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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 19.4

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Chapter 19.4 – [High School Arc] Rooftop

As she was on her way to check out what Liu Chengyi was trying to play and suddenly being blocked made her mood turn bad. Her beautiful brows also wrinkled into a frown: “I still have things to do, you step aside.”

Being talked back by the person that you like in such a fierce tone, Chen Xuerou suddenly felt herself being wronged. Stomping on her right feet, her tone was filled with her temper: “How could you not understand! Liu Cheng Yi and his gangs were on the fourth floor waiting to block you! I just heard them talk about it!”

Since the last time she saw Ling Rong’s actual face, Chen Xuerou felt her heart skip a bit for the first time. Therefore, she followed through with her original plan and quickly broke up with Liu Chengyi. 

Because of the previous unpleasant experience that she had with Ling Rong, Chen Xuerou who usually dared to say and dared to do anything, this Miss High and Mighty suddenly had some misgivings. In this period of time, she only silently and secretly hides her feelings for the other person.

Now that she unexpectedly found out that Liu Chengyi wanted to harm Ling Rong, Chen Xuerou also could not think too much and just wanted to remind Ling Rong of this fact in her haste.

She thought that Liu Chengyi tried to trouble Ling Rong because he had found out that the person she liked was Ling Rong. Chen Xuerou couldn’t help but scold this ex-boyfriend of her in her heart over and over again. Such a narrow-minded man. It was him who proposed to break up and now he even tried to hinder her from finding a new boyfriend! 

As she was scared like Ling Rong would not believe what she said, Chen Xuerou quickly told Ling Rong everything that she heard from one of Liu Chengyi’s follower: “Please believe me! Liu Chengyi had colluded with Qin Zhaomu! Qin Zhaomu had his older brother called over to the rooftop and then had Liu Chengyi to give you a lesson…eh? Where did this cat come from?”

Halfway through her explanation, Chen Xuerou was suddenly distracted by a cat that suddenly came out of nowhere. She merely saw a round black and white cat that ran very fast towards the ‘handsome young man’ in front of her. It bit ‘his’ trouser and at the same time tried to pull ‘him’ towards a certain direction.

“Mei Hua?” Originally, Ling Rong was puzzled over the appearance of the kitten at this place. However, she discovered that the kitten seemed to want her to go in a certain direction. In addition to what Chen Xuerou said earlier, something suddenly flashed in her mind and she finally realized something in the end.

Not good! Rooftop!

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