Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 17.2

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Chapter 17.2 – [High School Arc] Ling Rong Cannot Be Sad

Afterwards, perhaps because of the effect of Qin Zhaoyang pretending to be weak finally shown its result, Qin Zhaomu felt that there was no fun in bullying a block of wood all-day. As a result, he then moved his target to other living creatures within his reach.

The first time was a pastoral dog that was kept by the housekeeper. Because the dog had once saved the housekeeper from some bad people, the housekeeper had always been taking good care of the dog. Maybe because animals were more sensitive towards the aura of a human, the dog had always been close to Qin Zhaoyang and indifferent to Qin Zhaomu.

Qin Zhaoyang had always regarded the dog as his only playmate. However, one day he suddenly couldn’t find the dog. It was not until he rounded the entire Qi Family’s villa that he finally found the dog carcass at a small corner. Its front paws were clamped by mousetraps and its body was badly mutilated. 

His half-brother was still fiercely kicking the dog’s abdomen and scolding at the same time: “Who asked you, this dead dog to be close to that Qin Zhaoyang! You deserved to die!” and other similar words.

Qin Zhaomu was still a child which was similar in age as him but his gloomy and vicious look was especially horrible to look at. The dirty flesh under his feet also made Qin Zhaoyang feel particularly terrified.

At that time, Qin Zhaoyang did not dare to utter any sounds in case he alerted his lunatic half-brother. He merely sneaked back to his room and wept incessantly. 

He didn’t even dare to tell the housekeeper nor any other people for he knew that none would believe in him. At the same time, he was also scared that it would only aggravate the situation when Qin Zhaomu was dealing with him.

That night, he had a high fever and the nightmare that he saw in the day kept repeating itself in his dream. In the dream, he heard the voice of Qin Zhaomu who kept scolding the dog and the dog’s sad calls. 

Being powerless and helpless, on top of his feeling of guilt, all these flooded Qin Zhaoyang’s innermost heart and caused him to feel uneasy.

Ever since then, Qin Zhaoyang closed himself off even more and no longer dared to approach any other living animals. He was afraid that the next one to suffer from Qin Zhaomu vicious attack would be another living being. 

In this way, he had passed his most helpless and dark five years in the Qin Family.

Now that six years had already passed, he had already buried those memories in the dept of his mind. Nowadays when he met Qin Zhaomu, he would avoid him at all cost if possible and tried not to have any conflict with him.

The appearance of Ling Rong was also beyond his expectation. His previous rejection was because of his fear of repeating the same mistake again. However, her unyielding attitude had directly crashed into his world, making him unable to give up on this friend. 

Could it be that Qin Zhaomu was going to destroy everything of his that was so hard to come by?

When he thought about how fond of Ling Rong of that little guy, Qin Zhaoyang kept blaming himself and without further thinking, he rushed towards the location mentioned by Qin Zhaomu. He totally did not think what kind of scheme that Qin Zhaomu had already planned and only think about how to safely retrieve the little guy so that Ling Rong would not be sad.

Perhaps, he also knew that this was part of Qin Zhaomu calculation but Ling Rong also willing to go against Liu Chengyi for him. So, how could he let that face to be filled with grievances?

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