Against the Fate – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Allure

When Cui Ming awakened from the figures and forgot about himself, he found himself sitting in a chair in front of a sturdy security manager and four security guards behind him. The security manager took the dagger and fiercely said to him: “Do you believe or not I’ll chop your hand down?” On the table, three boxes of playing cards that he carried was placed in front of him. It has already become evidence of cheating.


Cui Ming understood his situation, picking up the pen on the table, and writes a set of numbers, pushing it towards the security manager: “Super VIP.”


The security manager was shocked. Super VIP was a term within the gamble community that no casino wanted to admit its existence. It means that this person is not welcome to all the casinos. However, all casinos must not refuse the Super VIP to entertain gambling. entertain gambling means that the money won in a casino in a month cannot exceed 100,000 RMB. The security manager dubiously picked up the paper to one side, made a call, and quickly smiled and shook hands with Cui Ming: “Sorry, I am sorry, did not expect you to be the famous King of Poker.”


“I think I can now also gain the title King of Roulette.” Cui Ming made a joke, shook hands with the security manager, and the security manager personally brought him to the first floor. Strictly speaking, all the casinos belong to the International Gambling Federation. The Federation held a gambling competition each year. The game consists of fifteen items, including playing cards. The prizes are quite generous, but at the same time before each competition is obtained, three players automatically become super VIPs. At the age of seventeen, Cui Ming participated in a gambling competition held in Dawn City and won the first place in the playing card group to become the King of Poker.


Cui Ming sat down at the blackjack with the minimum bet. After just playing two games, a female waitress walked to Cui Ming’s side and stooped over to Cui Ming’s ear: “There is a lady asking you to play poker in the Luxury Hall.”


“Not interested.” Cui Ming replied, a flop and lost. Throwing two chips and continue.


The waitress nodded and left then Cui Ming took a cocktail and slowly threw chips. After a moment, a sexy woman sat beside Cui Ming and took a glass of gin and put down a chip.


Feeling fluctuating in the  atmosphere. Cui Ming used Focus and saw aura. The woman’s left hand gently caressed, and her aura on the palm formed a sentence: “Is there any interest in having a drink?”


‘Can it be used like this? No, ah, can not be shame in front of a beauty.’ Cui Ming smiled, took back the chips, stood up and reached out his right hand. The woman’s left hand naturally takes a stand on the right hand of Cui Ming. The woman thanked: “You have a gentlemanly manner.”


“Thank you.” Big Sis, I’m actually stretching my right hand to get a cocktail. For your compliment, I couldn’t even get a cocktail.


The woman led the way more than half his body and said: “Dawn City is a beautiful city.”


“Because of your existence, it becomes more beautiful.”


The woman laughed: “Thank you for your compliments.”


On the other side of the rest cafe, Cui Ming helped the woman open the chair and the woman was seated and asked: “What do you drink?”


“Tequila.” Cui Ming said to the waitress who had followed him, and then asked, “I don’t know if the lady just invited me for a drink?”


“It’s Miss, my name is Eva.”


“Cui Ming.”


Eva and Cui Ming shook hands, and then looked somewhat sad: “I’m looking for someone.”




“My father.” Eva took a picture and put it on the table: “His name is Yi Wei, he is a member of the Aura Alliance, and he is also the Aura Alliance’s Research Professor of Aura. Twenty-five years ago, he and my mother met in Dawning City. She thought it was only an short-lived love but she did not expect to accidentally have me. I traveled around in adulthood to find out about his whereabouts. I heard that he had appeared in Dawn City, so I came to the Dawn City.”


Cui Ming took the picture and looked at it carefully. That was The Professor. Cui Ming thought for a while: “I have never seen this person.” Cui Ming thought of The Professor’s iron door, observation window, and living alone in the residents’ building. Cui Ming had asked North Luna. North Luna said that there were a total of seven cultivators among the permanent residents of Dawn City. Three of them were veteran members of Aura Alliance, retired in Dawn City. The Professor was an outsider. She only knew that he is a member of Aura Alliance, he came to Dawn City in search of the secret of aura.


Dawn City was a relatively closed city in the world of cultivation. First of all, there are a small number of cultivators and there is no precious ore resource. The most important piece of law is that all cultivators must be reported to the Special Department 101 when they enter Dawn City. Otherwise, they were treated as malicious intruders. Even the members of Aura Alliance were no exception. Coupled with the large population base of Dawn City, Cui Ming always felt that The Professor was evading and hiding. So when Eva stated that she was looking for a professor, Cui Ming felt something is wrong and denied that he knew The Professor.


Eva’s affirmation was that The Professor was in Dawn City, but she could not find him. Based on her understanding of The Professor’s habits and personality, the local cultivators must have known The Professor because The Professor would follow the cultivators’ cultivation in order to study the aura progress. Looking at the seven cultivators on the surface, no one she can ask. Otherwise, they will not only be surprised but may also sell themselves. Inadvertently discovered that there was an eighth cultivator in Dawn City and was also a novice.


Cui Ming denied that he knew The Professor. Eva was slightly disappointed and sighed lightly: “It seems that I can only try my luck in the West Continent.”


“Sorry, I can’t help you,” explained Cui Ming. “Actually, you asked the wrong person. I was just released from the jail two months ago. I think you should seek the help of the Special Department 101 of the police.”


Eva said: “I have already consulted them. Special Department 101 answered that Dawn City kept the cultivators’ identity secret. But did you say that you were just released from jail? Is it a special prison for cultivators?”


“No, it’s an ordinary prison.” Cui Ming introduced some of his situations.


Eva nodded and took a note from her pocket: “Do you know this address?”


Cui Ming took the note and nodded: “The lighthouse on the outskirts of the suburbs, there is a temple nearby.”


Eva took the note back and put a gentle hand on Cui Ming’s backhand and asked, “Can you take me there?”


Cui Ming nodded: “Of course it is.”


“You’re so nice.” Eva gently bites her lips and takes a bit of gratitude, and gives a bit of temptation to wink at Cui Ming.


“…” He felt like his blood was boiling. He inhaled a long breath ‘Calm down, shouldn’t let her know I’m newbie in love’.


After Eva accompanied Cui Ming to exchange the chips, the two went out. Eva left his hand on the shoulder of Cui Ming’s right hand, gently leaned on Cui Ming’s body and stopped a taxi to the lighthouse. In the back seat Eva carefully looked at Cui Ming’s side and put his finger across his face: “You are handsome.”


“You are beautiful too.”


“Do you believe in love at first sight?” Eva asked, his fingers gently sliding down from Cui Ming’s arm.


Cui Ming looked at Eva with an obsessed look: “I didn’t believe it before, but I believe now.”

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