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Against the Fate – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Roullete

North Luna asked Cui Ming: “If it were me and you, fighting against me and Ding Ze, what would happen?”


“…” The look on Cui Ming’s face showed he did not understand what North Luna was trying to say.


North Luna explained: “Assume that North Luna A and you are a team, fight against a team contain North Luna B and Ding Ze. A will definitely intercept B, taking into consideration the attack on Ding Ze. B will intercept A and attack you. The outcome is decided not by A and B but by you and Ding Ze, for example, for the first time, you locked Ding Ze and let Ding Ze fall from the air, and A can seriously wounded Ding Ze. At the same time, B cannot completely stop A, and there is no way to threaten you. You are not burdened, you just need the right companion. B, on the other hand, B is the most useless, it can’t be defended, and it can’t attack.I used to have the same trouble as you because I was like you.Vire is quite powerful, why does he fail? Because he had no companion. Our practical significance is whether you can maintain a good state of mind under stressful circumstances. You can’t beat me because there is no suspense in the fight between us.”


Training was not the same as actual combat. So where did North Luna and Ding Ze’s actual experience come from? Due to the limited number of cultivators in Dawn City and the fact that North Luna has only accepted business commissions similar to the one from Classical Expedition Company. However, North Luna was also inexperienced, because opponents she and Ding Ze faced were mostly animals, and occasionally one or two cultivators, but all of them were lone man like Vire. So they had no team fighting experience.


An inexperienced one cannot teach like an experienced one, but North Luna was still able to teach many things to Cui Ming who didn’t have any experience. After a month of viewing the video of Aura Alliance’s exams, coupled with her own speculations and judgments, she steadily stewed a pot full of chaotic knowledge. If it was right or wrong, no one knew.


In this month of training, North Luna and Ding Ze also felt quite helpless. First of all, they did not know how the team should be built. At the time there were only two of them,North Luna’s role was very clear. It was to protect Ding Ze and give him as many chances as possible to damage the opponent. However, after adding Cui Ming, North Luna couldn’t protect both. Cui Ming’s position was unknown. It is hard to say whether he was a member of the auxiliary type or a member of the attack type.


However, for Cui Ming personally, he has learned a lot. He has mastered the basic factors and has a better understanding of aura. The professor expressed his opinion by borrowing football examples. First of all, North Luna’s responsibility was too great. She not only needed to protect the goal, but also assist Ding Ze who was the main attacker. Followed by the unclear positioning of Cui Ming, who had limited ability to assist and a lack of defense leaving him in the middle of the road. This was the reason Strategy Type was regarded as little use. It could assist and help Ding Ze score, control destroying the opponent’s offensive rhythm,or go offensive with a certain degree of attack. However, it is not a truly good at any.


After bidding farewell to The Professor, Cui Ming excused himself to purchase clothes, leaving Ding Ze and North Luna return to the office alone. Really, it was a purposeless stroll. The training results of the past ten days and the comments from The Professor were equivalent to directly explaining that Cui Ming has no merit and that Cui Ming’s help to the team is very limited. North Luna’s purpose of recruiting Cui Ming was not to teach him how to cultivate, but to have his help in the exam of the Aura Alliance. The exam is conducted in groups of five. Not being needed by people and lacking in value, is a negation of one’s value. Although she didn’t say it, Cui Ming could feel the fatigue and helplessness North Luna had.


Cui Ming envisioned himself. He was like a frog in a well, watching the sky and thinking that it was as big as a buffalo. The result was that he was not only unable to save Xiao Jiang and the Big Guy, but almost let himself be killed in the desert. Once again, he was too arrogant, thinking that the power of Strategy Type, and his own potential is limitless. He forgot what The Professor said, there were only a handful of Strategy Type cultivators, and none are experts.


This is a sense of frustration. Like people who think that they are the number one in the world but are actually sh*t. However, as an optimist, Cui Ming, believed that even if he is sh*t, he has his own value. He was only not worthwhile to North Luna but he was worthwhile to himself. Even if people around the world deny you, you cannot deny yourself.


After understanding this, Cui Ming was in a much better mood again, at that time he found himself in front of a casino. He went into the casino and smoothly bought a thousand chips, sitting next to a roulette table, quietly watching the beads roll. Thirty-four numbers represent an odd of 1 in 34 chance in winning, which is much higher than the odds of drawing the right card.


A man and a red-haired woman stood watching Cui Ming from the opposite roulette table. She wore a red evening dress and a smear of black lipstick, she had a very different kind of beauty. The man dressed like a cowboy,with a pair of denim jeans, a light red cape, a lit cigar in his mouth, and a steady eye under the cowboy hat.


They looked at Cui Ming, but Cui Ming did not notice them because he was immersed in the game of roulette. Cui Ming bet every time and he lost all 10 games, but then he won the eleventh, the twentieth, the twenty-ninth, and the thirty-sixth. There are fewer and fewer failures in successful betting. The more focused you are, the clearer it is. The condensing figures are forgotten, and he only has a wheel in his heart, and they are free from the constraints of condensing. He can experience the things around him, the passage of time, and the changes in the body. After the standardized training, Cui Ming finally made a breakthrough while playing roulette.


In the 80th round, 81st round, and 82nd round, when Cui Ming won three rounds in a row, he had become the focus of the audience. When Cui Ming bet at the 84th round, two black security guards stopped him from betting. At this time, Cui Ming still haven’t left the roulette table and returned to reality. The security guards asked Cui Ming to talk to the manager. Cui Ming did not answer. He was out of the roulette game, and he went into the fortune-telling state. A card in his heart flew by and was no longer a flash. Cui Ming saw golden cards – strengthen cards, black cards – scheme card, red cards – attack card, and white cards – waste card. Cui Ming slowly raised his right hand, and a golden card appeared in his hand.


I have made one of the biggest mistakes. All along, my pursuit was to pick the card that I want from countless cards. No… it’s not an error. The training of six Principles allowed me to break through a boundary and see the color of the cards. Prior to this, all the cards were the same, and only after they were drawn out was there a color difference. My own mistake is to confuse the card created by Fortune Teller and the real poker card. In fact, it depends on not my hand, but my heart.


In the eyes of the spectators, Cui Ming was like a statue. He didn’t say a word when the guard brought him to the security office on the second floor. A man wearing sunglasses and a black suit shook his head in front of Cui Ming and said fierce words. Cui Ming’s eyes were extremely hollow, he didn’t even blink.

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