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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 20.4

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Chapter 20.4 – [High School Arc] Even If I Die, You Also Cannot Die

Although the situation was very critical now, however, it did not prevent Ling Rong from making fun of the situation. After all, the atmosphere now was very tense. If they continued to stress their nerves, it would be even more exhausting for them.

Being teased by her at this time almost caused him to laugh in anger. Helplessly, he felt embarrassed. However, the relaxed atmosphere couldn’t be maintained for long. He felt the hand that was being grabbed by Ling Rong was slowly slipping away, making his mood turn heavy again.

Ling Rong was about to run out of strength.

If they continued like this, it would only implicate the two persons together. As if Qin Zhaoyang had forgotten about Ling Rong’s threat, he tried hard to say using his throat that was already in that kind of bad condition: “You let go and rest first. I still can hold on for a while more.” 

In actual fact, he knew that he could no longer hold on anymore.

From the time when he was pushed down by Qin Zhaomu until now, it had been more than 5 minutes. If it weren’t for his own perseverance and Ling Rong’s timely arrival that catched him, he’s afraid that he would have already fallen down in less than 3 minutes.

He was like holding a horizontal bar using only one hand. For a normal senior high school student, to be able to hold on for more than two minutes was already considered very long. On the other hand, Qin Zhaoyang’s physical fitness was actually not as good as ordinary high school boys.

If he directly fell down like this, he would definitely die very uglily……Qin Zhaoyang was a little worried that Ling Rong would have nightmares if she saw it.

However the only good thing about it was that he could finally go and find his mother. Qin Zhaoyang found something to be happy about in spite of his current suffering. For more than ten years, he almost lived on with the memory of his mother when he was still a child. Only by doing so could he be called alive.

But the strong feeling of reluctance in his heart told Qin Zhaoyang that he did not wish to die. He still wanted to be friends with Ling Rong. He still wanted to see how the look on this youth’s face when ‘he’ willfully tried to get close to him. 

“As if I will believe you!” As Ling Rong scolded him for having a man’s mouth in her heart and being a deceitful ghost, she frantically called the system, 

【Wei! Do you have any way to resolve the current situation?! Since this mission was assigned to you, you can’t just helplessly looked on and let the male lead died!】

【There is, but……】

But what but! Don’t you know that human life was beyond value!

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