ as low as his? The Beauty thought for a second while looking at the Cui Ming’s hopeful look which was like a drowning man who has seen a life saver and finally nodded, “Get behind me.”

“Thank you, thank you!” Cui Ming dropped ‘grateful’ tears and repeatedly bowed to the Beauty while thanking her to show his gratefulness. The Beauty waved her hand, he trotted around the table to stand behind the Beauty as his eyes fell on the pendant’s chain, the chain was not ‘that chain’ but the crystal was definitely ‘that crystal’, his eyes would not lie to him.

After more than an hour of interviews, the Atonement Day finally came to an end. The Beauty recruited a total of 15 prisoners. With the exception of Cui Ming each and every prisoner was about 1.9m tall and weighed more than 90 kg.

Outside the hall, the fifteen who had completed the procedures, got back their things and lined up in front of the Beauty. She stood in front of the fifteen and scanned for a while, then pointed at a person called Big Guy, “From now on you are the head, put their names and their sentences on a list and give them to me. ”

“Yes.” Big Guy replied.

“Get on the bus!”

Eternal Planet’s oil resources were depleted over one thousand years ago. Insight City’s main means of transport were trains and electric vehicles.This was an electric bus; the Beauty sat in the front seat. The driver was wearing a uniform. After getting on the bus, Cui Ming easily found a place to sit down beside him, the Big Guy recognized the driver’s uniform, “Classical Exploration Company.”

Classical Exploration Company is an archaeological expedition company, they often organized people to explore dangerous places to find lost civilizations, on the way they would gather antiques and bring them back to sell for money. Amongst common people it was not very famous, but among prisoners Classical Exploration Company was very famous. Because every Atonement Day had Classical Exploration Company’s presence with no exceptions.

Classical Exploration Company was best known for their mortality rate. Within a decade, Classical Adventure Company had hired prisoners 25 times, 170 people and only 42 % survived. Classical Exploration Company’s mortality rate was ranked first among all Atonement Day companies. But there was always the risk of death which is why it is called Atonement Day.


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