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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 4.3

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Chapter 4.3 – New Deskmate

Looking at the long and thin cut that had already scabbed, Ling Rong continues to talk, “Even though already scabbed, before it is fully healed it is better not to touch the water. Remember to take notice when you wash face.”

Qin Zhaoyang did not reply and continue to be indifferent. This makes Ling Rong appeared to be talking to herself and having a one-sided conversation.

The rest of the class who saw this was so shocked that their mouth was agape. How did Ling Rong have such a good relationship with QinZhaoyang? They had seen how Liu Chengyi and Qin Zhaoyang clashed with each other before, isn’t Ling Rong on Liu Chengyi side?

Ignoring the reaction from the rest of the class, Ling Rong waved her hands in front of Qin Zhaoyang’s face: “Are you listening?”

At this moment, Qin Zhaoyang finally reacted. He closed the textbook and put it on the table, a pair of dark eyes stared at Ling Rong like a lone wolf staring at its prey.

What did Ling Rong want? Or…. is this Liu Chengyi new method to insult him?

Qin Zhaoyang knew why Liu Chengyi kept targeting him, it was all thanks to his ‘good’ younger brother pulling the string from behind the screen. Had he thought of letting some people approach him than see the drama of him being betrayed by a good friend?

Really his ‘good’ younger brother….

Qin Zhaoyang’s left hand that was hidden on the side slowly clenched into a fist. His eyes that were looking at Ling Rong became deeper and deeper.

When Ling Rong saw Qin Zhaoyang finally had some reaction, her eyes twinkled with happiness: “You’re finally paying attention to me. How about chatting with me? We’ll be deskmates from this moment on.”

Still, there was only silence.

Because this was the first time he properly looked at this person, Qin Zhoayang suddenly thought that Ling Rong doesn’t seem so ugly. Looking at the half-exposed face, except for the dark yellowish skin, the facial features were still very delicate. Especially the eyes. When he truly looked at her eyes, he can see her eyes were smiling and there were some other emotions in it too but there’s no malice.

Qin Zhaoyang can’t help but blinked his eyes, he didn’t know if what he guessed earlier was right or wrong.

His mother passed away very early, his father even though still alive, had never dote on him. With a stepmother and a half-brother who often pulled him down, Qin Zhaoyang matured early. 

His father disliked, his stepmother and half-brother who couldn’t wait for him to disappear from this world, jiujiu also did not treat him well while the only person who truly show him kindness was waigong, but for the past 5 years due to lack of interactions, their relationship was not very close anymore.

[TN: jiujiu – mother’s brother, waigong – mother’s father]

Yet, this stranger, Ling Rong, from yesterday until today had kept doing something to him, and that is to show him kindness.

These makes Qin Zhaoyang somewhat caught unprepared. He did not know how to respond.

He didn’t answer, Ling Rong also not in a hurry and she also did not expect in 2 days can become good friends with Qin Zhaoyang like others had with their 4 to 5 years friendships. Things like feeling need to have continuous effort to build, isn’t it?

The bell for the 1st lesson rang, Ling Rong quickly sat down on her own seat like a good student.

Of course, she had not forgotten to remind her new deskmate: “The 1st lesson is Maths, remember to change book.” Ling Rong’s gaze shifted to the language textbook on his table.

Ling Rong did not know if it’s her misconception or not, she kept feeling after she said the last sentence, the way Qin Zhoayang looked at her was complicated.

Who was it that actually occupied his time to change books…..Qin Zhaoyang lowered down his eyelids, thinking that what happened earlier is just an illusion as this yellow head is definitely an irksome presence.

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