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Against the Fate – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Mind’s Eyes

Uncle Cowboy took the opportunity to stop and said: “You have misunderstood. We just admire The Professor. Neither are we assassins nor is this an assassination. We must leave first so that we do not cause unnecessary conflicts because of misunderstandings.”


Eva looked at Uncle Cowboy, but he shook his head. He waved his hand and motioned to Eva not to argue. Eva was very helpless, but she pointed to Cui Ming, made a gesture that meant “be careful, next time I’ll kill you”, and walked towards Uncle Cowboy. Uncle Cowboy said: “Goodbye.”


The monk replied: “Goodbye.”


When they were far away, Eva asked: “Why?”


“We are not yet assassins. If we attack them without killing them, we will be put on the wanted criminal list of the Aura Alliance. Killing them has no advantage for us. Our goal is The Professor.” Uncle Cowboy pulled the door open, motioned Eva to the passenger seat, sat in the driver’s seat, and left. “Eva, I understand your feelings. It’s easy to get rid of the kid named Cui Ming at any time. Why bother yourself now?”


Cui Ming looked at Eva’s eyes and knew that she had marked him as her enemy. Damn it, what wrong did I do to you? I just went to the casino to entertain myself, you were the one who invited me to have a drink first. The one who put aphrodisiac into my drink was also you. The one who kissed me and let me touch you was you too. Finally, I didn’t want to kill you, you were the one who wanted to kill me. Why did I become your enemy? Did you have any sense?


“Junior brother, first go to the temple and have a cup of tea.” Although the monk was honest, he was not stupid. To avoid the two people pretending to leave and returning later, he asked Cui Ming to go with him.


“Thank you, big brother. What should I call you?”


“Li Qing.”


Cui Ming was quite surprised. “My brother is a disciple?”


Li Qing did not seem to want to answer this question, but it was not his habit not to answer. After a while, he said: “Yes.”


Cui Ming didn’t know that Zhenhai Temple had only two monks, an old monk and a little monk. The old monk was not a cultivator, but an ordinary old man. He was also the abbot of the temple, Liang Hai the Great Monk. Listening to Li Qing’s explanation, his smile made a shameless person like Cui Ming feel a little hot on his face. When he was about to say something, Liang Hai said, “You two have met.”


Li Qing was surprised. “Master, is Cui Ming truly my junior brother?”


“Since it’s a destined relationship, why bother to care about it?” Liang Hai answered.


Li Qing said, “The teacher taught me.”


Then a very discord scene came out. Liang Hai said: “You and the junior brother go to the side hall to have tea, and I will call the police.” Cui Ming watched Liang Hai put on reading glasses. The old monk took a phone and searched through the phone book. Although the phone inside the temple is normal, why do I feel so awkward?


However, Cui Ming had more curiosity about Li Qing. He did not know whether Li Qing was sincere or false. There is no difference between his actions and those of normal people. Cui Ming’s mischief moved a few steps forward, but his leg was intercepted. Li Qing easily crossed, said: “Junior brother, don’t joke.”


“Aren’t you really blind?” Cui Ming still found it hard to believe.


“The bat cannot see, but how many times have you seen the bat stumble?” Li Qing entered the side hall and poured tea skillfully. Cui Ming was asked to sit on the futon and put a cup of tea in front of Cui Ming. “Junior brother, don’t continue to stare at me. It’s Ear Focus.”


“Ear Focus?” Cui Ming had practiced Focus on ear, but he had to enter Meditate state to do that, and then go near the area where he wanted to hear the sound. Cui Ming didn’t know that asking about cultivation secrets was a taboo behavior among cultivators.


Li Qing did not seem to think that it needed to be kept secret. He imitated the bats by using aura to send out a constant sound, and then using the sound feedback to understand the situation. Li Qing did not even keep secret about he was practicing Mind’s Eyes, what Cui Ming did not understand clearly, thus lack of interest in this issue.


Li Qing was a very interesting person. He was not a bit of a Buddhist disciple. He was honest and and sincere, but if you thought he was silly, that would be a mistake. When he needed to lie, he would play against you. For example, Cui Ming asked why Li Qing was in Zhenhai Temple. Li Qing picked up a tea leaf and replied, “Why is it in this cup? Not your cup?”


“Why am I me? And why I am not you?”


“You comprehended,” Li Qing answered.


Li Qing was no more boring than Bei Yue and Ding Ze. The North Month did what needed to be done first and never explained. When anyone had doubts and raised questions, she would explain. She never initiated chat topics on her own, and she hardly even participated in meaningless chats. What about Ding Ze? He was lazy, lazy and lazy. Ding Ze never thought about chat topics. When everyone was alone and bored, he would rather sleep than think about chatting.


After drinking tea for 10 minutes, Cui Ming and Li Qing played poker. But Li Qing also had boring parts. That was to say, the bet requested by Li Qing was very curious, as losing a point equaled having to do ten push-ups.  With ten rounds per match, an unlucky man could lose almost a few hundred points. Li Qing also specified a one-second time limit for push-ups.


In the first match, as he felt Li Qing was his savior, Cui Ming did not use his real ability and lost 180 push-ups. Because of the time constraints, even with the help of aura, Cui Ming was astonished.


Li Qing shuffled the deck and said: “You, my younger brother, your body is too weak, and your cultivation mentor is very unqualified. The basis of physical strength is very important, even if you are not Strengthen Type. ”


Cui Ming, who was lying on the floor, looked at Li Qing. “Big brother, why do you know what a playing card is?” The card was just a piece of paper with no raised areas.


“Mind’s Eyes.” Li Qing explained that his aura wrapped cards and read them out one by one.


Cui Ming understood. “As long as your aura covers the range, you can see as clearly as a normal person. No, your sight clearer than an average person’s, for ordinary people can not see through cards.”


Li Qing nodded positively. “You have comprehended, younger brother.”


Cui Ming’s tears rushed forth. “Brother, you cheated.” As King of Poker, this was the first time he lost to blatant cheating. Li Qing’s Mind’s Eyes not only saw Li Qing’s cards, but also saw Cui Ming’s own cards.


“We are cultivators. For normal human, isn’t it cheat? The world is unfair, and the human are not born equal…”


“Senior brother, stop. I comprehended.” Cui Ming sat down with a good hand. It was very simple to beat Mind’s Eyes: just don’t let Li Qing’s aura touch his cards.


Li Qing sighed. “Look at the imposing manner of this junior brother. You won’t be satisfied if I don’t suffer.”


“Senior brother, you comprehended.” Cui Ming revealed: “Two of clubs, three of clubs, four of clubs, five of clubs, six of clubs. Straight flush!” Since he went all-in, the bet was doubled.


Li Qing smiled wryly. “Junior brother, can you go easy on me?”


“There is no one who doesn’t face death in life since ancient times. On the gambling table, either you die or I die.”

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