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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 13.2

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Chapter 13.2 – Chen Yanyan

Chen Yanyan’s continuous urging made the existing smile on Qin Zhaomu’s face to falter. As he repeatedly pinched his own hand which was hidden under the table until it turned read, he finally managed to control his expression and show a guilty face: “Father, I’m sorry. I made a mistake in English Listening Test and my score was 1.5 points lower than the top scorer. Therefore, I only manage to get 2nd place. I had disappointed you.”

As Qin Zhaomu said these, he bowed his head slightly, revealing his soft hair whorl. Anyway, he always knew how to act so that the end result would always be advantages to him. He knew that Father Qin definitely would be softhearted towards him. Therefore, he secretly cast a few cautious glances towards Father Qin from time to time. Showing an expression of fear of being blamed.

Qin Yi had always liked this son of his. Moreover, when his young son cast him a look that was full of trust and grievances, Qin Yi didn’t even bat an eye when he heard that QIn Zhaomu did not get the first place in his test as expected. Instead, he comforted him in a clear voice: “There is nothing for you to be sorry about. Isn’t it just a listening test? 1.5 points? My son is so smart, you can definitely snatch back the first place next time!” 

Qin Zhaomu raised his head in “surprise”, his glistening eyes looked towards the man who sat on the throne. His eyes were full of admiration towards his father: “I will definitely not disappoint father next time.”

After his fatherly compassion was evoked by his son, Qin Yi immediately felt a sense of responsibility and pride for being a father. He did not know that all of these were just the result from Chen Yanyan who continuously forced her son to learn how to act. 

She was the mistress who forced the original Mrs Qin out of the stage. Towards the mind of those women outside who wanted to climb onto Qin Yi’s bed, she was very clear about them.

Chen Yanyan also clearly understood that she could not monitor her husband’s activities every day like a ‘yellow-face wife’ as that would only make the man feel suffocated and rebellious. Therefore, she took an alternative route.

Not only did she dress up beautifully every day and did her best to serve Qin Yi in the bedroom, but she also forced her son to do his best so that Qin Yi would have more face. At the same time, this would also trigger his feelings of having the responsibility as the father. This was the best way to prevent a man from eating on the sly outside the house.

After he enjoyed the love between father and son, he still remembered the wife who gave birth to such a good son for him. He turned his head slightly to look at her. She was almost 40 but she was still a very beautiful and alluring woman. The words that Qin Yi wanted to say out loud were suddenly replaced by concern.

“How come your face suddenly looked so bad? Is there anywhere that you feel uncomfortable with?”

It could not be denied that Chen Yanyan was better than Huo Qiao when it came to capturing a man’s heart.

She also did not feel ashamed of her career as an actress. At the split second when Qin Yi looked at her, Chen Yanyan immediately restrained her expression. A smile appeared perfectly at the corner of her mouth: “It’s nothing. Maybe because I have yet to get used to it after my work in the latest film. I will be better after some rest.”

Chen Yanyan had just finished shooting a major film, that was why she said so.

Qin Yi did not doubt her at all. Instead, he even took pity on her: “Then you should rest more. Don’t take on any projects so frequently. Isn’t the money I earn enough to support both you and Xiao Mu?”

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