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Against the Fate – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Ambush

What Cui Ming did not know was that Vire was in an unstoppable rage right now. Cui Ming was obviously a rookie, but this rookie toyed with him like a monkey in his palm. However, inadvertently, Vire soon discovered that there were fewer and fewer rockeries that Cui Ming could rest on.

When Vire’s advantage was about to bring him victory, from a kilometer away a rapidly spinning bullet pierced through the air and arrived in an instant. It accurately hit Vire’s head. All of Vire’s aura instinctively tried to protect the head, but the bullet still blasted a bloody hole, and his body was sent fly out tens of meters. Although Vire survived the headshot, the aura that enveloped his body had instantly been reduced by more than half, but what more critical was that his aura began to flow disorderly.


In just one shot, it was very clear that Evelyn had come and ambushed him. Ignoring everything else, he immediately turned to the ghost building. Five seconds later, the second bullet struck, piercing the post and hitting him on the back. Vire threw himself forward and rolled several times. He didn’t dare to look back. He got into the house, and threw out a six-pointed array, blocking Cui Ming outside.


Of course, Cui Ming would not stupidly rush into the house, he waited a while for Evelyn to quickly reach his side, in her hand was a sniper rifle with a bayonet attached. Evelyn was Conjure Type, this was her own unique weapon conjured from her aura. The greater the number of years the weapon was used, the greater the power.


Evelyn put the gun on alert. Cui Ming asked, “Can’t you go in?”


“I’ll lose if I go in.” Evelyn shook her head, “I suggest you go in and drive him out. Will you agree?”


“Surely not,” Cui Minh wasn’t a fool, one combo of hexagram formation plus ball of dark matter was enough to kill him. Judging from the aura surrounding Evelyn’s body, she could withstand  at least two or three attacks.


Evelyn said helplessly, “It look like we can only wait for North Luna and Ding Ze to return.”


“Where did they go?” this was what Cui Ming wanted to know.


“I gave them a fake goal. Because as long as North Luna is here, Vire will not appear,” Evelyn did not explain why Vire could sense anyone who approached, she was not obliged to teach Cui Ming. Evelyn looked at Cui Ming and said, “I should have waited more, then one shot would have finished him.”


Oh, you cheated on North Luna and Ding Ze, and then turned this rookie into bait. When Vire saw my protection aura, he would know that I was a rookie. You could calmly watch us play, while waiting for Viree’s injuries to slowly add up and then get him with one shot. Cui Ming praised, “You are shameless.” To use this word to describe a woman was obviously a bit excessive, but it also expressed the anger in Cui Ming’s heart. Whoever was made an unwitting pawn would not be happy, especially a pawn that was to be sacrificed.


Evelyn seemed to know what Cui Ming was thinking and replied, “You aren’t dead. But I must admit that your performance was much better than I had expected.”


“You really can speak. But even as a party, I would be very reluctant to take a look inside the house. Do you understand?”


“I understand,” Evelyn looked at the ghost house, “It seems that retresting was his best option. Without North Luna, even Ding Ze would not dare to go in easily.”


“There is no problem with North Luna?”


“How should I put it?” Evelyn thought for a moment, “For example, you and Vire fought in the rockery garden. If the rockery had not been destroyed, even you could have beaten Vire. If Vire and I are in the open, and the distance between us is sufficient, I can win. As for North Luna, it can be said that Vire has no chance against her.”


“Then why would you drive North Luna away?”


“The information regarding the seven cultivators of Dawn City is not secret. He knows the characteristics of North Luna and will not confront her.”


When Evelyn said this, North Luna and Ding Ze appeared. They jumped from the main building and quickly arrived. North Luna looked at Evelyn and asked, “Who is the opponent?”


“Vire of the Yordle Tribe,” Evelyn replied.


“Sure enough it was him,” North Luna jumped into the house through the third floor window and opened the door a few minutes later. She came out after a few minutes, “He ran away, because someone think she is clever.” Obviously, she was referring to Evelyn.


Evelyn waved her hand and the rifle vanished. She replied, “Without my own cleverness, you still wouldn’t  know who your opponent is.”


Ding Ze didn’t say anything, but North Luna turned to leave. He followed and made an apologetic smile towards Evelyn. Evelyn responded to the smile with a look of understanding. Cui Ming looked in her eyes and felt a sense of suspicion.


The three people got on the car and North Luna drove. The atmosphere inside of the car was very quiet. Ding Ze seemed to be accustomed to this atmosphere. He rested in the back seat and closed his eyes. Cui Ming looked at him from left to right, he asked, “I’m very surprised why you didn’t discuss Vire’s motives for Lincoln Manor.”


North Luna replied, “Knowing that it was Vire, his goal here must be to obtain the Mana Stone. A thousand years ago, the Lincoln family was aristocratic and commanded an army to break into a city guarded by witches. It is said that the witches had a Mana Stone. It fell into the hands of the Lincoln family, but the Lincoln family never acknowledged plundering any treasures, nor did anyone know where the Mana Stone was.”


“Since this is the case, why would Vire risk alerting you, wouldn’t it be better to seek it in secret?”


“There are too many people in Lincoln Manor. His Yordle appearance will surely cause disturbances. So he must scare people away. Only Evelyn has the obligation to protect Dawn City, even if we add in us, there are only few cultivators. He just needed to play hide-and-seek with us until we lost patience.”


Looks like Vire didn’t come here without plan. However, now that he knew about the Mana Stone, and still had one month of investigation time left, the conclusion was obvious. Cui Ming said, “In that case, Vire must have had a clue to confirm that the Mana Stone was in the Lincoln Estate.”


North Luna looked at Cui Ming and thoughtfully nodded, “It makes sense.”


Of course it made sense. You should praise me. Cui Ming replied, “Just guess.”


“Vire wants the Mana Stone, but he did not deliberately kill the members of the estate, thus stopping him is not our moral responsibility.” North Luna replied: “Dawn City will not be reduced to rubble because of a Mana Stone.”


This was the main reason why North Luna and Evelyn were different. North Luna thought that it was perfectly acceptable for a mage to acquire a Mana Stone as long as he did not steal it through murder. In Evelyn’s opinion, Vire had harmed the safety of Dawn City’s residents, disrupted order, and commited theft, it was unacceptable.


Cui Ming squinted at Ding Ze, a standard two-faced faction. He would do as North Luna said, as long as Evelyn did not misunderstand him. Ding Ze turned his his head backwards and said: “This is the women’s war, men should not participate.”


Cui Ming asked, “You knew all about Evelyn’s arrangement?”


Ding Ze busily explained, “Do not frame me, I just guessed that this was a possibility.”


“But you choose not to think about it, and just followed along with it.”


Ding Ze’s concedes with a handful of frustration, North Luna said, “He likes Evelyn, I can understand his choice. Right?”


Ding Ze smiled, “Yes.”

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