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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 11.2

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Chapter 11.2 – Beautiful Girl

Hearing Zhou Qiyuan words, Liu Chengyi’s face turned red due to anger. With both hands in his pockets, Zhou Qiyuan walked away followed by a few of his followers. His face had an unrelenting look to it.

“You…..” With a gloomy look, Liu Chengyi watched as those few people walked away. If at this moment people can be killed by just a gaze, Zhou Qiyuan would have been dead thousands of times. Liu Chengyi clenched his fist until the blue veins also bulged out. The fury he felt was way stronger compared to the time when he was beaten to the ground by Ling Rong.

“What the hell was going on! Why was this matter known by everyone!”

When he could no longer see the shadow of those people, Liu Chengyi gritted his teeth and glared at his group of followers. All of them one after another lower their head and none dare to come out. Finally, the one with the lowest status among them was shoved out by the group to bear Liu Chengyi’s fury.

The follower who was pushed out as a shield by others glared furiously at his plastic brothers. Facing Liu Chengyi’s bloodshot eyes, he replied in a trembling voice: “Yi-ge, it’s….it was Rou-jie. In order to retrieve the pendant, she went to find Ling Rong for troubles. Afterwards, Ling Rong…..Ling Rong said it all out.”

Chen Xuerou? Hearing his own girlfriend’s name, Liu Chengyi’s face turned even worse. In another word, if it wasn’t for Chen Xuerou who went to look for trouble, there wouldn’t be so many troubles now.

And that Ling Rong……

When it came to his reputation, Liu Chengyi was not able to endure it for long. Therefore, he straightaway went to Class 6 and called Chen Xuerou out.

“You’re here? That’s good. There’s something I wanted to discuss with you….” Chen Xuerou’s guilty conscience was immediately turned resolute as if she already made up her mind on something.

It’s a pity that before she was able to say what was on her mind, Liu Chengyi already rudely interrupted her. His complexion was very bad: “You already went to look for Ling Rong? Didn’t I tell you that I will buy you another necklace that was even better next time? Why do you still want to go find him! Do you know how much trouble you have brought me this time?! Now everyone knew that I had lost to Ling Rong and looked at me like I’m a joke!”

The more he thought about it, the more angry he got. Liu Chengyi then suddenly punched towards Chen Xuerou and she subconsciously closed her eyes due to fright. His fist landed on the wall that Chen Xuerou leaning on and it was just a few centimetre away from her cheek.

When she found out that the fist did not land on her face, the earlier frightened Chen Xuerou suddenly lost her temper: “What are you crazy about? It’s not like I’m the one who causes you to have no other choice but to sit at home and have no face to meet people. If you have the ability, you go and have another round of fight with Ling Rong.”

She originally was not someone who was soft nor was she a good-natured girl at all. With her family background, she had already been spoiled since young. So when she was reprimanded by Liu Chengyi, her young lady temperament prevented her from backing off.

Unfortunately, Liu Chengyi was still in the middle of his anger. Furthermore, for someone like him that was full of male chauvinism and at this moment being brushed off by his own girlfriend, made him even more unable to get off the stage. If not because he still remembers the person in front of him was a female, I’m afraid that his fist had already landed on her face in the next second.

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