Against the Fate – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: Guessing

North Luna thought was interrupted by the phone’s ring. The caller was Evelyn: 600 kilometers from the Dawn City, there was an earthquake in Moonlight City. It caused the largest barn fire in the city’s history, plus Aria City’s poor agriculture, it has caused food crisis among the residents in the city. The mayor of Moonlight City sent a telegram asking for help, he hoped that Dawn City could transport a batch of food to the Moonlight City, stabilize the local food panic.

From Dawn City to Moonlight City, if travel overland, it needed about seven days to arrive. Shipping, due to the coastline of the East Continent, needed at least twenty days. There was a double-lane highway between the two cities, but 50 years ago, the active volcano gave serious damage to that road, making the trade on land stopped. Moonlight City mainly produced coal, diamonds, gold, etc. Many people still took risks to carry out smuggling activities. However, due to the destruction of highways, they often used small, steep mountain roads, resulting in many casualties.

Both Dawn City and Moonlight City were independent sovereign states. Because of their friendly relations, Dawn City reconvened another Atonement and seized 100 prisoners, including many smugglers, taking the risk to transport food. The Department 101 led by Evelyn has received a message that it is probable that there would be animals who had Aura on this road, commonly known as monsters, so the responsibility of escorting them fell onto North Luna’s shoulders.

There was a group of cult forces in the city, they called themselves Fire Cult. They have acted in secret for a long time. The telegraph said that they have stirred up the unrest. Some people have been incited to rob several kinds of grain-bearing villages. If the food couldn’t come as soon as possible, the peace of Moonlight City would be ruined.

Dawn City horse team has done the preparations today, tomorrow they would start. The reward for this work was 2 million. For hiring cultivators, this price was relatively low, but North Luna did not refuse, pick it up.

North Luna went downstairs, only to see the two eat. Li Qing was a big eater, he has emptied a pot of rice, while Cui Ming just finished half of a small bowl of porridge. These two were very touching, if Evelyn did the same as Li Qing, Cui Ming would be easily pulled away.

The two acted like they’re eating a meal, but in fact, they had conservation in secret. Li Qing shook his head again and again: “I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care.”

Cui Ming said: “The Buddha said ‘If I do not sacrifice, who did?’ Now it’s time for you to sacrifice, you said you don’t care?”

Li Qing replied: “Junior brother, the key is that sacrifice must have value. This idea won’t work.”

“Senior brother, I know you are a true monk who is not interested in meat and fish, but… have you eaten pickles?” Cui Ming said: “Chinese cabbage, pickled mustard food?”

“Junior brother, you want to buy me? Do you really want to put me in such confusion?”

Cui Ming ignored: “What are the best pickles? It’s the radish leaves, mixed with peppers and ginger, pressed under three layers of meat to take oil, it tastes really …”

Li Qing considered for a long time, nodded: “Well, but I will say bad things first. I originally intended to protect you for half a month, but now if North Luna goes angry, I can bear the blame, but I will immediately leave.”

“Ok” Cui Ming suddenly jumped up in shock, gave an “unbelievable” look to Li Qing, and then look to the second-floor stair, where North Luna was standing. Cui Ming said:” Boss, you better come down. ”

Li Qing whispered: “Your acting is really good.”

Cui Ming replied: “Life is a drama, brother. Anyway, I owe North Luna and The Professor, so I must find a way to pay them back.”

“OK.” Li Qing nodded: “Do not worry about my burden after lying, because I did not lie.”

Cui Ming raised his thumb: “Brother, now you have the sacrifice virtue of the Buddha.”

Li Qing said seriously: “Because the real situation is 70-80% similar to your guessing.”

“What?” Cui Ming really surprised: “Impossible!”

When they’re talking, North Luna arrived: “What happened?”

Li Qing put aside his rice bowls, grabbed the teapot, and then pointed to a seat next to Cui Ming: “North Luna, please sit down.”

“Well,” North Luna sat down.

Li Qing poured tea to a cup, slowly drinking it while organizing his thoughts, then said: “North Luna, my mentor, my teacher at the Aura Alliance College, was once one of your dad case’s investigators.”

“What?” North Luna surprised.

“After your father went missing, the Dawn City’s Department 101 collected evidence and sent to the Aura Alliance. The alliance sent three cultivators to investigate, at the same time made an investigation order, requiring all members of the Aura Alliance to help track down your dad’s location. They had secretly observed you to see if you are eligible to enter Aura Alliance College, but unfortunately, after the incident, your character changes too much, so … … ”

North Luna said: “Where is my father?”

“The investigators thought the reason is that your father is one of the most renowned weapon crafters. As early as your dad joined Aura Alliance, there is a group of unidentified people tries to kidnap your dad. My mentor said the most possible possibility is that your father after married your mother and have a daughter in Dawn City, felt the threat. That’s why you started cultivating at the age of ten instead of the usual twelve, after all, studying Refine at ten-year-olds is more dangerous. The bad guys killed your mother to threaten your father, if your father does not go with them, then the next one will be you. My mentor told me this thing is to tell me a truth: in the world of cultivators, if you have something many ones deserve, at least find a wife who’s a cultivator.”

North Luna was very excited: “What you say is true?”

“Yes, there are a total of three people come to Dawn City to investigate. My mentor has died, I do not know the other two. After you join the Aura Alliance, you can find them to ask.”

North Luna thoughtfully said: “In other words, my dad is actually a good man, he has to go for my safety?”

“Yes, your father is a national treasure himself. I think your father is still alive.”

North Luna did not speak for a long time, she lost in thoughts. If Cui Ming said these word, North Luna would be dubious, but it’s said by Li Qing, the words are quite reliable. North Luna spent a long time, stood up slowly: “Thank you.” And then hurriedly went back to her room.

Li Qing poured tea, and gives a cup to still-worried Cui Ming: “She returns to her room to cry, that is a good thing.”

Sometimes crying was indeed a good thing. Crying, fainting, seemingly were bad states, but that’s the self-protect function of the body. Cui Ming asked: “Senior brother, are you telling the truth?”

“I just said one possibility, that is, there is a second possibility.” Li Qing tea time: “I am honest, but I am not stupid.”

“Is there another possibility?”

“North Luna’s father wasn’t innocent, he was sentenced by the Aura Alliance and be exiled to the Dawn City to help finding Two Per Millioner. I don’t know the reason for his punishment, rumors said it’s related to a woman. That’s all.” Li Qing showed a sincere expression. As a monk, he would not lie, he just did not say everything.


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