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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 20.3

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Chapter 20.3 – [High School Arc] Even If I Die, You Also Cannot Die

In order to prevent Qin Zhaoyang from falling down, Ling Rong used both her hands to hold onto the other person. The guardrail was actually not very high and Ling Rong current position had the majority of her body outside of the guardrail. If she was not careful, there was a risk where she would fall down at any time.

However, she couldn’t let go.

Qin Zhaoyang’s hand that was holding the guardrail had now been grinded to burning pain. But when he saw Ling Rong’s white skin that had turned red from the friction with the guardrail, his heart instantly felt as if something was blocking it. It felt extremely bitter and painful.

It felt even more difficult to bear compared with his current situation.

“Let go of one of your hands first and take a break. Then take a step back, else you will also be pulled down by me.” Qin Zhaoyang unexpectedly calmed down at this moment and gave Ling Rong a step by step instructions.

Maybe he was destined to go through this calamity in his life, but he did not wish to drag Ling Rong together with him.

No matter how young the youth was, he knew that everything had nothing to do with her. How could he be willing to cause her never to see this world ever again.

Because of the premature maturity, Qin Zhaoyang almost forgot that he was only at the same age as Ling Rong.

Unexpectedly, he, who was afraid of death, would one day decide to give up his ownlife for other people. Qin Zhaoyang laughed at himself. Right when he wanted to ask Ling Rong to release his hand, the other party suddenly cursed.

“You bastard! If you dare to tell me to release my hand, I will beat you up first when you come up later!”

She spent so much time and thoughts thinking of ways to save him but this person just wanted to die when he opened his mouth!

Hey! How could she stand it with her bad temper!

“Qin Zhaoyang, remember this! I will say it now! Even if I die today, you also cannot die! Do you hear me!”

Ling Rong practically roared those words out from her throat. Although the majority of the reason was because of her mission that she could not let Qin Zhaoyang to die, she still had the system. Even if she died in this world, it would not really affect her. However, it was different from Qin Zhaoyang. Once he died, it would be his end.

“Ling Rong……”

It was not known if it was because of her sudden fierce look or her swear words that had frightened him, or it was because of her declaration that caused the bottom of his heart to shiver. Originally Qin Zhaoyang was still conscious of everything but then he suddenly forgot that he was still hanging in midair. He only dumbfoundedly looked at Ling Rong without any reaction.

“Idiot, what are you staring at? Although I know that I’m very good-looking, don’t you feel very tired raising your neck like that? Faster put your head down. When you come up later, I’ll let you see all you want.”

[TN: I thought when you’re hanging on midair, you’re not supposed to look down?]

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