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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 20.1

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Chapter 20.1 – [High School Arc] Even If I Die, You Also Cannot Die

“How long has it been since school ended? How come Xiao Wang still hasn’t brought that person over?”

In the Huo Family’s villa, Old Master Huo was sitting at the rectangular dining table. Looking at the superior mahogany grandfather clock in the living room, the time was already late and he became anxious.

Because there was a rule of ‘A Family Must Sit and Eat Together’, and he was also scared that his old man would suddenly freeze his bank account if he did not follow the rule, Huo Jun had to abandon his opportunity to enjoy culinary delicacy with a beauty. He had no other choice but to stay in Huo Residence and wait for his cheap nephew to return before they could start eating together,

He could see but he couldn’t eat. After being hungry for a while and feeling bored, Huo Jun took his wooden chopsticks and hit the edge of the porcelain bowl, again and again. At the same time, he also did not forget of putting eyedrops on Qin Zhaoyang.

“I heard this kid recently made a new friend and that friend was even a delinquent. It’s been so late already and he is still not yet home. He must have followed that delinquent and went to cause mischief!”

Occasionally, Huo Jun would also pay attention to Qin Zhaoyang. However, the purpose he did so was for occasions such as now. As a result, his information was very limited. He only knew recently Qin Zhaoyang was very close with a delinquent but he did not know that Ling Rong had already changed her image since then. 

Old Master Huo knew that his son’s mouth never uttered a few words of truth. Old Master Huo glared at his sloppy son, Huo Jun, and using the walking stick in his hand, he tapped the floor strongly and reprimanded: “You faster put down the chopsticks! You’re unseemly!”

If he was not certain that Huo Jun was his biological son, Old master Huo would not have concerned himself with his life and death. He did not know which part of his teaching had gone wrong. Xiao Qiao(Huo Qiao) was so smart and competent but when it came to this son, he ended up as someone who was just concerned with his looks.

Did a certain gene in his son suddenly change?

No matter what, Old Master Huo was still the Head of the Huo Family and his aura was not something that Huo Jun could compete with. Once again, he failed in applying the eyedrops. Without any better options, Huo Jun was forced to put down his chopsticks and continued to sit at the dining table to accompany Old Master Huo in waiting for Qin Zhaoyang,

At this moment, he wished for his cheap nephew to return home quickly. Otherwise, he would be forced to continue to endure his hunger.

After quickly digesting Chen Xuerou’s words in her mind, Ling Rong’s complexion became uglier. At this time, for Qin Zhaomu to deceive Qin Zhaoyang to a place like a rooftop, it made her mind direction to think of the worst.

She actually thought without the jade pendant as the fuse, Qin Zhaoyang would be considered to have avoided rooftop death catastrophe. But who could have thought even when she kept the other person right in front of her eyes the whole day, others would still be able to find the opportunities to exploit the loophole.

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