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Becoming The Male Lead’s White Moonlight – Chapter 6.1

Translated by Yue [@kokoroshin] at foxaholic.com

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Chapter 6.1 – Qin Zhaoyang Is My Brother

As soon as they’re out of Qin Zhaomu’s view, Qin Zhaoyang pulled his wrist out of Ling Rong’s hand. At the same time, he also quickens his steps toward the field.

“Hey, you can’t be so heartless and throw me away after used me.” Ling Rong shouted and followed from behind. Fortunately, there’s no one nearby them otherwise, this will definitely cause a major misunderstanding.

“You….”Qin Zhaoyang was shocked by the remark and stopped suddenly, his eyes stared incredulously at Ling Rong. If not because he still remembers his own stands of “Not to speak a word with this yellow head”, Qin Zhaoyang would have reprimanded Ling Rong by cursing at her.

After all, the education he received since his childhood prevented him from cursing at people.

Seeing that the effect of stopping him had been achieved, Ling Rong immediately follows up and took his wrist back into her hand. She then leads him to another direction.

Qin Zhaoyang tried to pull his hand back without success. He then looked at the arm which was much more slender than his in surprise. This yellow head which was way thinner than him and shorter than him, unexpectedly actually was stronger than him. 

Of course, he will never admit to the reason that he was too weak. After all, yesterday he saw with his own eyes that Ling Rong abled to stopped Liu Chengyi’s fist with her bare hands.

Although Liu Chengyi was only a Year 2 student, he was born tall and strong, a person who can rival 2 in a fight.

In the end, the Qin Zhaoyang who wanted to go to the field was brought over to a remote corner. Once his hand was released, Ling Rong saw the pair of dark obsidian eyes fixed their gaze on her. But this time, they’re filled with more emotions compare to previous anger and doubt.

“Come on, don’t be angry at me for bringing you over here. Why don’t you think how long we’ve been delayed, music for exercise had already been broadcasted for a while now. Even if you go now, there’s nothing good that will come out of it. Why do you insist on going there when you will only be scolded.” Ling Rong finally provides the explanations for her behaviour.

“We just wait here until the morning exercise finished before we joined the crowds to go back to class. By that time, who knows if you have gone to the morning exercise or not. I don’t believe the teacher will count each and every person 1 by 1. ” Ling Rong continued to explain to Qin Zhaoyang her reasoning. With a look, it can be seen this is an experienced person who frequently did this.

Indeed, in the memory of the original owner, this was really the case. Whenever there are big classes, she will follow Liu Chengyi’s gang and ran off somewhere to hide. That group of young men just wanted to have their dose of cigarette fix. The original owner did not smoke, so she just gathered around them and played her phone to pass the time.

For bad students like them, taking mobile phones to school was just a normal thing.

Qin Zhaoyang did not try to run off again, it seems like he had already acquiesced to Ling Rong reasoning.

“I said…..why don’t you just talk to me, otherwise, it will be awkward with you staring at me and me staring back at you.” Ling Rong leaned towards the wall on the back. There’s no bashfulness like other girls her age. She kept staring at Qin Zhaoyang’s face.

A teenager of 16-17 years old, he still possessed the young and inexperienced look that was unique to him. This elegance of his is not something Qin Zhaomu can duplicate, his facial features were sharp with defined cheekbones. It was not known when the gloom on the face dissipated. Making him looked even more youthful and lively. If he was voted as the school prince also it won’t be too much.

Of course, Ling Rong felt that she was not qualified to evaluate Qin Zhaomu’s look. After all, she couldn’t even distinguish her own gender after her face was cleaned. However, she felt that if she went to fight for the school prince title, she still has a chance. 

Being stared from top to bottom was awkward, to top it off, the event that took place recently already exceed Qin Zhaoyang expectation. The resolved he’s been holding finally collapsed and he verbalized the doubt that he’s been holding in his heart for so long.

“Why do you want to help me?”

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