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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 2.2

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Chapter 2.2 – Be Careful

The other party brought along a large group of people, they’re no match for their opponents. The original owner was then accidentally hit on her head and died in the chaos.

Ling Rong wanted to avoid the death of the original owner.

After some laughs, Liu Chengyi hasn’t forgotten Qin Zhaoyang. Just as he wanted to continue to threaten Qin Zhaoyang, suddenly some voice can be heard coming from the entrance of the alley.

“Police! Don’t move! Stop all your fights right now.”

When heard it’s police, Liu Chengyi scowled and angrily said ‘shit’. Then without saying another word, he ran off to the other side of the alley.

Taking advantage of the time before the police come over, Ling Rong took something out of her pocket and hastily stuffed it into Qin Zhaoyang’s hand. Leaving the sentence “Be careful yourself”, she hastily followed the others and ran in the other direction.

 [TN: She told him to take care of himself]

In an instant, all the bad boys who had surrounded Qin Zhaoyang earlier have all ran off. For a moment, the alley only left Qin Zhaoyang and the newly arrived policemen.

The police received a tip-off from a passerby, saying there’s a group of hooligans bullying someone here. He then came over here in a hurry from the local police station. He did not expect to see a group of bad boys surrounding another boy in school uniform

It’s the uniform from Empire First High School. From the looks of it, the boy seemed to a child from a rich family. He just did not know how the boy ended up being bullied by a group of bad boys.

The policeman jogs over to Qin Zhaoyang side. He then sizes the boy up and asked: “Are you okay? Do you want me to ask your family to come and pick you up? ”

Qin Zhaoyang glanced over to the other party and walked over to the alley entrance without saying anything.

“Hey, you boy!” The police originally wanted to follow him but he was stopped by Qin Zhaoyang eyesight.

“Thank…..you, please don’t follow me.” The hoarse voice that is unique to the young man echo in the alley

After making sure that the policeman did not follow him, Qin Zhaoyang momentarily stops outside of the alley. He slowly lifts up his right hand before proceed to open them.

On the palm of the young man, an unopened band-aid lie quietly, this was shoved to him by the kid with yellow hair before ‘he’ ran off.

Suddenly a burst of pain can be felt from his lower jaw, causing Qin Zhaoyang to blink his deep black eyes

But, why did ‘he’ notice such a small wound?

Recalling the series of actions taken by the yellow hair kid, from stopping Liu Chengyi fist until he gave him this band-aid and the last reminder. Even if Qin Zhaoyang is very smart, he still unable to decipher what the kid named Ling Rong wants to do.

‘He’ wants to curry favour with him because of his identity? But then isn’t it better to curry favour from Qin Zhaomu?

Since he couldn’t figure it out, Qin Zhaoyang stopped thinking about it. After a moment of hesitation,  he still didn’t throw away the thing in his hand. He closed his five fingers and rest his hand on his hips while waiting for the Huo family driver to find him.

On the other side, the bullies who ran away finally stopped in front of a dilapidated shop front.

“Shit! Don’t know which bastard report to the police. If I knew it, I’ll beat him up.”

“It might be 1 of those passers-by who don’t know better, really ‘ta ma de’, so nosy.” Another brother also cursed by the side.

[TN: 他媽的 ‘ta ma de’ – is an interjection that you would use to express discontent at someone (hence the word 他) ‘his/him/her mother’. ]

“Anyway, we manage to give Qin Zhaoyang a lesson but it’s too early if we return now. Let’s think about where we should go to play next! ” Liu Chengyi spits on the ground, then he leaned against the wall with both his hands in his pocket, a smug look on his face.

Although they’re already in senior 2, this group of people has never thought of studying well. Anyhow their family is rich and can still feed them, why study hard then.

“Let’s go to the internet cafe to play games. How about it?” One of the brothers proposed.

“Yes!” Even though the computer in their house also got games to play but playing alone at home is incomparable to playing together. 

Lui Chengyi finally made the decision: “Alright! Let’s go to play games.”

“That one……”

When this group of people is in the middle of a heated discussion, Ling Rong suddenly interjected.

“The day is not early, my father sent me a message to urge me to be home for dinner. So I won’t be following all of you. ”

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