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Against the Fate – Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Drinking Game

Today, North Luna stayed all day in her own room. Ding Ze didn’t understand until Cui Ming explained to him. After that, Ding Ze went back to his own room. Li Qing and Cui Ming went shopping in the city to buy wigs and sunglasses. Why? Because a monk was too eye-catching, if Li Quing came to eat meat, it would be a breaking news.

This trip made Li Qing understand why Cui Ming did not go to restaurants but eating at street vendors. The reason is that this money is not Cui Ming. Take the bus to take the bus to go in the evening, bought the ingredients back to the villa, the North has not yet downstairs. Li Qing started, Cui Ming cook.

The Charity School’s staff were volunteers from all departments, excluding the chef. The owner of Dawn City’s catering business was one of the most devout Christian religious, he was responsible for hiring the canteen chef. Naturally he would invite one of the best. Because Cui Ming’s naughty, he was often punished. Most of his dentetion were helping in the cafeteria, after all, the canteen needed too many staff. Coupled with Cui Ming’s cleverness, the chef liked him , and Cui Ming soon became deputy chef. Later, although the chef changed, Cui Ming has still been one of the main helpers of the canteen. Although the food cooked by him was not top dish, it’s still very delicious.

When North Luna came down, the table was filled with dishes and two bottles of red wine. Everyone was waiting for her. North Luna suddenly felt so touching. She nodded and sat down. In this atmosphere, she found herself unable to speak, so she talked about the job: “Tomorrow we are going to go to Moonlight City… Eat first and talk later.”

After sliently eating for a while, Cui Ming poured wine: “It’s a bit boring, how about we play a game?”

Li Qing asked: “What game?”

“Truth or Dare, do you know it?”

Ding Ze was a nightclub veteran, so he showed no interest at all: “Don’t want to play.”

Li Qing haven’t played this game before, after hearing Cui Ming introduced the rules, immediately said: “I think it is very interesting.”

Cui Ming looked at North Luna: “Boss, we are all young people, what is your opinion?”

“… well, OK.” North Luna reluctantly answered.

Cui Ming took out a rotating pointer… Li Qing was surprised: That’s why this kid buy this thing, he already prepared. He secretly use the aura ……

Cui Ming stared at him: “Anyone who uses Aura for cheating is a dog … WTF!.” The red arrow pointed to Cui Ming, while the white one pointed to Li Qing.

Li Qing looked at Cui Ming, then barked: “Woof woof woof.”

Senior brother, whatever the outcome, I respect your shamelessness. Cui Ming was frustrated, made a “do it” gesture. Li Qing asked: “Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” Cui Ming replied, he had many secrets.

Li Qing drew a card: “Go outside, yell three times: I want to have sex with a duck.”

“So cruel?” Cui Ming looked at everyone, Ding Ze did not care, North Luna was very curious about what he would do. That expression showed that she still had a girl’s heart. Cui Ming saw everyone’s smile, going out, shouting: “I want to have sex with a duck, I want to have sex with a duck, I want to have sex with a duck.” It’s about 8 pm, many residents went outside to walk, they must think that he’s a crazy.

Cui Ming went back, Li Qing’s patting his palm: “Yes, yes, this is my turn, right? Do not use aura, not allowed to cheat.”

“Shut up.” Cui Ming sat down.

Li Qing turned, this time the red arrow pointed to North Luna, the white arrow pointed to Li Qing himself. North Luna was frozen a moment, she has not mentally prepared to join the game. After a while, she asked: “Li Qing, Truth or Dare?”

“Dare.” Li Qing replied.

North Luna nodded, draw a card, could not help but brust to laugh. Ding Ze surprised, even made a smile. Cui Ming: Her smile is so beautiful. Li Qing: I’m done.

Li Qing took a look at the card, almost bit his own tougue. After being arkward for a long time, he clinched his fist, took off his shirt, ran out 20 meters to the small square area, shouting: “I’m a duck, who just looked for me? I’m a duck, who just looked for me? I’m a duck, who just looked for me?”After yelling, he ran back as fast as possible, closed the door and sat down, flushed.

Ding Ze sighed: “Why don’t you hear me, this is a game of embarassment.”

Li Qing put his shirt back: “North Luna, your turn.”

North Luna turning the pointer, this time Cui Ming asked, Ding Ze answered. Ding Ze was lazy, so he chose Truth. Cui Ming drew a card, asked: “How many women have you ever had sex with?” This was a private problem, North Luna did not object to the question, but looked at Ding Ze.

Ding Ze was silent. Cui Ming reminded him: “You must tell the truth … ”

“Do not be noisy, I’m in the count.” Ding Ze kept a look of confusion, repled: “Ten to twelve, maybe more.”

“Wow.” Even North Luna was shocked.

Ding Ze was indifferent: “I usually went to the night club before I joined the North Luna Office.”

This game may help people to understand each other, but it may also cause hate, depending on what the parties think.

This time Ding Ze was the asking one, North Luna had to answer. North Luna chose Truth, Ding Ze threw the card away: “Asking a girl about her private is a very rude thing ”

“No problem.” North Luna picked up the card and read: “If male, answer question A. If female, answer question B. The question B is, how many boys or girls have you ever loved? My answer is: Zero.”

Everyone looked at the North Luna, they believed that North Luna was still a virgin. However, North Luna was now twenty-four, but didn’t even have first love, which made everyone felt a little weird. But because she was North Luna, it seemed that this was the right answer.

The game continued, this time, went to Cui Ming asked, North Luna replied, Cui pumping card. Li Qing suddenly detected that Cui Ming replaced the original card. This action was very secretive, too fast to be seen by eyes, but Li Qing didn’t use eyes to look. It seemed that Cui Ming had other intentions. The two of them originally planed to observe the mood of the North Luna, but Cui Ming obviously had another plan.

Cui Ming read the card: “If female, answer question B. B questions, the asker point out an accessories on the respondent’s body, she must tell that accessory’s origin.”

Ding Ze was dissatisfied: “Why are these questions unfriendly to women?”

North Luna said: “Ask!”

Cui Ming looked around for a while and asked: “What is your necklace’s origin?”

When North Luna was about to reply, someone knocked on the door. Cui Ming cursed in his heart: no matter who is knocking, they are a bastard. Open the door, that’s Evelyn. She straightforwardly asked: “North Luna, what’s wrong? Why do you not go to the City Hall?”

“Please dit down.” North Luna said: “Now that Evelyn comes, let’s talk about the job. Because of Moonlight City’s earthquake … This commission job, we are not responsible for prisoners and escort teams. Our duty is to follow the route to find out if there are animals that have aura. Li Qing, you … ”

Li Qing said: “This is a matter of saving lives, I’ll give my best.”

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