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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 18.1

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Chapter 18.1 – [High School Arc] Insulting Ling Rong

In the entire school, only the laboratory building had a rooftop that could be accessed through a staircase. However, due to an accident where a student had jumped down from it because of too much pressure in his studies, the school simply blocked the entrance. 

After climbing all the way till the sixth floor, Qin Zhaoyang can’t help but frowned when he saw the iron lock that was thrown aside. He didn’t expect that his half-brother even had the ability to get his hands on the key to this entrance. In all likelihood, Liu Chengyi most probably played the biggest role in this.

At this time, if by now Qin Zhaoyang still did not realize that someone had deliberately called Ling Rong away, it would be inexcusable. On one side, he was afraid of Ling Rong’s safety while on another side here, regardless of how also, he still could not leave.

He had once been unable to save the life of the dog who had accompanied him for a long time. Now, he could not let the tragedy to happen again on Mei Hua.

He heard the high pitch sounds of a cat meow from beyond the door. Qin Zhaoyang resolutely pushed open the door and stepped onto the rooftop.

“You’re finally here, Gege.”

[TN: As I felt it weird to be calling your older brother ‘older brother’ in English, so I retain the original Chinese pronunciation.]

Qin Zhaomu stood at a place which was nearest to the guardrail and stared straight at Qin Zhaoyang who had just appeared. The cat that he had caught, Mei Hua, had his neck tied with a rope that was connected all the way to the guardrail.

Maybe because everything was prepared in a hurry, the thickness of the rope that was tied on the little guy neck was not compatible with his size. Due to how Ling Rong and Qin Zhaoyang had been feeding him delicious food throughout this period, this little guy had become a healthy small round ball. The original visible neck had gradually disappeared from view. Therefore, the rope on his neck should not be very tight.

Looking at how the little guy kept meowing incessantly, he was most probably feeling uncomfortable for being strapped like this.

After he made sure that there were no obvious wounds on the little guy’s body, Qin Zhaoyang finally breathed a sigh of relief and then he set his gaze on his half-brother.

As this half brother of his inherited his celebrity mother’s good look, he couldn’t find any fault with Qin Zhaomu appearance beside having a slightly feminine face. On top of that, he also had a respectable family background and the title of a top student. It was no surprise that he received a warm welcome in the school.

Unfortunately, only Qin Zhaoyang knew what kind of heart was hidden under this kind of face.

Qin Zhaomu’s ability in observing one’s body language did not lose to Qin Zhaoyang since young. The first time he took notice was unexpectedly happened because of a cat. The cat totally ignored his existence. For Qin Zhaomu, who used to be the focus of everyone’s gaze, became increasingly upset.

“Gege is really kind-hearted. No wonder this kitten likes to stick to you so tightly.” Just like that dead dog back then!

If one were to listen carefully, they would be able to hear the underlying jealousy within Qin Zhaomu eccentricity words.

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