Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 14.1

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Chapter 14.1 – I’ll Teach You

“Mom……” Qin Zhaomu subconsciously trembled when he saw Chen Yanyan followed after him from behind. He was totally different from when he was full of self-confidence and pride standing in front of others, Even his voice also became uneasy. 

After she discarded her image as a warm and caring mother in front of Qin Yi, Chen Yanyan frowned and solemnly asked: “What’s going on this time? Why aren’t you number one?”

Qin Zhaomu’s face suddenly paled and he could not say anything.

Chen Yanyan seemed to be extremely dissatisfied: “Why can’t you live up to my expectations? Do you know how much I had to endure just to provide you with this kind of life? And you can’t even accomplish such a small thing?!”

“How many times have I told you? If you don’t work hard to surpass Qin Zhaoyang, this Qin Family will never belong to you! If you can’t even get number one, Qin Zhaoyang will surpass you anytime! Do you understand or not!”

Even though Qin Zhaoyang was mediocre in everything he did right now, Chen Yanyan had always felt a kind of crisis. She was afraid that Qin Zhaoyang would suddenly show up and robbed everything the mother and son pair had.

Perhaps only when Qin Zhaoyang had completely disappeared from this world before she would ever feel relieved.

“I…..I know. There won’t be next time.” Qin Zhaomu stood there in a daze. If you looked at him closely, you would be able to notice that there was cold sweat dripping down from his forehead, his whole body trembled slightly as if he was afraid of something.

Chen Yanyan didn’t want to waste more time here so she impatiently said: “If you know then good. Since you didn’t get a good result in this exam, then we just follow the old rules. Hurry up, don’t waste my time.”

The words ‘old rules’ was like a curse that instantly made Qin Zhaomu’s complexion turn pale. His voice even carried a hint of pleading: “Mother…. I just lost by 1.5 points, can we skip it?”

Qin Zhaomu would never forget that since he started schooling, as long as he never got the top place in his exams or delayed his study to have fun, his mother would take out a ruler to hit his palm. The kind of strength that she used to hit him with was not light.

This rule had continued until now.

Maybe the shadow from his childhood was still there. Even though QIn Zhaomu was now taller and bigger than Chen Yanyan, he could never forget the pain he felt when his palm was hit. 

In the past, there would always be a sharp rebuke from a woman that accompanied his pain.

“Why are you such a disappointment! If you didn’t get number one, how could you ever win against Huo Qiao’s son!”

Qin Zhaomu clearly remembered the strength that the woman used to hit his palm. It was completely different from the gentle and soft expressions that she portrayed on the TV.

When he was young, he did not know anything. He really thought that he was not good enough, thus making his mother unhappy and his father did not want them. But afterwards, Qin Zhaomu knew about everything. He was just his mother’s tool in order to seek higher status. In actuality, he was just an illegitimate child that cannot be seen in light.

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