Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 17.1

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Chapter 17.1 – [High School Arc] Ling Rong Cannot Be Sad

Qin Zhaoyang was shocked and angry for a while. He did not dare to guess what Qin Zhaomu would do to an innocent kitten in order to insult him.

Soon after, a not too loud nor soft sound of mockery could be heard through the phone. Qin Zhaomu grabbed the kitten that was caught by Liu Chengyi’s follower by the back of its neck.  

He maliciously said: “If you don’t wish for anything to happen to this little thing, you better be quick and come over to the rooftop. I’ll wait for you over here.”

Qin Zhaoyang wanted to ask more questions but the sounds of busy signal prevented him from saying anything. Anxiety and wrath were now suddenly visible all over his face

Damn it! It was all because of him that Qin Zhaomu would catch Mei Hua.

Others might be confused by Qin Zhaomu well-behaved and sensible fake face that he had been putting on for years. However, he could clearly see the true face of this half-brother of his. After all, he had spent five years in the dark corner of the Qin Family.

Qin Zhaoyang had already discovered it early on that the temper of his half-brother was not particularly very good. If he really needs to describe it, it would not be too much even if he said that he(QZM) was like a maniac.

When he was a child, Qin Zhaomu often ran to his side when there was no adult by their side. He(QZM) said that he wanted to have a good relationship with him(QZY). But then he(QZM) would pinch and twist his(QZY) arms.  

At first, he would be scared and cried which attracted the servants. However, Qin Zhaomu would immediately create similar bruises on his own body. He pretended it was the older brother who did not like the younger brother and it was the younger brother who retaliated back after the older brother started it. 

Afterwards, the defendant finally ended up in front of Qin Yi and he naturally was biased towards his younger son. With his unhappiness towards Huo Qiao, he subconsciously dislikes his older son, Qin Zhaoyang. 

In addition with Chen Yanyan who defended her son at the side, Qin Yi naturally held Qin Zhaoyang responsible for everything.

Qin Yi not only ruthlessly scolded his elder son, he even confined the young child who was just around six-seven years old in a room and forbid him from coming out. Besides servants who sent food to him, there was no different from imprisonment.

On the other hand, the main culprit got to act like a spoiled child within his father’s embrace. He even managed to receive top quality toys from Qin Yi on the grounds of compensation for his grievances. 

Finally, when he was in the room where Qin Zhaoyang was confined within, Qin Zhaomu would show him a triumphant look.

That was a look that Qin Zhaoyang would never be able to forget.

Since that time, Qin Zhaoyang had understood his status at home. As a result, he had tried to reduce his sense of existence as much as possible. Even if he was bullied by Qin Zhaomu again, he no longer made any noise and only endured it silently. 

In his mind, he thought that when the other party no longer feel that it was fun, he would naturally stop.

For a child that was not loved, tears were the most useless thing because there was none that would feel sorry for you. This was the truth that he had learned ever since he had lost his mother.

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