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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 3.1

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Chapter 3.1 – Dinner

Ling Rong’s sentence attracted everyone’s attention.

Liu Chengyi suddenly slapped on Ling Rong’s shoulder and mockingly said: “How old are you? Still got called by your dad to go home for dinner? Hahaha, really laugh die me!”

[TN: 笑死我/Laugh die me – this is a very common phrase used by people who speak both English and Chinese. Something is too funny that can cause you to die from laughing too much. Basically means LOL]

Some of the brothers also laugh at her but they soon cast her a sympathetic gaze: “You are too miserable. This kind of freedom also you don’t have.” 

Another brother then said: “Go and eat your homecooked meals, there is no need to be disappointed.”

Liu Chengyi very understandingly waves his hand: “Enough, faster go, next time don’t say we didn’t bring you along.”

At home, she was also most afraid of her dad. When her dad was very angry, he will stop giving her pocket money, won’t be modest at all.

Ling Rong nodded her head happily and she soon ran away. She ran until she reached a populated street. Then only she called a taxi and give him her address. 

The original owner’s family is a nouveau rich. Her father earned a lot of money from doing business. Afterwards, he purchased a villa in 1 of the luxury residence at Imperial Capital. 

 As she entered the door, Father Ling, who was accompanying his wife to watch TV, was surprised when he saw his daughter came home so early today.

Based on their understanding of their daughter, she won’t come back if she didn’t play until 7-8 pm. Therefore, to accommodate their daughter, they even change their dinner time to around 8 pm.

 Father Ling glanced at the gold watch on his wrist. It was only 6 pm, It still has a bit of time before school ends.

Mother Ling also got a shocked wondering how come her daughter came home so early today, can’t help but feel anxious: “I haven’t ask Ahyi to cook yet, is our Rong Rong hungry? Or are you feeling unwell anywhere? Do you want to go to the hospital to have a check-up?”

[TN: 阿姨/Ahyi – Mother’s sister but in this case, it is a respectable way to refer to someone who is around your parents’ age. ]

Both Father and Mother Ling also have a strong sense of guilt towards their daughter because, in the beginning, both of them had been busy in their careers and thus they had neglected their daughter’s growth. She had now become very rebellious.

The most obvious sign was, their daughter was actually very smart during elementary school time but after junior high, her grades drop drastically. She turned into someone who likes to mix around with those bad boys and always run out to play all day long.

Both husband and wife also wish to correct their daughter but all their efforts did not end as they expected. In the end, they realize it’s them who did not properly educate and show concern to their daughter when she’s growing up.

With no other choice, they go along with their daughter’s requests and no longer question her preferences and actions. 

They both soon realize being like is also not bad as their daughter no longer view them as the enemy and occasionally she will also laugh with them. This causes both Mother and Father Ling to be resolute in not controlling the way their daughter thoughts.

The money they had is already enough to support their daughter for a lifetime, therefore they do not want to to have a feud between their parent-child relationship

After knowing the thought process of this husband and wife, Ling Rong felt both sympathetic and bitter at the same time. She feeling apologetic for taking over their daughter’s body. Ling Rong unable to approach and treat them using the original owner’s way

“Not hungry, I will go up first.” With difficulty, she barely put out an indifferent face. She called out mom and dad as she ran back to her room.

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