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“Let’s go and watch the great racer King’s race today!” Duan Wei practically whisper-whined in his office as he talked to Tang Rong and looked at the online tickets he had long booked on his phone. “I already have an extra ticket for you.”

Tang Rong could do nothing as he was dragged by an enthusiastic big baby who had to instead pack their bags at this time.

“We need to sleep early today Ah-Wei, how will we drive on the road tomorrow? You remembered we had planned to take turns driving?” 

“Don’t worry, we have Bai-Bai. He still has some of his punishment left. So it can be his penalty hehe~”

Tang Rong sighed and nodded helplessly as they changed their plan and went to the biggest car-racing stadium in their town.

Anyway, Junjie had gone to a party today with Long You so he would return home late at night. They could easily come back and complete packing before he reached home.   

Fang Bai was standing alone in a locker room. This setting gave a feeling of deja-vu. He ruffled his mid length hair and tied them into a casual ponytail. Then he removed his clothes and changed into his racing outfit. 

After changing his outfit, he moved around as he slowly warmed-up his joints. His sunny smile was already gone. It’s not that he disliked smiling, he just hated smiling without actually meaning it. Each time he smiled for some reason without actually really wanting to, he didn’t know why, he felt as if he was a powerless person, a big failure. That feeling was like an acid all over his heart.  

Casually wetting his dry lips by running his tongue over them, he got out of the room not knowing how deadly that previous f*cking action of his was. Xiao- Bai was just made to make people wet the whole day to the point of dehydration. 

Organizers were running here and there since an important race was about to start. It was a very busy time before the race. He looked around and found his secretary- Lu Fei talking to one man who could be called a mechanic judging from his uniform.

Walking toward Lu Fei, he realized she was checking if all the adjustments had been properly done before the race. He casually greeted them as he ignored the judging gaze of the mechanic who seemed to be doubting why he stood next to the secretary, that soon took a whole U-turn and changed into fanaticism.

“This is the new model that we are launching into the market?” He casually asked Lu Fei who jumped when she suddenly heard a voice from her side.

“Oh, you scared me! Hey Bai, you are on time. I was just about to look for you. And, yes, this is the newest model which was approved by all the tests last month. It is finally ready to be launched into the market and we thought your race would be good publicity for it.”

“Hmm… I’m sorry, I won’t scar you like this next time. I was already standing here for some time so I assumed you knew.”

Lu Fei smiled as she saw her boss apologizing to her without putting any airs. This is the quality of her boss she always liked. He was authentic. 

“No problem. Now you should go and try the car. We made some adjustments in the last week. You should have a look at them.”

Fang Bai liked this type of simple conversation. 

“No worries.” While saying this, he removed the cover of the car which was a black…


What was it? An animal? A wild animal?… Or a dragon?

There it stood in front of the white background, contrasting it like a drop of black ink on a white paper.

Audacity, Confidence, and Pride- One could only feel this when they first see the car.

The car seemed to have Audacity engraved till the core, to be different from everyone!

It had the Confidence to be different; and to accept this difference and to be true to yourself, even if the world was falling!

It had Pride, as if it was Royalty and everyone else were mere commoners!

Whose blood would not boil if they mounted such a beast? Who would not feel adrenaline if such a wild animal was in total control of them? 

Goosebumps appeared on Fang Bai’s arms as he imagined himself sitting in the driving seat of such a wild and primitive beast and commanding it as he enjoyed. His mouth was dry.

He quickly sat on the driving seat as he ran his hands on the intricate designs which were even present on every part of the car, even on the steering wheel! 

There was no compromise between beauty and efficiency.

“Okay, everyone get back to work.”

Lu Fei’s throat was hoarse as he brought herself out of the reverie first. She had already seen the car many times, but it seemed to be more beautiful each time she saw it. After reminding everyone who was also stunned to get back into their work, she again brought her attention back to Fang Bai. 

She didn’t know what he was thinking under his serious face, but the way he constantly roamed his fingers over the intricate carvings of the steering wheel, she could get that he definitely loved the model.

“The second car will be available in our showrooms from next month. As you know, all the carvings on it were done by the hands of a skilled sculptor. They believe that every person has their own design that would best suit them. So they often look at the birth chart or the star signs of the person before exclusively beginning work on the model. 

This car was specially customized for you.”

Fang Bai nodded his head as he rubbed this thumb over the dragon that was carved in the middle of the steering wheel. 

‘I love it.’


Soon, the huge stadium outside was filled completely with people. There was excitement on everyone’s faces. In one of the seats, Duan Wei and Tang Rong were sitting with some coke and popcorn in their hands.

“Rong-Rong, who are you going to cheer for? I will support King as always.” Duan Wei spoke while munching on the popcorn from one hand and taking selfies from the other.

“I’m neutral.” Tang Rong passed him a bottle of coke to wet his mouth. Duan Wei’s hands were full so he decided to feed him with his own hands. 

Keeping his hands still in one position, it was funny how Duan Wei could get anything with a simple tilt of his head.

Then something happened which felt like the world was playing with them, as suddenly two of them got broadcasted in the whole stadium, and in this particular posture! 



Excited hooting could be heard from all directions. 

The thing was that they were not just broadcasted in random shots, it was the camera dedicated for couples!

Fang Bai exited the resting area in his rider outfit and helmet on his face. The announcer was going to announce his name when the stadium itself erupted in excited hoots. 

Confused, he looked at one of the screens and couldn’t help but suddenly hold his head,  while doubting his life.

‘These dogs in heat should get a room for themselves!’

{Author: Hey Tang Rong, you are supposed to care about the MC rather than only caring about Duan Wei!

Tang Rong: *tilts his head in confusion* this is how we treat best friends… Also, Ah-Wei will be tired, Xiao-bai is free the whole day, he should also do some work to help his friends.}

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