Against the Fate – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: The Monk

Eva was silent. Her fingers moved, and the whip vanished. Eva stared coldly at Cui Ming from twenty meters away, and Uncle Cowboy turned to look at Cui Ming. “As long as you tell me the whereabouts of The Professor, I promise I will not hurt you.”


Trying to play language games with me? You guarantee not to hurt me, but there is no guarantee that your companion won’t hurt me. Cui Ming made a half-doubting expression: “Can you swear?”


Uncle Cowboy smoked a cigar and took another cigar with his left hand: “I swear on this cigar, if I break my promise, I can’t smoke another cigar for the rest of my life.”


“I believe you.” Cui Ming nodded and turned to look in the direction of the city. He said to himself, “In order to save my life, I can only betray you. Sorry, Professor… Hey, let me ask you a question. Actually, you know I’m talking nonsense. Also, you know that I know you are talking nonsense. Even if I tell you the truth of The Professor’s whereabouts, you will not let me go in order to silence me. Right?”


Uncle Cowboy hadn’t spoken yet. Cui Ming said, “I have a proposal: let me make a call, my partner comes over, and then exchange myself for the information. Now, the situation is very clear. if I tell the information about The Professor, I must die. If I don’t, I can live a little longer, right?”


Uncle Cowboy turned and left, and said to Eva: “You decide this.”


“Wait,” I offer a high price, but you can also bargain. Why so hostile? Cui Ming said: “I want a pen and paper.”




“If you don’t even give me the opportunity to write a last will, then I can only resist. For me, it’s just a matter of death. It’s not easy for me to betray The Professor, so you have to give me some benefits. Right now the only benefit I can think of is the last will.”


Uncle Cowboy took a note from his pocket, and then opened his hand. The note was opened by the wind. Cui Ming smiled. Yes, he was lucky, and he hoped that Uncle Cowboy did not intercept the note. Uncle Cowboy apparently knew that he was stalling. He took out a note to tell Cui Ming not to waste his time.


Cui Ming said: “Well, give me the pen and paper. I will write a last will.”


Uncle Cowboy sneezed and sneered, but he did not refuse. He turned to the Volkswagen Beetle and looked for a pen and paper. At this moment, Cui Ming moved, and a golden card appeared in his hands: “Escape is the first choice.” Looks like I’m not completely unlucky today, still drawing a golden card. Cui Ming flew like the wind.


Eve was shocked: this is too fast. Her aura became pale black, and she quickly chased after him. Uncle Cowboy also rushed out, but his speed was not fast enough. Although after a while, he could use a sprint, but that wasn’t enough to catch up with Cui Ming.


The three people raced all the way down the beach, leaving a series of footprints.


The golden card’s effect burned very quickly. It disappeared in twelve seconds, and Cui Ming immediately slowed down. On the other hand, although she had been left behind, Eva was getting closer.


“Go to hell.” Aura enveloped Eva’s body. Many black, spiked thorns extended, and quickly hit Cui Ming’s back.


Cui Ming had a single thought at that time: I’m done!


At this moment, a gold shadow flew about 50 meters away and blocked in front of Cui Ming. It flashed an golden bell. Eva hit the bell and was repelled a few dozen meters. The gold shadow was also knocked back ten meters.


The person who had came here was a bald monk. He was tall and wore a brown monk dress. His eyes were tied with a red tape. He performed an one-handed Buddha ceremony: “Girl, this is a quiet and beautiful place. Why would you kill here?”


Eva used Focus and saw the monk’s aura like sea waves. He was obviously a veteran who had practiced for many years, but he looked only as old as twenty-eight. Before entering Dawn City, she had investigated about seven cultivators of this city: North Luna, Ding Ze, Evelyn and three old men. The seventh cultivator had never had any news. It seems that people were deliberately leaving him out in stories.


Uncle Cowboy arrived, and when the monk walked up to Cui Ming, he knew exactly what happened: “Great Monk, are you the seventh cultivator of the Dawn City?”


“This monk doesn’t dare accept the title ‘great.’” The monk gave a slight bow.


“Master, your eyes…” asked Eva.


“Blind,” the monk answered.


Hey, big brother, don’t be so honest. Cui Ming immediately said: “Body without eyes, mind have eyes, why should we care?”


The monk was quite surprised. “The little brother has a lot of Zen.”


Cui Ming replied: “My brother is courteous. I am a disciple of Chai Ming, a disciple of the Zhenhai Temple. When I was young, I became the Master Yuanhai’s student.”


The monk was astonished.  “I heard that in the early days when Master traveled around the world, he performed a lot of good deeds, but I  did not know that he had received a disciple.”


“Hey, monk, he lied to you. Do you believe this?” Uncle Cowboy was dissatisfied. This is a lie that even normal people can figure out.


“What is the difference between faith and unbelief? What is the difference between true and false? Whatever he is, my younger brother or not, this monk cannot help but stop this bloody fight.” The monk said: “If the younger brother is a bad guy who commits wickedness and evil, then he would be punished. This time, please let go of him.”


Eva sneered and suddenly disappeared. Cui Ming wondered: “Invisibility?”


“Right.” Eva suddenly appeared in front of Cui Ming. The monk seemed to have known beforehand, and kicked Eva away with a flying kick. Eva fell back to the side of Uncle Cowboy, without any harm.


“You’re an idiot. He can still walk normally without eyes. How would your stealth skill have any effect?” Cui Ming couldn’t help but despise Eva’s IQ. The monk fifty meters away from him still landed precisely by his side. Although he did not know what the Buddhist monk had done, it was certainly useless for her to be invisible.


Eva’s face was hot. She really had not taken this into consideration, but Cui Ming’s attitude was so bad, Eva could not help but go back: “If you are a man, fight solo with me.”


Cui Ming sighed with hopelessness and said: “I’m worried about your intelligence.” I knew that I couldn’t be your rival, so why would I solo with you?


“What did you say?” Eva was furious.


Uncle Cowboy raised his hand to stop Eva, and said: “Great Master, you are Martial Type, right?”


The monk was about to answer, but Cui Ming said, “My brother is Conjure Type.” Don’t be so honest about yourself.


Uncle Cowboy winked. He and Eva slowly separated to surround Cui Ming and the monk. The monk lightly bowed his head and said nothing. Cui Ming said: “Senior brother, they want to assassinate The Professor.”


Uncle Cowboy almost vomited blood, this kid was insidious, even dragged his benefactor into danger. If Cui Ming had not said this sentence, he and Eva would have joined together to restrain the monk and kill Cui Ming. However, Cui Ming had said this, and therefore there was one more mouth that needed to be shut. He had already seen through Cui Ming’s depth; Eva could easily kill Cui Ming. However, it would be very difficult to kill the monk. If he wasn’t wrong, this monk was a master of the Martial Type and Strengthen Type. Although it was quite remote here, Zhenhai Temple was nearby, and there was a high chance of some pedestrians and monks alarming the police. If Evelyn came, the trouble would be too great.


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