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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 16.1

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Chapter 16.1 – [High School Arc] The Call

“Ling Rong——”

Before the two had walked far away, Ling Rong was stopped by someone who came in the hurry from behind them. When she turned around to look, she discovered that the person looked a little familiar. She then realized that he was also a student from Class 8.

In order to leave a good impression on Qin Zhaoyang, Ling Rong did not pretend to be the original owner when she was in school. Therefore, towards this person who suddenly appeared, the tone she used when she talked was a normal tone that was used between two fellow classmates: “Is there anything for you to look for me?”

The person who called out to Ling Rong was a short, thin and small schoolboy. Standing in front of Ling Rong, he looked worried. There was lingering fear in his eyes. He even stuttered when he talked: “It’s…it’s the class teacher. He…..he suddenly asked me to call you over to his office for a while.”

Qin Zhaoyang frowned slightly. Before this, Ling Rong had already stayed in office for the whole period until the class ended to talk about her horrible exam result. Now, even after the school had ended, she still needed to go back to the office to continue?

However, when he thought about the number of times the class teacher requested to talk to someone after school, he did not feel that there was anything wrong.

Ling Rong managed to see that this person was lying with just a glance.

When a person lied, they would unconsciously make a lot of unnatural small movements. For example, he would unconsciously hold the hem of his shirt, or his eyes would be erratic and dared not look at the person that they talked to.

All of these were reflected by the boy’s behaviour. So, even without her original memory, Ling Rong could still see through the schoolboy’s guilty conscience at a glance.

Instead of directly exposing the other person’s lies, Ling Rong asked him in return: “Why did the old class teacher look for me?”

The schoolboy was suddenly stunned. He had never expected that Ling Rong would suddenly ask such a question. He was suddenly stuck without any excuses for a moment. After he stammered for a long time also he couldn’t come out with any excuses.

“I….I don’t know. The class teacher didn’t say anything. You will know about it when you go.” In the end, the schoolboy still could not come out with any excuses and he could only end it with such a sentence.

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