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Against the Fate – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Training

Vire was seriously injured. As for the cultivators, they were only seriously injured as a result of losing control over their aura. Because if they suffered a severe blow, they could not control the aura in the Envelop state, in severe cases they couldn’t even enter Meditate state. For every second they delayed, they would be tortured by disorder aura. Not mention that delaying for too long would leave consequences.


Evelyn began to dispatch Special Department 101 to chase Vire. In this case, Evelyn felt powerlessness, in such a big city and had only one public service cultivator, so she had to deal with everything by herself.


Evelyn’s bullet left a deep impression on Cui Ming. When asked by Cui Ming, North Luna replied: “If the bullet hits your head, you are likely to die on the spot.” Cui Ming’s aura capacity was too low to withstand such an impact.


North Luna said: “Evelyn calls this skill Ace In The Hole. It is not without limitation. There must be a precondition for Evelyn to use this trick, that is, the enemy must step on her Snap Trap. The trap is conjured by her aura, also have tracking ability. Once stepped on the trap, if the target is within 100 kilometers, Evelyn can know the target’s location. Moreover, unless there is something blocking like when the target is in the building, her next shot must be a headshot. Unfortunately, once the headshot landed, the trap will be ineffective.”


Evelyn’s father and grandfather were policemen in the Dawn City. Ever since childhood, she was under their influence, so she had a heart of honor. She chose police work not only to fulfill obligations under the contract, but also to protect the Dawn City as if it was her own responsibility.


When three of them returned to the villa, they ate late night meal. They warmed up the food  that was in the refrigerator, it is still very attractive, but Cui Ming has no interest in letting the two guess which dish is his craft. North Luna ate slowly when asking about Cui Ming’s situation against Vire. Then she said, “You need to take real training tomorrow.”


Ding Ze added: “Cui Ming, you should be able to defeat Vire. Vire is a well-known cultivator. His hexagram formation and dark matter are very powerful, and they are the first-class nemesis of Strengthen Type cultivators. Dark magic will corrode the protection aura, and Strengthen Type cultivators are almost all close-quartered cultivators and will be easily captured by his hexagram formation. As long as your playing cards hurt him enough, he would retreat.”


North Luna added: “One more thing, you can only defeat Vire. You can’t kill Vire, because you can’t pursue after him. Why Evelyn didn’t dare to chase him? When you fought, the Hexagram array was always actively attacking and chasing you, and was in a passive position. But if Will turns the hexagram formation into a trap and controls the activation time, the hunter will become the prey. Do you know Yordle Tribe?”


Cui Ming nodded: “When I was a child, I’ve been to Yordle Tribe. They lived near the East Continent and the Middle Continent, they are a tribe consisting of a few thousand people. They are very friendly… Oh, it’s embarrassing for me to say this, because of their friendly nature,  has always been the top three targets of the thieves regiment in my childhood, and it was necessary to visit Yordle Tribe almost every two years.”


North Luna said: “That’s because Yordle cultivators does not want to harm ordinary people. Although population of Yordle Tribe have less than 10,000 now, there are 12 cultivators. The Eternal Planet has a lot of races. We human are called the dominant race, having the largest number, but in the aura world, human is not dominant. Or it can be said that human may be dominant in number, but the quality is not dominant.”




The actual training site was at Lincoln Estate, and Eileen was contacted in the month of the month of the North. As a transaction, Evelyn agreed to temporarily stop Lincoln Manor from returning. The condition is that North Luna Law Office had to help the police search for Vire.


Cui Ming did not understand, why didn’t they choose a deep forest to train? Why chose Lincoln Estate? North Luna replied: “The cultivators’ battles rarely occur in the wild, and the opponent in the wild often be Animus Type. The cultivators had a particular problem in the fighting in cities and villages, and the problem is: they should not harm innocent people. Otherwise, they may become Aura Alliance’s wanted criminal.This is why Vire did not kill ordinary people.Vire is not a kindhearted person, on the contrary, he is extremely evil and cruel. Only because Dawn City is Aura Alliance’s authority, Vire is not willing to cause chaos. Come.”


Cui Ming stood at the top of the main building, and North Luna was at the top of the ghost building. North Luna raised her hand and swung the big blade and started to gesture. Instead of waiting for Cui Ming to respond, she jumped out of the ghost building and rushed to the main building. Cui Ming drew a playing card and waited. When North Luna jumped towards the top floor of the main building, Cui Ming jumped up and flew out from the top of North Luna. A card flew to North Luna’s arm.


North Luna’s foot stomped on the top floor, chasing after Cui Ming. When his body was still in the air, Cui Ming activated Fortune Teller. A yellow card flew to North Luna, it’s “closing the door to catch the thief”. A steel cage appeared out of nowhere, locked her in the sky, and slammed into the ground. North Luna tried twice but couldn’t break the iron cage. When Cui Ming was concerned about whether or not there she was injured, North Luna rushed out from the dust, completely unscathed.


How to fight? She totally ignored all of my attacks…


Run! Cui Ming took the leg and ran, North Luna pursued. She only used half of her speed, otherwise, an inexperienced rookie like Cui Ming would soon be caught up. However, after two minutes, she still forced Cui Ming to the side of the city wall. Four blades flowed out and rushed towards Cui Ming. She did not expect a black card hit herself, so she just listened to Cui Ming’s words: “Be careful, this is ‘killing people by a borrowed knife’.” When his words ended, the four blades in the air was reversed, slashed towards North Luna.


North Luna was startled. The aura spread over the blades, trying to take control, but the four blades were like a rock, and there was no feeling of overcoming it. Under a blow, North Luna was knocked down and stabilized. After stabilizing her pace and stature, she felt the blades were under her control again. Her left hand waved, the blades flew back to her hand. That’s right, this is what The Professor said. Strategy Type based on luck…Where is he?


Cui Ming disappeared. In the eyes of North Luna, she could not see Cui Ming’s place. One minute later, from the flower house on the side of the city wall echoed a voice: “Boss, don’t do it.” In the Null state, receiving one strike from Luna, he would be dead.


Cui Ming came out of the flower house, and had a black card in his right hand. Cui Ming was surprised that: “Fortune Teller didn’t require much aura to use.”


North Luna took her blades back, not surprised at all, “You can use Fortune Teller before you have cultivated the six Principles. If this is a real enemy, you would be dead.”


That’s the truth, no matter how overpowered the card is, there is also a time limit, and without protecting aura, enemy cultivator could use a finger to poke and that was enough to kill him. Cui Ming looked decadent and sat on one side. When North Luna walked over and stood to see Chim, Cui Ming was rather frustrated: “Boss, you picked the wrong person. I can’t help you at all.”


“I always thought you were an optimist.”


“The facts do not change because of emotions.”


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