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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 11.1

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Chapter 11.1 – Beautiful Girl

When Liu Chengyi was almost healed from his injuries and ready to get back to school, it was already two days later. However, when he arrived at the school gate, a group of familiar faces appeared before him and made him feel disgusted.

“Zhou Qiyuan? Why are you not quietly staying in your own school but ran over to this Young Master territory? What do you want?” Liu Chengyi and Zhou Qiyuan can be considered as old rivals. They had been at each other’s throats since young and always fought whenever they met each other. Afterwards, both of them entered a different school and both of them became the local tyrant in their respective school. They would always desperately think of ways to displease each other.

[TN: he’s referring to himself as Young Master. It’s an arrogant way to refer to oneself.]

With 2-3 followers behind him, Zhou Qiyuan wore a leather jacket and had both his hands in his pockets. His face had a sullen and disdainful smile, he casually said: “Yo, you have finally appeared. I’ve been waiting here for a few days just to see how miserable you are. How does it feel like after being defeated by your own follower?”

Immediately after that, Zhou Qiyuan felt that it was still insufficient, so he continued to provoke: “Liu Chenyi, you really was a good-for-nothing. To be so easily beaten by your own servant and you even had to hide in your house, don’t even dare to come out.”

Zhou Qiyuan’s followers also very cooperatively laughed to compliment him. The laughter was just like a knife that stabbed on Liu Chengyi’s heart one by one. 

“What are you all talking about! How could I be beaten by a mere follower!” Liu Chengyi said with a blushing face. He continued to stand his ground and firmly defended himself while his heart was scolding everyone that was present here as well as Ling Rong. Who do they think they are! Tamade!

Zhou Qiyuan raised his eyebrows, the corner of his mouth lifted up in a wicked smile and said: “This news had already spread all over the school. No matter how you explain it, it will not make any difference. Moreover, I had already made some enquiries. That person who called Ling Rong actually used to be your follower. The other person still came to school like normal while you had to take 2 days off.”

As Liu Chengyi’s rival, Zhou Qiyuan naturally had eyes in First High School who helped him to monitor and track Liu Chengyi’s every movement. That’s why he knew about the news of Liu Chengyi unexpectedly defeated by someone who used to follow him. When he knew about this, he immediately waited in the front gate of First High School. He wanted to mock Liu Chengyi and make him uncomfortable. 

“Who? Who was it that spread this rumour?!”

When he heard that this incident had already spread throughout the school, Liu Chengyi immediately turned around to stare at his followers with a fierce look. With the current situation that they’re at right now, the few followers can only lower their heads and keep quiet as right now was really not the time to say anything. 

“Alright. For the sake of your serious illness, I won’t further trouble you. Let’s go.” After he manages to achieve his objective of making fun of Liu Chengyi, Zhou Qiyuan naturally no longer wants to tangle with Liu Chengyi. He still remembers that they’re currently right in front of First High School’s gate. If they really start a fight here, it will be bad if he was caught by the school.

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