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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 15.2

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Chapter 15.2 – Despair

Naturally, they also only dare to secretly steal a few glances towards their back. Even if this was so, it was already enough for one to feast their eyes on.

Only a few glances and it could already achieve such a result, not to mentioned Qin Zhaoyang who could see Ling Rong up close and personal.

He originally wanted Ling Rong to sit properly and prevent himself from turning weird. However, he didn’t expect that his face would become increasingly hot. Qin Zhaoyang could feel the sudden weight loss on his right hand and at this moment, he felt an inexplicable sense of loss.

“Are you very hot? Do you want to open the window to let some air in?” Ling Rong noticed his reddening face.

Currently, the weather was getting colder and colder. It would be very easy to catch a cold if they open the ceiling fan. Therefore, Ling Rong gave up on the idea and turned her sight on the tightly closed window, wondering was it because of the stuffy classroom that caused his red face.


“Look at the question.” After being silent for a long while, Qin Zhaoyang only forcibly choked out four words.

After talking for four to five minutes, he almost finished explaining about one big question. Right at this moment, the class bell rang to indicate the start of the class. Qin Zhaoyang had to put down his pen and wait for the class to end before he continued with the question. 

Originally, Ling Rong only listened for appearance sake. However, the more she listened, the more she felt that the question that was extremely complicated suddenly became very easy to understand. Even if it was the original Ling Rong, she could also answer it. The method that Qin Zhaoyang used was way more simple and convenient compare with what she had in mind.

He was really worthy to be the male lead. It was a pity that currently he was forced to hide his radiance.

Ling Rong suddenly wanted to see the male lead displayed his true talent.

Although Qin Zhaoyang was very smart, this was only in terms of academic. In terms of scheming, he was still too inexperienced. Totally below the level of the child prodigy, Qin Zhaomu and his mother Chen Yanyan. In addition to Old Master Huo who was powerless, this was also the reason why the male lead ended up like that in the end.

Furthermore, according to the system explanation, the energy in the book was ever-changing. When Chen Yanyan who possessed the golden finger of rebirth became more and more powerful, the male lead halo was weakened in the process. As a result, the protagonist halo of Qin Zhaoyang was too weak to be of any use. Even if he was the original protagonist, there was nothing he could do.

Since she had already recognized the male lead as her brother, she would definitely think of a way to change his tragic end and prevent Chen Yanyan from succeeding again.


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