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Against the Fate – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Return to the City

North Luna looked at Cui Ming, suddenly reminded: “When you join the expedition, you say you are willing to sell yourself as a slave.”

“I did not,” Cui Ming solemnly answered.

North Luna did not bother to reason with Cui Ming and replied: “There are two ways for you now. The first way is that I send you to the prison of savages.”

Cui Ming clapped, and told North Luna: “I prefer the second.”

“Although you are full of nonsense, your character is not too crooked. So, I will give you a second way.” North Luna continued: “The second way, we will first assess your body’s condition and if your situation is unchangeable then I can only send you to prison. If your situation is changeable, I can guide you onto the path of true cultivators, provided that you work for me for five years.”

Cui Ming hand lifted his chin, a long time after he asked: “Do I have a salary? Do I have a place to live? Do I have new clothes? Do I need to service you?” If I need to service you in bed, I will firmly tell you that I am willing! However, he didn’t dare to say the last sentence. Because in North Luna’s eyes, which looked like of a pair of charming stars, appeared murderous intent.

“I just need an answer,” North Luna asked, as she tried to stay calm.

Cui Ming thought for a long time, then asked: “Xiaojiang and Big Guy, how are they?”

“All dead.”

“I know, their bodies?”

Ding Ze said: “In order to put together their parts it took me three hours.”

“Okay, I agree,” Cui Ming replied, then asked, “Do I really not need to service you?”

“No need.” North Luna turned to leave.

Cui Ming sighed: “Working welfare is really bad.”

Ding Ze ignored him, caught a set of clothes and smashed it into Cui Ming face: “Change clothes, eat, and rest for the night. Tomorrow we go back to the Dawn City.”

Cui Ming was helpless as watched Ding Ze as he left, then sighed: “Thanks.” The clothes are ordinary, casual taste with soil-colored long-sleeved cotton T-shirt. The pants are jeans and on the ground, there is a new pair of boots. Hey, no nurses? The intravenous bag is still hanging. Let the patient have to pull it out himself, this company has such poor service … … In addition to the boss being good-looking, there is no competitiveness.

Cui Ming changed clothes, go out, and went to the opposite of the camp canteen. Cui Ming went in as the classic company’s Chef noticed him as he put out a bowl of noodles and a dish of beef wire on the table.

On the train back to the city, North Luna presented a manuscript to Cui Ming. Savage Cui Ming finally had a general understanding of cultivators.

Cultivators, also known as cultivators, was a special group different from ordinary people who were born with Aura (1). This power was a gift, but also may become a kind of evil power. In the absence of standardized practice, such as Cui said self-taught, indeed possible talent, but it will cause all kinds of defects. The reason Cui Ming was exposed as a Savage was that he did not even have the basic Aura defense capabilities. It was not the most terrible defect,  the most terrible being that a person’s Aura will lead to a variation in their personality. Ultimately, this variation would not escape from the crazy end which would lead to not only the destruction of their own self but also others.

Ordinary people only have 1/50000 of an opportunity for the potential to practice Aura, these people were called Two Per Millioners (2). If husband and wife were cultivators then there is a 50% chance their children would be prospective cultivators. If only one is a cultivator, the probability is reduced to 10%.

Cultivators can not be mass-produced. Since each person’s personality, physical condition, and etc. were not the same. Therefore, there was a saying in the cultivator’s sector: There were no two cultivators with exactly the same ability.

Next was the duty of the cultivator. Unless the prospective cultivator was found by a special department of Dawn City and received normative training of cultivators. Otherwise, there is no obligation to any country, city or race. Cultivators were also divided into two kinds, one was cultivators who passed the assessment with Aura Alliance’s eligibility. They would have the privilege of free access to all countries and cities of the Eternal Union and have a certain immunity. For example, if they steal something, they can be absolved. But, if a cultivator deliberately kills ordinary people, he or she may be removed from the Aura Alliance and be classified as a dangerous cultivator. They would be punished according to what he/she did, and in severe cases, the Aura Alliance will issue a bounty.

The second kind was the cultivators who didn’t join Aura Alliance, so their rights and ordinary people’s rights are no different. If they committed a crime on Eternal Union’s territory, then according to the specific circumstances they decide whether to send their information to the Aura Alliance. The Aura Alliance had the obligation to seize or kill the cultivator.

Then there were some Aura families who had a legacy for hundreds of years because they could reach the 50% quasi-cultivator birth rate, so several large families were formed. Dawn City just joined the Aura Alliance 50 years ago, so there is no Aura family. While the number of cultivators was also very scarce, currently only seven people. Among the seven, only three old men were members of Aura Alliance, but also their persuasion allowed Dawn City have joined the Aura Alliance.

Seeing North Luna and Ding Ze, in addition to the train and car, Cui Ming never saw North Luna sit down. A lot of time she was alone in meditation, which showed that she was a very heavy-minded woman. Ding Ze and North Luna were the contrary, if he could lie, he would lie down and not sit, subverted Cui Ming’s early perception of him. Ding Ze smoke finished and he looked up, but this time the small cart just went to another compartment. He contemplated for a long time then from the ashtray in front of him the roots of a long cigarette butt pointed out. After half an hour the small cart returned and he bought a box of cigarettes. But North Luna was an exception. Lunchtime, he would take the initiative to diligently go to the dining car to buy food for North Luna.

Sitting on the opposite side, North Luna ate instant noodles, Cui Ming saw Ding Ze get spicy beef and swallowed his saliva, Ding Ze not half a point to try their own meaning. North Luna did not care as she only does two things in the position, look out the window and meditation or reading. Now she was eating while reading … … a classical book about things like literature, and not a book about cultivators.

Ding Ze’s memory made Cui Ming shocked. During breakfast, North Luna read a book while she ate. Ding Ze casually glanced a few times and after breakfast, Ding Ze was lying to the side of the position and smoking. At lunch, Ding Ze looked at the book North Luna’s reading and stated: “A cold and proud woman, looking down on the actor in every possible way. The actor is ridiculed and disdained and finally hit the female heroin’s face. That female not only did not annoy but also fell deeply in love with him, very cliche.”

“How do you know that women look down on the male lead?”

“Page 127, the female protagonist is a rich woman and always pays attention to personal hygiene. The actor will not wash their hands after sitting in front of their own behavior to eat, showing disgust.” Ding Ze continued: “She said at the dinner table, ‘Hygiene is basic education.’ The male protagonist replied, ‘When you were eating steak with a knife and fork, I was fighting carrions and vultures for a piece of meat. I can not meet your requirements’. I think this book’s hero simply can not tell what is survival, and what is living.”

TL note:

  1. Literally “essence/original force”, but this novel’s cultivation system based on Nen, so I used “Aura”.
  2. I used the idea of Point One Percenter (Transformer).

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