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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 11.3

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Chapter 11.3 – Beautiful Girl

“Let’s break up.” Liu Chengyi announced in a cold voice. This time Chen Xuerou had really touched his bottom line. Moreover, he originally chased her because of her title as the School Flower. Therefore, when he said the words ‘break up’, it was spoken very easily.

Break up? Chen Xuerou who had achieved her goals easily was looking at Liu Chengyi in surprise. Actually she originally wanted to wait until he came to school before she mentioned this matter. That was because she had already found the person who made her feel like there’s butterfly in her stomach. She just didn’t want to be seen like a scumbag, therefore she had planned to request for a formal break up.

She didn’t expect that Liu Chengyi would take the initiative to propose for it now?

Chen Xuerou calmed down for a moment. If Liu Chengyi proposed to break up, then there is no need for her to be worried about subsequent entanglement, only the arrogance in her heart makes her feel unable to accept that she was not the one who proposed it.

“Break up then break up, but Liu Chengyi, you better remember, it was I, Chen Xuerou who initiated this break up. In the future, you better don’t come and get entangled with me.” Leaving this sentence, Chen Xuerou put up an angry looked and flicked her ponytail before she turned her heels to leave.

Liu Chenyi complexion became overcast, his mood was very bad. When he thought of the main culprit who caused him to lose his face, he clenched his fist in anger and walked towards Class 8. Although the scene where he had lost to Ling Rong was still vivid in his mind, his heart was still unable to accept it.

When he reached the entrance to Class 8, Liu Chengyi collided head-on with someone. Liu Chengyi, who had his road blocked, wanted to release his anger on that person but when he saw that person’s face he immediately froze. The anger that he felt in his heart earlier, suddenly all of it dissipated into the air without a trace. He somewhat felt it was hard to believe that he can feel his heart-rate speed up. He unconsciously looked away from that person’s face. 

It’s only been 2 days since he came to school. Since when did Class 8 have such a beautiful girl that transferred over?!

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