Another LLD Notice (I’m Sorry)

Please forgive this incompetent goldfish sloth for not being able to update this month.

And no, it’s not because I procrastinated. Well, it kinda is, but it isn’t. I’ve quit that. Kinda.

Just that… I didn’t expect I had to do the assignments I procrastinated through (before I started translating)… So yeah, it’s because I procrastinated, in a way.

I wanna smack that hoe (past me) in the face. She deserves that.

Wait, no. A fillip on the kidneys. Yeah.

So yeah… No update for the rest of the month. But since I owe you guys four chapters already, I’ll have to post five chapters on the next update…

Jiayou, me!

Next update is November 5th, by the way.


Oh, have I mentioned that my phone’s confiscated and my laptop usage is restricted now? I think I mentioned that in the Discord server somewhere.