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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 5.3

Translated by Yue [@kokoroshin] at foxaholic.com

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Chapter 5.3 – Outsiders

Through their skin contact, he seems to be able to feel the heat on the other party’s hand all the way into his own heart. Qin Zhaoyang lowered his gaze to looked at the hand that was holding his wrist. His eyelashes can’t help but tremble slightly.

“Wait!” Qin Zhaomu that was being ignored couldn’t help but open his mouth.

“This classmate, is there anything else?” Ling Rong pretended to be dumb all the way.

Qin Zhaomu gritted his teeth. If not because he wanted to maintain his gentle princely image, he really wanted to curse. He secretly takes note of this yellow head kid in his mind for he planned to find Liu Chengyi and ask him properly who this person is.

After all, she didn’t look like a good student so she’s definitely under Liu Chengyi’s command. 

Thinking about it this way, Qin Zhaomu no longer cared about Ling Rong and set his eyes back on Qin Zhaoyang.

Gege, this weekend is mom’s birthday, dad asked me to invite you back for a family dinner together, okay?”

[TN: Gege = elder brother]

If people don’t know the truth, it is afraid that they will praise Mrs. Qin generosity and Qin Zhaomu this younger brother’s good intention. After all who can accept their husband had an illegitimate child outside. Even invite him home to have a meal together. But then, who actually know that Qin Zhaoyang’s mother was the original Mrs. Qin and Qin Zhaoyang was the actual Qin family legitimate successor.

Once Qin Zhaomu said this, Ling Rong saw Qin Zhaoyang face darkened again. The hand she’s holding had been clenched hard and she could feel the blue tendons in his wrist.

It’s just that 1 person is hard to make a change, and 3 persons talking can make a tiger out of nothing. Even if Qin Zhaoyang wanted to explain it, there is none that would believe in him. He can only watch as both his mother and him being labelled as “the mistress and the bastard”.

[TN: 三人成虎 = three men talking makes a tiger. Repeated rumour becomes a fact]

“Won’t go.” Qin Zhaoyang coldly refused. Even if he didn’t think about it also he knew it must be his stepmother who encouraged his father to let him go home and see how their family of 3 loved each other.

Furthermore, according to his knowledge of Qin Yi that man, it was impossible for him to said such words as letting him go home in a hypocritical tone like Qin Zhaomu. He reckoned that Qin Yi must be scolding him for being a white eye wolf and ask him to roll back home at the same time.

[TN: 白眼狼 = white eye wolf; thankless wretch / an ingrate/ungrateful and vicious person ]

No matter what, his surname is still Qin but Huo family took him home and raised him for six to seven years. This was evidently a slapped on Qin Yi’s face.

These students from Empire First High School did not know that he was Qin Family successor and his mother, Huo Qiao was Qin Yi’s 1st wife. But then, do those in the upper-class society also did not know about this?

Not long after the death of his 1st wife, Qin Yi brought home his mistress and their son. This had long been the talk of the upper-class societies. If not because of the status of Qin Family, Qin Yi would have long been ridiculed. 

Looking at the unhappy face of Qin Zhaoyang, Qin Zhaomu original purpose had already been achieved. His efforts were not in vain for he deliberately refused his classmates invite to walked to the field together and took the risk of being late just to wait for Qin Zhaoyang over here. 

“What was so nice about eating with a group of outsiders. If you wanted to eat, next time I’ll invite you to my house ” Without waiting for Qin Zhaomu happy for long, Ling Rong words rang out again. The word ‘outsiders’ was especially emphasized by her as if she knew something. 

“Furthermore, you didn’t even tell me you had a younger brother and he’s not as handsome as you also.”

Qin Zhaomu had always heard people said Qin Zhaoyang was Qin Zhaomu’s elder brother but for the 1st time, he heard someone said he’s Qin Zhaoyang’s younger brother. This sounds to him like he’s living under the shadow of Qin Zhaoyang. The face of Empire First High School’s prince suddenly turned black.

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