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Against the Fate – Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Being Forced to Train

Looking at Li Qing, although he showed a serious attitude, he was a foodie after all, and so Cui Ming’s midnight snack was directly taken away by him. Cui Ming persuaded: “Senior brother, you’re a Buddist monk, you cannot eat meat.”


    Li Qing’s foot hooked on the hanging light in the ceiling, and joyfully ate Cui Ming’s fried noodles while saying: “Junior brother, say less useless words. If you want to eat, come and grab it from me.”


    “…” Cui Ming jumped up, while at the same time, Li Qing quickly flew to the corner of the room, and Cui Ming chased after him, but Li Qing had turned back and hung on the light again. Chasing back and forth several times, Cui Ming had gained a big bump on his forehead. He bitterly said: “I’m going to make another dish for myself.”


    Li Qing smiled. This time he directly grabbed it from the kitchen, took the chopsticks and started eating: “Junior brother, the use of aura is very delicate. Your situation right now is that if you’re too fast, it’s hard to change direction, but if you’re slow, it will be difficult to chase.”


    “I know.” Cui Ming rubbed his shoulders, too fast and it would be hard to pull back, as they also could not use aura to hit the wall, otherwise tomorrow they would have to repair the house. Cui Ming fluttered towards Li Qing: “Hand me my noodles.”


    Looking at Li Qing, in this narrow kitchen he was fast, but each time Cui Ming got close to him, he quickly flashed, making a footpad on the wall, and then leveraging on it. Cui Ming thought for a while: “Brother, it’s the power of the circular turn, right?” Foot pivoted on the wall, using too much strength might leave a footprint on the wall, while if the power was small, there would be no way to escape Cui Ming’s chase. Every time Li Qing had touched a physical object, he would make a small circle, which seemed to have the role of a force transfer point.


    Li Qing said: “Junior brother, acting as a transceiver, that is, the sending and receiving of the force is also a reason. Have you ever wondered why your poker card spins out? Because this way it can fly farther, while having more power, but the way you apply force, it is used in the entire card surface. In fact, when attacking an enemy, it uses a four-corner cutting. Why can the force not be used at the point and be used on the surface?”


    “At the point?” Cui Ming clipped a poker card, strictly speaking, it was the role of the center of the card as the point for the force to spread out causing the poker card to rotate. Using force at an angle, the playing cards would fly out without any accuracy, but he felt that the poker card would turn into a dagger, as the force at the corner would make the card’s edge very sharp. Using four corners, the logic was not wrong, as the card’s lethality in the four-corner rotation to bring about a sharp cutting force would increase when using the four sides of the poker card. As long as the balance of the four forces could be maintained…


    The playing card flew out and he had obviously felt its speed increase. After using force on the four corners, the power of rotation had increased and the flying time had also extended. Li Qing was not satisfied, so he said while eating: “The speed is not fast enough, the rotation is not fast enough, and the use of force is too casual. Twilight City is the city of steel, they can cut steel with water, why? Because they are fast.”


    Li Qing, after all, had spent time at the Alliance College and was taught in a set of ways, much better than those of half-ass mentors like Ding Ze and North Luna. Li Qing could find the reasons for Cui Ming’s weaknesses and could also figure out ways to improve. Li Qing had found out during the first day of Cui Ming’s use of strength to be rough, and not delicate enough. Strength Types like North Luna could be rough, but Cui Ming must pursue the delicate. The more delicate, the more powerful the cards would be. Li Qing was a Martial Type, and Cui Ming was an Enhancing Type, so they had one thing in common: the pursuit of skills, the usage of skills which was the basic skill for all skills. This was equivalent to Li Qing teaching Cui Ming the direction of practicing Enhancing Type.


    How to practice?


    The next morning, Li Qing woke Cui Ming up, although Cui Ming had struggled desperately and dragged the sheets, the gap in strength was too big, so he was captured and brought to the backyard of the cottage. The backyard was not big, and while pulling a few ropes and hangers above the folder with two sheets of paper towels, Li Qing introduced: “The first phase, you can use them to fly the poker cards, this is no ordinary paper, it is flexible and are very good wet wipes, the average adult may not be able to rip them apart.”


    Cui Ming looked on with dull eyes, yawning …


    Li Qing suddenly jumped and flew to a paper towel, landing a punch on the almost completely unstressed wet wipes, his fist went through the wet tissue.


    “OMG.” Cui Ming was shocked, Li Qing’s fist was a blunt hit, and to break the wet tissue, its difficulty was much higher than his task. In general, there were two solutions. The first one was to be fast and very fast at that. The second method would be using the fist like a bullet rotating, on the wet wipes. Cui Ming stood up, and throwing a playing card, penetrating the wet tissue, he said: “Simple.”


    “It’s certainly simple for a cultivator, especially for you, to use brute force. You use the force to accelerate the card to a certain extent, which can cut the paper towel. In the second stage, wet tissues, remember, this is not penetration, the tissue is folded on the hanger, and you need to cut the front of the tissue, but cannot hurt the back of the tissue, the distance of this interval is seven centimeters.


    Cui Ming bowed his head: “Isn’t it too early?”


    Li Qing stretched his body, did his warm-up while saying: “The early bird first gets the worms.”


    “I only know that early-waking worms are first eaten by birds.”


    “… …” Li Qing was speechless. He began to fly inside the backyard, then to the corner a little, and then, in turn, fly to Cui Ming’s side, there was a golden bell within the scope. Li Qing endlessly repeated this action.


    Cui Ming sighed while throwing the cards: “Brother, you are interfering with me.” Li Qing flew back and forth once per second, so he could only see his after-images.


    “Because you are too slow.” Li Qing replied back, this time he didn’t use the Golden Bell, just flying back and landing on foot, but the impact was still enough to knock Cui Ming back, Li Qing looked up and punched making Cui Ming fly. Li Qing then ignored Cui Ming and continued to train by himself, flying to the wall, flying back with Golden Bell. After the tenth time he came back, Cui Ming had not thrown any cards, so Li Qing bluntly hit Cui Ming and sent him flying again while narrating a famous saying: “Ability is the result of being forced to train.”


    “I got it, I got it.” Cui Ming quickly concentrated and sent a card flying out once through the two layers of tissues. Then he immediately gathered the aura in his chest and bore Li Qing’s punch. This time his performance was much better, as not only did he not fall, he did not even feel the original force damage.


    Li Qing was very satisfied: “This time your response was very quick. In actual combat, there is an endless number of interference factors, and you may be attacked by your opponent at any time. You have to condense your aura at the point of attack to reduce the damage. The next time, I will come anytime. “


    “Brother, I think we should still play cards.” This game was too boring.


    “Since you are my younger brother, as the senior brother, I have an obligation to teach you.” Li Qing paused: “It’s always better to lose face rather than your life, right?”


    North Luna had stood across the window, watching the pair of pseudo-brothers training, her heart was in turmoil as she had wanted to go down and discuss with Li Qing about the use of force. Her Main Type was the Strength Type, and her skills of using force were compulsory courses. She saw that Li Qing’s use of force could be said to have reached an extremely subtle realm. From time to time, strong and soft, changing perfectly according to his will, quite daunting.


    However, North Luna had always felt the relationship between her and the two was like strangers, like tenants who generally live in their own homes … these days, she did not even chat with Cui Ming, although Cui Ming had come to make small talk, it had always ended embarrassingly. Cui Ming had to accept that North Luna wasn’t a talkative girl.

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