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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 4.1

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Chapter 4.1 – New Deskmate

The next day, Ling Rong still went to school in yesterday’s ‘killer matt’ looked. Learning from the original owner’s habits of entering the class right when the school bell rang, Ling Rong walked in slowly from behind the class after the teacher already entered.

Ling Rong’s seat is on the 2nd row from the back and located beside the wall. That’s why it was very convenient to enter through the back door. Her deskmate who was flipping a book immediately stand up once she arrived, so that she can enter her seat. 

Everyone in the 8 classes knew Ling Rong belongs to the school bully Liu Chengyi gang, an existence who can practically walk sideways at Empire First High School. Therefore there is none who dares to mess with Ling Rong. In other words, there are no people who dare to approach Ling Rong.

[TN: walk sideways means can do anything and everything without limitation]

So in some way, Ling Rong is very similar to Qin Zhaoyang. None liked them. None approached them. Both of them also wrapped in a hard shell, making it hard for anyone to break their defences.   

There is another thing they have in common, both of them are also students from Year 2 Class 8.

Qin Zhaoyang was unwilling to stay in the same class as Qin Zhaomu. Therefore, when advancing to Year 2, he purposely did badly in his exam and got assigned to a regular class. But in the eyes of other people, it became Qin Zhaoyang was inferior to his younger brother, Qin Zhaomu. Both were also children of the Qin family but he can’t even join any of the elite classes.

But this just happened to give the current Ling Rong an excellent chance to get closer to Qin Zhaoyang. 

At this moment, the class leader came over to collect finished homework. Originally Ling Rong thought to want to call for help by taking the homework done by her deskmate and copied it. Then pass that up, but it turned out after the class leader finished collecting homework from the girl in front of her, he skipped her and directly took the homework done by the boy sitting on the last row. Then he counts the collected homework and passed it to class representative after he felt there are no problems.

Ling Rong’s hand that had just put into the bag was slowly drawn back silently. Looks like it was very normal for the original owner not to pass up any homework.

This was really a sad story. Then should she bring her schoolbag home next time?

Today’s early reading is to memorize Chinese Literature,  Ling Rong still took out the required textbook, ‘Compulsory Chinese Literature Book 3’ and tried to memorize ‘The Song of the Pipa Player’.

[TN: ‘The Song of the Pipa Player’ was a popular poem from Tang Dynasty and written by Bai Juyi. Complete Poem

One night by riverside I bade a friend goodbye, In maple leaves and rushes autumn seemed to sigh…..

In Ling Rong’s memory, it did not contain her experience of going to school, but when she saw those sentences, she felt as if there’s a playback in her memory. Automatically the next sentence was by her mouth, enabling her to blurt out the next sentence without looking at the book.

Ling Rong felt that she might be a school bully before her memory lost, 

Looking at Ling Rong reciting the poem, her deskmate unable to hold back and look towards the right in surprise. Was he still sleeping? If not how could it be possible for him to see Ling Rong studying right now?

As soon as the bell rang indicating the end of early reading class, Ling Rong took her bag and prepared to change seats. Her deskmate also automatically stands up and gave her room to exit.

After rounded half the class, Ling Rong finally came to Qin Zhaoyang’s seat. Now that we look at it, there’s also this coincidence. One seated next to the wall by the door, another seated next to the wall by the window and both of them were separated by 2 large groups in the middle.

Qin Zhaoyang deskmate was a goody-two-shoes girl who wore glasses. Once she saw Ling Rong came over, she almost drops the pencil case she’s holding onto the ground: “Is…..is there anything?” she tremblingly asked. 

Ling Rong said: “Let us change seat, okay?”

Unfortunately, the current Ling Rong’s face does not look very amiable. Even if she wanted to show her friendliness, in the eyes of the female student, this is all a threat.

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