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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 14.2

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Chapter 14.2 – I’ll Teach You

However, how would Qin Zhaomu be willing to give up everything he had now after he knew what heaven tastes like. Even if everything they had now was achieved through improper means, he would never back off from it.

“Faster bring the thing over. Don’t delay my time.” Chen Yanyan felt that Qin Zhaomu was trying to stall for time and thus her tone became worse.

This was nothing like how a normal mother would talk to their biological son. It won’t even be overboard if we said it was like talking to an enemy.

In reality, Chen Yanyan never had any consciousness of being a mother. In the beginning, in order to achieve a mother honour rises as her son’s position rises, she tried hard to be pregnant with Qin Yi’s seed. However, at that time, she had estimated wrongly and her stomach had grown bigger even before she became Mrs Qin.

At that time, her career was on the rise. If it was exposed that she was pregnant before marriage and on top of that, she was even a mistress, it would definitely be a devastating blow to her.

However, she had no other option than to give birth to this child as she could not guarantee she would have such a chance later. Therefore, she used the excuse of going overseas to study and concealed everything from everyone except from her agent. She went to a small village in a foreign country and prepared to give birth to her child there.

When one was famous, unexpected things always happened. When she was in her second month of pregnancy, Chen Yanyan suddenly ran into a sasaeng fan who suddenly rushed out of nowhere and knocked her onto the ground. This sudden incident caused her to be sent to the hospital on the spot.

Thanks to the fact that there were no other people besides her agent, the news of her pregnancy was not spread out. In order to hide the fact that she was hospitalized due to an unstable embryo, her agent directly took the sasaeng fan to the local police station on the account of harassment and had him sent away. 

After being knocked down, Chen Yanyan was now faced with the risk of miscarriage. In order to save the child, Chen Yanyan did not hesitate to accept the new drug developed privately by the private doctor himself. Even if it might cause a side effect on the child in the future, Chen Yanyan still chose to inject the drug that had not been formally tested at all.

Facts had proven that Chen Yanyan’s original choice was correct. After all, she had everything now and Qin Zhaomu did not seem to be any different from other children.

[TN: No, he’s definitely a psycho.]

However, in order to protect this child during pregnancy, Chen Yanyan indeed had gone through a lot. As a result, the original selfish woman had no feelings toward her child.

Qin Zhaomu still took out the ruler and passed it over to the woman in front of him. Chen Yanyan didn’t hesitate and directly took the one-foot long solid wooden ruler and heavily hit the palm of her biological son. The sound of the ruler hitting the skin and flesh of Qin Zhaomu continued to ring in his ears.

Qin Zhaomu had a naturally pale skin, his palm also was in an even lighter colour. However, the ruler had only hit his palm once and there was already a large patch of red colour spread around his palm.

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