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Becoming the Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 2.1

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Chapter 2.1 – Be Careful

The death of Qin Zhaoyang did not cause many ripples and the bully who pushed Qin Zhaoyang testified that he committed suicide. Chen Yanyan who had long wanted Qin Zhaoyang gone from the picture also faked his will.

After hearing about the sudden death of his grandson, unable to accept the news, Old Master Huo soon died from a stroke. With the demise of their legal heir, Huo’s family fortune fell into the hands of Huo Jun and it was soon squandered away.

With the fall of Huo family, the Qin became the only first-rate powerful family in the imperial capital. The remnants of Huo family were soon devoured by Qin family and they became even more prosperous.

Chen Yanyan became the biggest winner of all and her son became the only heir over the enormous Qin family fortune. The rebirth halo of Chen Yanyan had completely overthrown the male lead as well as changing the fate of 2 persons.

After reviewing the plot, Ling Rong couldn’t help but cast a sympathetic look on the young man that was being surrounded.

If not because of the sudden emergence of a reincarnator, he will still be the proud son of heaven, with an excellent appearance and achievements. Exactly like what his stepbrother now had, an existence that is envied and admired by many.

And not like now, being surrounded by bullies in this dirty alley.

Facing the taunts and threats of this people, Qin Zhaoyang only stood there and lowered his head silently, don’t know what he is thinking at this moment.

He already used to this kind of situation, and everything is good as long as he is able to endure them. These people no matter how vicious also will not raise their hands against him, as he still held the status as the descendants of Qin family and Huo family.

Liu Chengyi, the leader of this group of bullies, looking at Qin Zhaoyang cowardly and timid face makes him angry. He feels like his fist only hit cotton and he does not like this feeling.

Suddenly, Liu Chengyi pulls Qin Zhaoyang’s collar with his left hand and pushes the person towards the back. Wearing only a thin T-shirt, Qin Zhaoyang’s back suddenly crashed into the hard concrete wall.

Looking at the original young master who was supposed to be high up in the society being bullied by him, Liu Chengyi had a lot of fun. The words that came out from his mouth was also getting worse.  

Qin Zhaoyang original spiritless pair of eyes suddenly recovered when he heard the words “jade pendant”, a rarely seen angry expression is seen on the gloomy face: “Return the jade pendant to me!”

Listening to this young man who had kept silent for too long, Ling Rong felt that his hoarse voice was unpleasant to listen to.

Qin Zhaoyang was provoked, Liu Chengyi on the other hand, had fun instead. He dragged Qin Zhaoyang in front of him again, speaking word by word: “Hey, I just don’t want to give you. What can you do to me?”

He knew the biggest reason Qin  Zhaoyang willing to compromises was because he had snatched the jade pendant. Such a useful item, he definitely will not return to Qin Zhaoyang so easily.

However, in the next second, Liu Chengyi was spit in the face.

Qin Zhaoyang was forced into anxiousness, that’s why he did such things that does not fit his status. Ling Rong knew that the jade pendant was the only memento left by his mother for him.

Liu Chengyi is really very angry now. No matter what, he was still a child from a nouveau riche family. Although his family is not as prestigious as Qin or Huo family, he had never suffered such humiliation since childhood.

Being burned by fury, Liu Chengyi no longer cares whether the person in front of him can fight or not. With his right hand clenched, he was ready to beat up Qin Zhaoyang. 

The young man who was dragged by the collar, closed his eyes knowing he’s unable to escape it.

However, he slowly opened his eyes in confusion when the pain he’s expecting did not come. He saw the unremarkable yellow hair bully who stood behind the group earlier didn’t know when had come over and stop Liu Chengyi’s fist.

Being stopped by his follower, Liu Chengyi had completely lost his face. He immediately turns his head and yelled: “Ling Rong, what are you doing! Release your hand immediately!” 

[TN: Lost face – To lose the respect of others; to be humiliated or experience public disgrace.]

He originally did not want to add the last sentence but Liu Chengyi discovered that he’s unable to break off from the other party’s grip no matter how strong he struggled. Therefore, he had no choice but to order the other party to let go exasperatedly.

Ling Rong who had been observing the situation from the back definitely cannot let the male lead to be beaten up, that’s why she stopped his fist at the 1st opportunity.

Although her intuition told her that she had the ability to throw all these people onto the ground and let the male lead to vent his anger, now is not the time to risk a payback. Especially if something goes wrong and Liu Chengyi was enraged into pushing Qin Zhaoyang into a difficult situation.

As a result, Ling Rong chooses the most compromising approach after confirming that Liu Chengyi will not throw his punch anymore. Ling Rong slowly released his wrist and imitate the original owner’s deliberate lowered voice said, “Brother Yi, cannot fight, Old Master Huo paid extra attention to this grandson and if you hit him, you will get into trouble. ”

Ling Rong showed her face that looked as if whatever she said, it was for his sake. Finally, it lowered the rage that was burning in his heart: “What you said make sense.” With this, she had given him a reason to retreat. 

“But I never expected that you who looked like spareribs to have such a strength.”

[T/N: calling someone looks like spareribs mean someone is too thin. Because people who are too thin, their rib cage will show through their body.]

Liu Chengyi can’t help but focus his gaze on Ling Rong’s slender arm. Unlike her yellowish face, the skin on the arm is quite fair. Then he glanced over to Ling Rong’s flat chest and her half-covered by hair face, he teased, “If it weren’t for your look and flat chest, I would have thought you were a female.”

Several other bad boys there also laugh together with Liu Chengyi while Ling Rong only shrugged and choose not to speak.

She really is a genuine female.

From the original owner’s memory, Ling Rong knew all this happened because the original owner was still in her rebellious year and is also a chuunibyou. Since junior high, she had wanted to look cool. Therefore like any other problem kids, she tried to join a small gang.

[TN: 中二病 (Chuunibyou) – Japanese colloquial term that translates to “middle two disease”, i.e. “middle-school second-year syndrome” or “eighth-grader syndrome”, typically used to describe early teens who have delusions of grandeur]

But at that time, the boss looked down on her and rejected her directly because he thought she was a weak girl with ‘hands that couldn’t carry anything and shoulder that couldn’t shoulder anything’. 

[TN: hands that couldn’t carry anything and shoulder that couldn’t shoulder anything (手不能提肩不能扛的) = weak]

After learning this lesson, the original owner directly dresses up as a boy and donned a “matt killer” looked when she entered senior high. Because her face is neither masculine nor feminine, there is none that can recognize her as a female.

The original owner also learned some martial arts during her junior 3 summer vacation. That’s why when she entered senior high, she applied to join Liu Chengyi’s group and she was successfully accepted. Just like this, she had already joined the group for more than a year, she is now in senior 2 already.

According to the original plot, after threatening Qin Zhaoyang, the original owner will follow Liu Chengyi’s group and go to an internet cafe. Thereafter, they will be surrounded by Liu Chengyi’s enemy.

Translator Note: As you might have noticed, I generally like to stick to the original phrase in Chinese as close as possible. Let me know what you think about it.

ML: Why are your chest is so flat?

MC: Hey, how come of all things you only focus on this! I am very strong! Stronger then you can ever imagine! You should have asked how many people I can beat up at one time! Hmph!….

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