Against the Fate – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Savage

A train was whistling, the desert was hot……

Scenes flashed fast, then stagnated: Xiao Jiang and Big Guy were carrying the machine, climbing a dune. Cui Ming was behind them and shouted: “Don’t go, do not go.”

Xiao Jiang and Big Guy were unaware. Xiao Jiang said a coffee refreshing joke and, with a still smiling Big Guy, continued to move on. The sky suddenly changed, dark clouds appeared and a downpour started. When Cui Ming’s eyes moved down from the sky, Xiao Jiang stood in front of Cui Ming, a piece of meat fell off of his face, seized the hard Cui Ming and asked: “Why not save me?”

Cui Ming burst into tears, looked at Xiao Jiang and shook his head: “I can’t.”

“You can, as long as you try harder.”

“I have been trying very hard.” Cui Ming kneed, bowed his head and said: “But it’s still not enough, not enough.”

Cui Ming’s body suddenly floated and flew to the clouds. North Luna waited him there, mercifully watching Cui Ming: “Weakness is a crime.” Her hand let go of him and Cui Ming fell. Under him, the giant worm already opened its mouth…

“… …” Cui Ming sat up and breathed by his mouth, just a dream. Where was this? This was a big tent. Cui Ming saw his hand, turned around and saw North Luna, who was dressed in yellow clothes, carrying a large bag behind and standing a few meters away and very quietly watching him. Next to her was Ding Ze. Ding Ze lit a cigarette, sat in a chair and carefully watched him.

North Luna took a glass of water, placed it on the table beside the bed and then went back a few steps to stand, saying, “This is Kama town’s camp, you were in coma for six days.”

Cui Ming sensed his body, then nodded: “No wonder I’m so hungry.”

Cui Ming’s words did not fit the atmosphere, but were so logical. Even North Luna was speechless. Ding Ze reached for the document bag on the table and opened it, “Cui Ming, you spent your childhood in a wandering circus and went to many countries, during which you participated in fraud and theft several times. You used your age and innocence to deceive many good people. At the age of nine, the wandering circus at the Dawn city was destroyed by police because of theft. You were then sent to the God’s Charity orphanage. At 15 years old, because of street fraud, you were arrested. In your 18 years old birthday, you were once again arrested, until half a month ago.”

“Then what?”

Ding Ze said, “Is this resume strange?”

Cui Ming shook his head, “I feel very normal. It blatantly complained of a child ‘s tragic growth experience.”

“Why did you participate in the expedition?” Ding Ze asked, he was too lazy to play words with Cui Ming.

“Because I have enemies… …”

“You did not have. You’ve been surveyed; I have phoned to the Karma town’s school and the orphanage school, and they said you were a rascal in the orphanage.”

Cui Ming said helplessly, “I have to admit that God’s Charity orphanage’s food is good, but you can not deny that the orphanage life is too boring. In the morning, we must get up at 6 AM; at evening, we must sleep at 9 PM. Eat at fixed time, not allowed to do this, not allowed to do that… … as a normal teenager, I could not stand strict control. Fleeing several days or weeks is also reasonable.”

Ding Ze said, “Every place has rules.”

Cui Ming said, “The rules are too harsh to accept, such as asking you to sleep and get up at the right time and eat when not hungry. If you’re hungry but it isn’t the time, you have no food to eat. If it was you, you could stand it for how long?”

Ding Ze was about to answer, North Moon said, “You let him change the subject.”

Ding Ze’s face flushed, saw Cui Ming. Cui Ming used amazing eyes to look at North Luna: You exposed me. Ding Ze asked, “What is the purpose of your participation in the expedition?”

“Because I have enemies.” Cui Ming was like ‘dead men tell no tales’.

Ding Ze put the bag on the table and did not speak. North Luna said, “You know we saved you, you know we are not malicious to you. You do not want to admit the purpose of your participating in the expedition, there is only one possibility: you have an ulterior motive.”

Ding Ze stood up and said, “If you do not cooperate, I can not help you. You will be arrested as a savage.”

Cui Ming did not understand: “Savage? How can I have a muscled look like savage?

Ding Ze went to Cui Ming and said, “It seems you are really a savage. You do not know even the basic common sense. The number of cultivators is very small, only one among half a million people have the qualifications to become a cultivator. There are two ways to become a cultivator: one is the formal training, like Dawn City official training. If under this training you become a real cultivator, you also bear the obligation to protect the Dawn City.”

Cui Ming replied, “I am the second case.”

Ding Ze quietly gazed at Cui Ming.

“I don’t even have the right to struggle?” Cui Ming asked.

“The second way is family teaching. If both parents are cultivators, there’s a 50% chance that the child will have the qualifications of a cultivator. By the parents or relatives, their children receive training. This type of cultivator of the city is not obliged to protect the Dawn City. Which one do you belong to?”

“I am the third case.” Cui Ming replied, “I belong to the genius type, the kind that has super talent and can self-taught.”

“This is a savage.”

“Hey, is being smart a sin?” Cui Ming, in an awe, asked, “A once-in-million-year talent like me is said to be a savage by your mouth?”

Ding Ze ignored, “Whether the first or the second way, both are safe. Savage is divided into two kinds: one is ordinary people who forcefully try to cultivate under the guidance of a cultivator, the other is people with the ability to cultivate but without training. The first kind is very dangerous to themselves and can not compete with the real cultivators. The second kind, not only dangerous for themselves, is also very dangerous to others. I remind, we have observed you for six days and did not find you have signs of madness. But, your knowledge of cultivating was so terrible that we were sure that you are the second kind of savage. We have the right to take you to a special prison for cultivators and, incidentally, imprison you for a life.”

If so, they would have already sent me to prison. Cui Ming asked, “This world is full of countless possibilities, will there be a third case?”

“A third?” Dize asked.

Cui Ming said, “For example, there was a pure and kind-hearted boy that everyday, for two years, took care of an ill old man. The old man was moved and taught this great personality boy something.”

Ding Ze said, “From your theoretical knowledge, not established.”

Cui Ming, angry, said, “And in the case the old man died just an hour later? The handsome boy could only rely on a little bit of information to find his own way.”

Ding Ze nodded, “The second kind of savage.”

“F*ck, can’t reason with you.” Cui Ming looked at North Luna, she was still more worthy of trust.

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