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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 10.3

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Chapter 10.3 – A Superficial System

The young man that sat beside him currently had soft black hair that combed all the way to the back. The delicate face that had both the attribute of a handsome young man and beautiful young lady, made it hard for anyone to remove their gaze. Not to mention that currently her pair of eyes were full of laughter and her dark red lips were also curved up in a smile.

Ling Rong abandoned the original owner ‘killer matt’ clothes in the wardrobe. Currently, she was dressed up in a white shirt, black pants and a pair of black leather shoes.  The way she was right now looked exactly like a prince who had just walked out from a castle.

“You dye your hair back?” Qin Zhaoyang mumbled softly while distractedly stared at Ling Rong’s head. Although in the past he always detest that out of place yellow head, but for Ling Rong to suddenly dyed her hair back to black made him felt a bit not used to it. 

Suddenly Qin Zhaoyang realized that he had been looking at Ling Rong for a long time. His face then immediately turned red all the way to the tip of his ears. The sudden rise in temperature that he felt made him embarrassed beyond words. 

“Then why did you make yourself look like that before?” Qin Zhaoyang did not dare to look at her again. He had a lot of questions in his heart and he also felt that being misunderstood by others was very unpleasant. But Ling Rong really had a face that everyone will love, so why did she want to hide her true face away in the beginning? 

Through the gaze that the classmates direct over here from time to time, Qin Zhaoyang knew Ling Rong’s current appearances were very attractive to a lot of people. The majority of the students in their class were male students but one by one, those who looked at Ling Rong also turned red and their heartbeat quicken. In the end, they then hide away their face, like a thief.

Ling Rong casually said: “Then is there any man who looks like me……? I’ll become a laughing stock.”

Qin Zhaoyang was speechless for a split second. How would she become a laughing stock, it was obvious that the eyes of those people would soon be glued on Ling Rong’s body.

When Ling Rong noticed that the female student sitting in front of her secretly kept glancing towards her from time to time and she looked like there’s something she wanted to say, Ling Rong took the initiative and said: “Is there anything that you want to say to me?”

After being caught on the spot for peeking, the female student’s face with a few pimples on it suddenly turned red. Her fingers that were on the chair secretly gripped on her uniform causing it to wrinkled.

“I…..Ling Rong…..”

“Yes?” Towards those that did not look for trouble with her, Ling Rong had always been very friendly towards them.

The female student finally summoned up enough courage and apologized to Ling Rong in a breath: “I’m sorry, the water bottle that was used to splashed you this morning was mine.” After she finished with her apology, the female student lowered her head and dared not look at the other party’s expression.   

Even though she was not the one who poured the water and it was also not her idea for the delinquent to use her water bottle but that kind of thing would not happen if she did not put her water bottle on the table. As a result, she felt very apologetic towards Ling Rong and felt that it was better to apologize.

But she had never thought that Ling Rong actually looked like this, she was actually really very good-looking.

“Such a trivial thing, there was actually nothing to do with you. Therefore, you do not need to take it to heart.” Ling Rong waved her hands indifferently and the corner of her mouth curved up into an arc to comfort the female student who was somewhat feeling scared. Even though her face currently did not look the same but her previous image was still deeply imprinted in the girl’s heart.

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