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Against the Fate – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Gang-bang

Eva smirked, lightly kissed Cui Ming’s neck and whispered: “I’ll take a break first.” Her body leaned against Cui Ming’s body, her eyes closed. She put Cui Ming’s hand on her lower abdomen, hold your own posture with a sweet smile.


Cui Ming’s behaviour was obviously someone didn’t have experience in love. He felt like he was breathless, like his blood was boiling, and. He hated that journey was too short, just forty minutes. The taxi reached the seaside lighthouse on the outskirts. Eva paid for the car, led Cui Ming’s hand to the lighthouse, and looked up. “Can a gentleman hold me up?”


“Of course.” Cui Ming picked up Eva in princess carry and entered the lighthouse. Eva’s lips were affixed to Cui Ming’s lips. Cui Ming was tepid and his hands were groping for it.


Eva grabbed Cui Ming’s hand and hinted a bit: “The scenery above is better.”


The scenery above was really good, tourists could see the horizon. There was a small, dilapidated temple on the side just two miles away. The two people stood side by side at the top of the sea. The sea breeze is blowing and love was rolling. Cui Ming looked at the temple and asked: “Eva, do you know the history of this temple?”


“History?”. Eva had little interest in history.


“This temple is called Zhenhai Temple. It is said that a long time ago, a white snake and a green serpent plagued Dawn Town and deceived the people. A monk visited this place, after a bitter struggle, he finally defeated the two snakes and suppressed them under the tower.” A Volkswagen Beetle car appeared on the road near the lighthouse and headed towards the lighthouse. Cui Ming pointed to the side: “If you take five steps to the left, you can see that the tower is covered in mist and fog in the sun.”


“Is it that magical?” Eva asked, surprised. She took five steps to the left and stared intently: “I see nothing.”


Cui Ming laughed: “Good-bye.”


After saying that, he jumped out of the lighthouse, Eva was shocked. A spiked thorn flew towards Cui Ming, but Cui Ming had preparations and the thorn missed him. Eva stretched her head, only to see a playing card flying toward her face. Eva was furious and jumped out of the air. A spiked thorn lashed to Cui Ming like a whip.


Cui Ming drew a black card: “borrow to kill.” After the roulette, his accessing of special cards has greatly increased, but the disadvantage is to abandon the pursuit of the target card. Seeing that the thorn whip was about to roll up to Cui Ming, it suddenly reversed and flew to Eva, tying her. Countless spikes stabbed into the body of Eva. Even if she was the owner of the whip, Eva could not help but howl in pain.


“You are dead.” Eva’s eyes flashed blue. Cui Ming did not know that this skill was called Thorn of Agony. The more painful the object being attacked, the greater the power that Eva gained.


“Whoever would be dead is not certain. You dare to use aphrodisiac to allure me. Do you underestimate me that much?” Cui Ming smiled indifferently and turned to the beach, only 40 meters away from the Volkswagen Beetle. The car stopped and Cui Ming looked at Eva who was chasing after him, pointed one finger to her: “Today, let me teach you what  gang bang is.”


The car door opened, and an uncle dressed like a cowboy came out and took a rifle in his hand and asked, “Gang bang? Is two-vs-one counted as one?”


“Wait.” Holy sh*t, the script was wrong. From the Volkswagen Beetle should come out of Luna and Ding Ze. Cui Ming knew that it wasn’t right from the moment tequila came up and he smelled a faint taste. Soon after, Eva started to seduce him. As a newcomer, this time remained a modest attitude. At the same time, Cui Ming did not know about Eva’s ability and he was shocked by Eva’s mysterious way of mixing drug in drink.


Why did Eva want to add aphrodisiac in tequila? It was because of The Professor’s information. In a short period of time, Cui Ming has drawn numerous conclusions. For example, Eva is certainly not The Professor’s daughter. Eva doesn’t care about The Professor. Soon Eva took out a piece of paper. Cui Ming looked at the address and screamed badly in his heart. This damned woman wanted to kill him to keep his mouth shut.


When Cui Ming was judging the situation, he figured out that he certainly could not be an opponent of this woman, since he knew nothing about her abilities. Eva also did not want to start working in the downtown area, because she didn’t want Evelyn and three old masters to be alarmed, and may even become a wanted target for Aura Alliance. So she used aphrodisiac and her own beauty to trick him into remote places.


Cui Ming quickly made a plan, let Eva think himself had fallen into her trap, stealing the note, and mysteriously wrote the North Luna Office’s phone number. When redeeming chips, the paper and chips were handed over to the staff who exchanged the chips. The next step is to delay the time. Cui Ming is confident that the North Luna Office is on the edge of the city. Once they received a phone call, they could reach the lighthouse in 20 minutes. He was looking for a chance to get out and join forces to kill this damned woman in three-to-one fight.


In order to delay the time, Cui Ming fabricated the legend of Zhenhai Temple. When he talked about half of the time, he saw the emergence of the Beatles, deceived Eva with a fantasy phenomenon, and stepped out of the tower.


The truth was exactly as he thought, everything was right. When Eva discovered that Cui Ming was a newcomer, she decided to use Cui Ming’s mouth to pick up the information of The Professor because The Professor liked to record and observe the growth of new people. Therefore, Cui Ming wasn’t be able to not know who The Professor is. When Cui Ming denied knowing The Professor, Eva knew that she had to get rid of Cui Ming and kill him. She did not care about doing that work in the downtown area. She is still certain that she will be deadly. But it’s better to get into trouble, so aphrodisiac was used, and Cui Ming showed that he was bewitched by her beauty. Eva herself enjoys this process. She likes to shoot at the safest, happiest, and warmest moments of the prey. Great reversal. Faced with a prey that has nowhere to escape, she also enjoys the process of playing as much as possible. She even considered that she can meet Cui Ming at the lighthouse once and end her life at the end of the moment, admiring Cui Ming’s expression from happiness to pain and finally to desperation.


Cui Ming mixed with the criminal gangs from childhood, and wandered around with robbers, he should have noticed a detail: how was aphrodisiac added to the tequila. But he was young after all, had never experienced the things of men and women. Eva let him touch her breasts, he thought it made him confused and missed that detail. He did not ponder over this detail.


Now that the Uncle Cowboy had played with a variation of the shotgun, Cui Ming knew that he had made a mistake. This damn woman actually had a companion. Needless to say, the note was intercepted by him in nine out of ten cases.


“Haha.” Cui Ming laughed twice and said: “I suddenly remembered, I know The Professor.”


Eva looked at Cui Ming murderously: “Even if you know him, you are going to die. All men who touch my body must die.”


Uncle Cowboy was sprinting in a spot where he appeared in front of Cui Ming and raised his hand to prevent Eva from attacking: “Eva, don’t pay attention to the small things.”


Cui Ming was dissatisfied, he is not a fool, “Don’t pay attention to the small things” could only mean one thing: Wait until we get The Professor’s information, and then kill him.

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