Against the Fate – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Moving In

Cui Ming asked back: “In that case, why did you come here?”


Evelyn seriously said: “I must tell you, I don’t know much about Rayfrost, but Eva is definitely a very dangerous person. She is not very strong in fighting head-on, but her assassination ability is unquestionable. She is called the best assassin in the Middle Continent.”


Her epithet was “Black Widow” but it didn’t mean that her husband was dead. On the contrary, Eva was single. She was named like that because she had killed many people and made many widows. For a young woman in her twenties, her aggression among the non-members of the Aura Alliance could be ranked in the top three.


North Luna worriedly asked: “Is Eva going to do it because of personal grudges?”


Evelyn shook her head: “I don’t know, but as a professional assassin, I think she won’t act due to personal liking. In fact, I think Eva doesn’t want to assassinate The Professor. She and Rayfrost are looking for him because of other reasons. Eva has disappeared for the past two years. Three months ago I represented the Dawn City to attend a regular meeting of the Aura Alliance and heard that Eva and Rayfrost are looking for a helper and seem to want to join the Aura Alliance. However, because they are all active in the Middle Continent, I did not ask in detail.”


Cui Ming turned to Li Qing: “Senior brother, my boss wants to participate in the Aura Alliance’s assessment, but we have a shortage of people. Are you interested in joining?”


North Luna and Evelyn were shocked. They had visited Li Qing several times, but Li Qing’s attitude was peaceful and resolute, making it difficult for them to speak at the time of the second visit. Unexpectedly, Cui Ming, who had not known him for two hours, would not be polite and went straight to the point. Sure enough, Li Qing still refused, but the information they had obtained was more than during the number of visits they had made.


Li Qing seriously said to Cui Ming: “I made a big mistake in my early years. Although the Aura Alliance’s investigations have not declared me as guilty, I cannot forgive myself. I have no interest in joining the Aura Alliance, so please do not embarrass yourself.”


Cui Ming said: “If you made mistakes, what you should do is not hide in the temple to repent, but to do good things to atone for it. Now my boss is looking around for people, it is when a senior brother can help…”


Li Qing: “You’ll really talk nonsense, junior brother. However, I don’t think North Luna is good at teaching. If you agree, I can do my best to train you.”


Listening to Li Qing’s words, North Luna suddenly asked: “Master, are you a student of the Aura Alliance College?”


The Aura Alliance had an exclusive college, also known as the Aristocracy College, which generally recruited children of cultivators who had made significant contributions or had sacrificed themselves for the Aura Alliance. Its mentors were the elders of the Aura Alliance, teaching in one-on-one form according to each Type. In addition, the school had also recruited children and adolescents who were in excellent condition. They demanded perseverance and determination, loyalty to the Aura Alliance, and unparalleled talent. The college did exist, but there was no real teacher or school. However, the elders were well-informed and had their own unique views on the Aura. The students they taught were all the best of the Aura Alliance.


However, at the Aura Alliance meeting a decade ago, because of the rebellion of a member of the Academy, the possibility of an admission for ordinary cultivators had been abolished, and it was stipulated that only those who were children of cultivators could enter the College.


Li Qing who had been silent for a long time nodded: “When I was eight years old, I entered college and left when I was fifteen or sixteen.”


Everyone saw that Li Qing didn’t want to talk about this matter. Cui Ming tried to ask: “brother, were you taught to exercise your body?”


Li Qing replied: “Yes.” The exclusive college also had its own shortcomings. The elders would teach what they thought was right, not as non-academic personnel themselves. And Li Qing’s mentor at that time approved of Li Qing’s idea of ​​physically strengthening the body.


Cui Ming said: “My brother, I prefer we still play games in free time.”


Li Qing laughed: “Yeah.”


Evelyn said: “Master…”


“Call me Li Qing. Every time someone calls me master, I feel ashamed.” Li Qing said very honestly.


“Well… Li Qing, if it’s convenient recently, can you live with Cui Ming?” Evelyn explained: “You have the ability to break stealth. Now it’s not clear if Eva has already left Dawn City. I wonder if she will retaliate against Cui Ming.”


Unlike other cultivators, Eva was stronger in the art of assassination. Fighting directly, she couldn’t win against North Luna and Ding Ze. However, to assassinate Cui Ming, North Luna and Ding Ze might not be able to protect Cui Ming. Not to mention Evelyn’s concern for Cui Ming, Cui Ming’s information had been reported to the Aura Alliance. It would be a very troublesome thing for cultivators to be assassinated at Dawn City. The Aura Alliance’s coalition would send people to investigate and handle the matter, and use some illegal means to make witnesses confess. Of course, if you died outside of a city not under Aura Alliance’s authority, they had no right to investigate.


Of course, Li Qing would not refuse. After saying farewell to Master Yuan Hai, he had picked up two clothes and temporarily stayed in the villa.




Cui Ming went to the desert after his release from prison, had closed-door cultivation at the Zenith’s peak, and learned six Principles at a renting room. After living in the villa, he had met Vire in the same day and begun training the next day. He had been living in the Lincoln Estate. It could be said that Cui Ming’s strangeness to this “home” had not been different from that of Li Qing. In other words, Cui Ming was less familiar with North Luna and Ding Ze than Li Qing, who he had not known for even several hours.


There were three bedrooms on the first floor, one for Ding Ze, one for Cui Ming, and an empty one. North Luna certainly had her own ideas. She intended to let Li Qing stay in the empty room, but Li Qing refused and said he could live with Cui Ming. Li Qing’s luggage was very simple, a set of clothes, towels and other supplies, plus a rope. Knocking two nails to hang a rope, which was Li Qing’s bed.


It was late when they returned to the villa. After exchanging a few words, each went back to their room. Closing the door, Li Qing rushed into a cold shower, then wore big pants, shirtless, lying on the rope, and watching TV with his Mind’s Eyes. After Cui Ming came out of the bathroom, Li Qing asked: “Junior brother, do you have any plans for North Luna?”


“What?” Cui Ming asked, and continued to rub his hair.


Li Qing: “With your character, you would not like to live here. You don’t like the character of North Luna.”


“Why did you say that?” Cui Ming sat down in his chair and watched TV with Li Qing. He thought for a moment: “North Luna is like an old friend of mine. I originally intended to know if she was an acquaintance. But then it became that I owe her a favor. .”


“It is normal for people to owe a favor unless they are friends, there are no debts owed by friends.” Li Qing asked: “Are you aware of why I refused her invitation?”

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